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Thread: Crimson Trace Laser Grips and Left Handed Shooters

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    Crimson Trace Laser Grips and Left Handed Shooters

    I've been looking into purchasing a pair of laser grips for my Glock 17. From what I've read and seen, a visible laser seems to be the best option for low-light-to-no-light shooting. My question is if the now standard thumbs forward grip interferes with the beam, or if a slight adjustment to this grip is necessary for a left-handed shooter to be able to use this system. Would I need to completely change how I hold the firearm? The set I'm considering purchase of is the LG-417 with the reduced profile diode. I'm talking to Richard at Custom Carry Concepts to see if I can purchase a Shaggy that would fit this set up.

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    I only have one CTC - on a 1911 Talon. My index finger gets in the way from time to time with a R-hand grip. Nice stuff, but doesn't always work, at least for me.


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