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Thread: Czech VZ 58

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    Smile Czech VZ 58

    I took one home yesterday. Couldn't help myself. One of a handful of 7.62 x 39 mm guns I can own in my state (7.62 x 39 mm AK's and all AK types are a no-go where I live).

    I understand this gun isn't really a true "AK" (is it more like a Sturmgewehr?). Gotta love those independent-minded Czechs.

    This is not a pic of the gun I bought, but it is the same configuration.

    A few observations:

    1) the milled receiver (I think it's milled) is just gorgeous (as compared to a typical AK).
    2) the bolt-hold open on empty is a very nice feature to have.
    3) the proprietary magazines are extremely light ... can they take a pounding?

    I feel compelled to upgrade some of the furniture on this gun.

    1) probably would like to get a sturdier aftermarket stock ... the gun i bought had some play between the stock and the receiver.

    2) does anyone make a rail for this gun to attach, say, a sling mount, an optic, and a light?

    3) the trigger guard strikes me as a little flimsy.

    Your thoughts appreciated!

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    GT, is that you?

    Personally, the only thing I would do is upgrade to a real wood stock. There are kits floating around out there specifically for the VZ, but you can make an AK stock to fit with some work.

    The only optic rails I've ever seen all look pretty ghetto. I was happy with the irons on mine, although the front piston cover mounted with the OKO sight looks pretty sweet... can't find the youtube video anymore. There is hosercam footage of a guy shooting some kind of match out there somewhere.

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    I think you'll be very happy with your new Czech sweetheart.

    They are indeed milled, and lighter than a stamped AKM.

    You can tighten up the stock, just take the buttplate off and get a long standard screw driver to tighten up the buttstock screw.

    Mags are aluminum, and while more robust than a GI M16 mag, they are not AK indestructable.


    I used one in this year's Vickers AK class, and had no problem hitting the reduced C zone steel at about 200 yards during the walkback drills.

    JW_777, who'd never handled one before, seemingly couldn't miss with mine either.


    As far as similarities, it's locking system is actually closer to a Walther P-38/Beretta M92 system, and it's striker fired like a Glock.

    Very interesting system, and as you say, those independent minded Czechs came up with a hell of a system.

    They were the only counry in the Warsaw Pact that were allowed to use a non Kalashnikov variant.
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    Thumbs up

    Templar - thanks for the link ... nice pictures!
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