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Thread: M4C T-Shirts Now Available

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    M4C T-Shirts Now Available

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    After much discussion, a few false starts, and a fairly intense development cycle, we are pleased to announce that the "First-Pattern" M4C T-Shirt is at last a reality. As the coordinator for this project, I've been asked to introduce the shirts, offer a few insights into the design, and provide specific information on pricing and availability.

    From the beginning, our production values were extremely straightforward: we wanted to deliver a premium-quality shirt with a simple, clean design that reflected our shared purpose; one that would be equally appropriate for the range or general wear. To that end, we went with the best Gildan 6.1 oz. 100% pre-shrunk cotton base garments that we could get, an industry-leading production house, and an internally-generated design.

    The design elements themselves are largely self-explanatory. The front of the shirt features a stylized "M4" logo that evokes the profile of a carbine barrel, front sight post and handguard, along with a text reference to the site's URL.

    The M4 logo component appears again on the rear of the shirt atop a shield (symbolizing defense and protection) that features a prominent M4 carbine in silhouette superimposed over an IPSC-style target (symbolizing our commitment to training). American flag elements in the background pay homage to the foundational role of our 2A freedoms. Slightly different shading configurations have been developed, each optimized for the underlying color of the base garment.

    Reflective of our civil, LEO, military and contractor/industry professional membership base, the shirt is available in four basic colors:


    Blue (Limited Availability)

    Olive Drab


    These photos were taken in natural sunlight for clarity. Shirts are darker in person than they appear on your screen.

    All of the preceding colors are now available in sizes M to 2XL at a cost of $14 each from G&R Tactical. To order, click here to access the dedicated G&R product page.

    We do have other items in development, and will pursue these over time as we take measure of the reception this initial effort receives.


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    I wanted to thank AC as he was the spearhead in getting this project rolling. He came up with an outstanding design we can all be proud of.

    Thanks for all the hard work AC.
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    G&R's site must be down at the moment. 3:24 CST

    Either that, or the flood of people wanting to buy these shirts has overwhelmed his servers.
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    Yeah, I definitely want one, but I was trying SO HARD to not make a three orders from Grant this quarter...
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    Nice, definitely want to pick one of these up. Would be cool to have before I take a Vickers class this March.

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    This is just outstanding! A very large tip of the hat to AC and all others involved.

    Orders inbound.

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    I like!

    Any chance of getting some long sleeve styles?

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