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  1. Rules & Current List of Authorized Dealers in EE

    These are the ONLY dealers who are allowed to post in the EE (and will have a DEALER status).

    All other posts must be by members from their personal collection!

    -Bravo Company USA
    -G&R Tactical, LLC
    -Ohio Armament

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    EE Procedures and Rules

    EE Procedures and Rules
    The new procedures and rules:

    For Equipment Exchange ad posters:

    You must have 30 posts, while contributing positively to this forum community, in order to start new topics in the Marketplace. Industry Professionals, Subject Matter Experts, and M4C Dealers and Manufacturers are exempt from this rule.

    Include "WTB" "WTS" and/or "WTT" in your thread title. All WTS ads *must* have a price in the ad, or in the header description. You should also indicate where you are located and what methods of payment you will accept.

    No auctions - list a price at which you are willing to sell, not an artificially high price in anticipation of fielding "bids" via email or PM. No links to auction sites, either.

    Your ad will be locked out to all members except you - only you can post in your own ad.

    Do not bump your ad until 48 hours have elapsed.

    Three advertisements on the first page is the maximum allowed. Having more then three will lead to deletions, without notice - combine ads as best you can.

    All items for sale should be from your personal collection. Outside dealers must come to an agreement with Site STAFF in order to sell new parts and inventory on this site.

    Absolutely no group buys, unless you are a Site Sponsor, Industry Professional/SME, or have written authorization from SITE STAFF.

    Once you have sold the item you are selling or found the item you are buying, please edit your original ad and change the title. Do not post in a thread to indicate that the item has been SOLD, SOLD PENDING FUNDS, RECEIVED or otherwise. There is no reason to bring a SOLD item back to the top of the first page. Do not edit the final sale price from your ad. It is helpful for the buyer, seller and this community to know what items sold for recently, and in the past.

    For Equipment Exchange ad responders:

    Use PM or email to contact the OP - you will not be able to post in their ad. The fact that you sent them a PM or email will be obvious when their inbox has new messages.

    If a seller has not acknowledged attempts to contact them via both PM and email for more than 48 hours, contact SHIVAN.

    For all members:

    Fraudulent practices or attempts to defraud another person or group will be dealt with very seriously. You can/will be banned and your reputation will follow you to other sites.

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    Read Me.

    If your item has sold please mark it as so. Do not leave your ad hanging out there open if the item is no longer available. I have seen quite a few items here that have sold and have never been updated to reflect that. It is your responsibility to maintain your ad's.

    Do not delete your ads!!!