First off I have never had any experience with the company and this will definitely be my last.

I rushed like every other fool after the election and bought some 7.62 Bulgarian Ak mags mainly because I had finally found an SAM-7 that I could afford should have bought the mags earlier if I knew I wanted a gun, anyway I ordered the mags knowing I would have to wait a while and I was willing.

My account was charged for the mags and I then expected some sort of message from dsa about my mags 2 weeks passed nothing I sent them a message inquiring about the items. 2 more weeks pass nothing I call and speak the to most obnoxious customer service agent ever I think I have had better service at ****ing Wal-mart. He keep saying I have to wait, I have to wait there is nothing he can do about it with no willingness to do what he is actually paid to do.

Anyway the other day I get a message about a refund to my account, what a thing, I know times are busy but a little bit of customer consideration goes a very long way. I hope someone from dsa arms is on this site and makes some attempt to help me out.

That was my vent.