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Thread: General Vehicle First Aid Kit

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    Quote Originally Posted by VARIABLE9 View Post
    Iíll second Adventure Medical. And adding the typical BOK items. You can certainly piece together you own off Amazon, however buying a premed larger kit from AM or another company and augmenting it can save time.
    Agree with this post.

    My situation was I had a bunch of components already spread out between vehicles and home, so the bag helped consolidate the stuff I had into an easy to carry kit I could move to other vehicles when taking road trips. I do have stuff stashed in my shooting bag and home that stays put.

    And I have several pieces of Adventure Medical gear and small kits, which are excellent.

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    My truck kit is pretty simple and takes up a small volume of space. I used one of my older med thigh rigs. It contains the items necessary to address the leading causes of death from combat/GSW related trauma.

    -Gloves & Shears
    -CAT Tourniquet
    -2 Combat Gauze (Latest gen of QuikClot)
    -QuikClot 4x4 Gauze
    -Olaes Bandage
    -Israeli Bandage
    -Chest Seal (Fox)
    -Chest Needle x 2
    -28 Fr. Nasal Cannula
    -Ace pressure wrap

    Anything else and you have time.

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