50 rounds per box
SS198LF ( LEO / Military Only Ammo )

I have 20,000rds of this left so I'm blowing it out !!

1 box $35
1 Case $350 (10 Boxes)
+ Shipping

No additional discount on this price

INFO: FN (made in Belgium) 5.7 x 28 mm SS198LF High Performance Ammunition (FN product number 10700020). This ammunition is headstamped "FNB 5.7x28 07". The bullet tip is colored green. SS198LF Law Enforcement and Military High Speed Ammunition. This SS198LF ammunition has a 27 grain bullet similar to the SS195LF bullet. Both bullets have a hollow point jacket containing a lead free metal core. The green tip SS198 is loaded to a higher velocity than the SS195.

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