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Thread: Does DD Aimpint Micro mount supposed to hold zero?

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    Does DD Aimpint Micro mount supposed to hold zero?

    I am curious if after removing a zeroed Aimpoint Micro in a DD mount and reinstalling it, is the zero supposed to hold like in Larue or ADM mounts?

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    I think if you utilize witness marks, and index against the front of the slot each time it is mounted, it should hold zero fairly well.

    That being said, it is not a QD mount, and I would look at it as a mount and leave it alone type setup. Also I think you should always recheck zero when remounting an optic.

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    I've experimented with removing and reinstalling a couple of non-QD scope mounts on AR's and had surprisingly good results.

    I found the main points are: (like was said above and) #1 - index which slot, #2 - hold the cross-piece against the front of the slot and finally #3 - torque the base screws the same each time. I was impressed with how repeatable my POI was each time.

    I used a torque (FAT) wrench for most of the tests but I also had good results using the "two-finger" torque method. I reckon it doesn't matter if you use two or three fingers but just be sure to use the same technique each time.

    I think consistent "clamp prssure" that QD mounts use, is the main reason they hold close to the same point of impact.
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