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Thread: 7.63 Micro-Whisper As a PDW Cartridge?

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    7.63 Micro-Whisper As a PDW Cartridge?

    Cartridges of the World (11th Edition) says that SSK Industriesí 7.63 mm Mini-Whisper is based on a .30 Mauser case modified to use .30-caliber rifle bullets. The loading data lists one load as capable of 1,742 feet per second with a 110-grain bullet from a 7-inch barrel.

    Could this be a viable PDW cartridge? With the right bullet design, it might offer terminal ballistics similar to those of a good .30 Carbine load. It also should offer a better trajectory than the 9 mm, and superior potential against light cover than the 5.7 mm and 4.6 mm PDW cartridges. Also, it should produce much less muzzle blast than the 5.56 x 45, 6.8 x 43, or 7 x 46 cartridges fired from very short barrels.

    Has anyone considered this role for this cartridge? Are the advantages Iíve listed significant enough to make this approach worthwhile? Or would it be better using a 6.8 x 43 or 7 x 46 carbine with a 10- or 12-inch barrel for the PDW role, accepting the compromises of greater blast and a bulkier weapon and ammunition?

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    I've always wanted to do a 6mm Whisper AR upper with a 8" barrel. It seems to be similar to the cartridge in the KAC PDW.


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