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Thread: H322 for 223 AR loads

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    H322 for 223 AR loads

    I have an AR with a 16 inch 1 in 9 twist, chrome lined barrel. I've been reading on here how much you all love TAC powder, and I want to try it. My problem is I have a couple pounds of H322 left that I would like to burn through before I try TAC. Anyone reload with H322 for their AR?

    I'll be shooting a 55 gr. Hornady SP bullet. I think that I was going to drop 23 grains of H322.....I say think because my load book is downstairs and I'm upstairs.

    Thanks for any help.

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    H322 should be better than TAC for bullets =<60grs. It is not temperature sensitive like some of the other faster powders.

    TAC is excellent for the heavier bullets and will work but is probably not ideal for the lighter bullets.


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