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Thread: Guns are dangerous. Federal AE223BK Kaboom.

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    Guns are dangerous. Federal AE223BK Kaboom.

    Was shooting yesterday at an indoor range. Upper was a 12.5bbl Noveske, with 10k+ rounds already through it. KAC FH, KAC Upper, KAC URX, PMAGs.

    I was shooting unsuppressed, semi-auto, with recently purchased XM193 from Recob's Target Shop (found that ammo in the popular ammo finding thread).

    I was on approximately round 20-23 of a full 30 round magazine, and I pulled the trigger and felt an extreme GUSH of air on my chest/abdomen/legs. The magazine was literally SHOT out of my magwell, and the bolt was stuck.

    The Upper came off the lower with ease, we eventually were able to remove the BCG out of the upper, the case was stuck to the extractor. The most unfortunate part was that half of the case is still stuck in the chamber.

    No injuries, no blood, just a little dirtier than usual From what I've been told, this will be an easy fix.

    To Summarize, after the kaboom, this is what seems have survived:

    Bolt Carrier

    What didn't survive:
    Extract has been bent
    o-ring blown in half

    Will be calling Federal on Monday to see how to handle the rest of the ammo.

    Here are some shitty pictures, im no photographer:

    Upper Used:

    BCG Used:


    You can still see half of the case stuck in the chamber:

    Bent extractor:

    Ruptured Case:

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    I'm now a little less happy about the 2000 rounds of XM193 I ordered last week. :x

    I hope that this is one time thing, and that you're alright.

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    Wow. Glad you're okay.

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    Dittos on the "OK physically" part! Is that a recent batch of the 'black box' 193's? I've bought a few rounds of it recently, with the intentions of testing it. Now I'M not so sure...
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    Any ammo can malfunction and have problems. The issue is when it starts to happen with frequency.

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    Thanks for posting this. I'm glad that you weren't injured. Have you examined the length of the barrel for any abnormalities? Did the round before the kaboom display any difference in recoil/muzzle blast/function? That is, do you think it could have been a squib?

    Any chance you have a friend with a better camera who could take some better close-up shots of the case head? Also, can you post the lot number of the XM193 involved?


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    Indeed, I am glad you were not harmed!

    Are you planning on reusing the bolt? Relegating it to spare status? Or letting someone do NDI testing on it?

    The geek in me would be very interested in having someone like Ned Christiansen look over the bolt and inspect the chamber.

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