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  1. Which Tourniquet do you carry?
  2. READ THIS * Emergency First-Aid Forum * READ THIS
  3. Resources for mail-order med supplies?
  4. Components of a decent trauma kit?
  5. Any EMT/I/P's in here?
  6. Can we talk about sequence of operations?
  7. introductions and Member Info
  8. Motorcycle medkit
  9. Training?
  10. Motorcycles and Medics, or Medics Motorcycles
  11. Tactical Combat Casualty Care
  12. Medical Training for Laypersons
  13. z-medica feedback
  14. Health Officials Discourage Aspirin Use by Troops in Combat Zones
  15. Sutures what's a good all around type?
  16. Dog bites?
  17. SOLO Wilderness First Responder
  18. Army Improved IFAK
  19. Can Anyone Answer This
  20. Kit Buildup - GSW Kit
  21. How do you react when your patient dies?
  22. SWAT-Tourniquet
  23. Response time as function of emergency planning
  24. Backpacking Kit
  25. Kit Recommendations
  26. Kit Buildup - Burn Pack
  27. "That Guy" in EFR class
  28. Iranian girl shot in chest ~ What could have been done to save her... anything?
  29. Spider Bites
  30. So does it work or not?
  31. Patrol First Aid Kit
  32. "Full" kit?
  33. I had a dying man in my yard 3 weeks ago
  34. Emotion vs effectiveness as a medic.
  35. First Aid Kit in Carryon
  36. NSN Numbers for a Break-Away IFAK?
  37. Quick Clot
  38. NAR kit
  39. US made gear
  40. Medic Backpack Recomendations
  41. Cases / bags on a budget for the car / camping
  42. Moral Dillemas in Health Care
  43. Bungee Tourniquet
  44. Boo Boo & Trauma Kits
  45. GSW/Blowout kit.
  46. Thoughts on Wilderness EMT courses? WEMT vs EMT?
  47. Building a couple first aid kits...Need feedback on contents
  48. Quikclot at Ft. Hood Saved Lives
  49. Officer Down Bleeder Kit
  50. Let's talk bare-bones BOK
  51. Not always going to be a bloody mess?
  52. Thoughts on mixing boo-boo and trauma kits
  53. FASTx (next gen FAST 1 for IO)
  54. Random thoughts on battle prepping your med kit.
  55. Succs. rotation.
  56. AAR Tactical Response Immediate Action Medical
  57. Packing an ATS Small Med Pouch
  58. How to Build a Personal First-Aid Kit- SF style
  59. Cravats?
  60. Emox update (powered emergency O2)
  61. Packing an Eagle Med Pouch
  62. Safety Pins
  63. Civil War Docter Kit
  64. What is essential to add to an IFAK?
  65. What is your EDC BOK?
  66. Burn Treatment
  67. Mystery Ranch Med Foldy
  68. Good place to get Israeli bandages?
  69. Essential medical training?
  70. Any true TEMS, SWAT, SRT forums?
  71. Pulse Oximeters
  72. Storage and carrying of seals and bandages
  73. What's the next step after Red Cross ..........
  74. Quikclot Awarded Navy/Marine Contract
  75. USMC IFAK vs others? Who makes the best USGI kit?
  76. Show Off Your Kit
  77. Accelerated Paramedic programs?
  78. Z-Medica and Quikclot Provide for Vets
  79. WARNING-- Fake Airsoft CAT Touniquets
  80. Thoughts/opinions on Tactial Response's VOK
  81. CPR Training Video
  82. I drang too much
  83. What tools do you recommend for parent of an asthmatic child?
  84. Emergency First Aid Book
  85. I Used Quikclot on My Dog!
  86. First Aid Kit replacement contents
  87. Surplus first aid kit?
  88. What do you prefer - LR or NS?
  89. Cinch-Tight AAR
  90. Celox compared to Quickclot
  91. Procellera Wound Care
  92. Active Shooter Kit
  93. DE as a Hemostatic
  94. General Vehicle First Aid Kit
  95. Blood type patches?
  96. Trauma / First Aid Fast Action Reference Cards
  97. Solo range kit.
  98. EMT-B - a couple questions
  99. SAR Medic/ Tactical Medic
  100. Quick question/opinions on IFAK bag sizes / My IFAK kit
  101. Let's talk books/manuals
  102. alternative chest seal?
  103. Adventure Medical Kits Trauma Pak - range bag safety?
  104. Anatomy Books
  105. Training For Civilians?
  106. Looking for a first aid pouch for active shooter loadout
  107. CASEVAC Pole-less Litters
  108. Face Shields for Blast Injuries
  109. Scout Leader Uses Quikclot on Multiple Occasions
  110. First Responders-what do you EDC?
  111. Tactical Medical Solutions Voluntary Tourniquet Exchange
  112. Kit recommendations
  113. Vest/PC SOFT-T carry
  114. Tourniquet Application (Combat and Legality)
  115. w.a.l.k. kit I have one
  116. Cut-Away IFAK
  117. If you carry a gun you need a gunshot trauma kit
  118. Non-compliant pt. protocol?
  119. Tactical First Aid Briefing - Lessons Learned
  120. Cavalry Arms med kit opinions
  121. Started my own med kit and it got out of hand
  122. WAPO Article on IFAK Effectiveness in Tucson Shootings
  123. NREMT 24hr EMT-B refresher course
  124. I need training! Can someone point me in the right direction?
  125. I just finished my First Responder class
  126. Supplies question
  127. Tactical Medicine classes
  128. Blow-Out Kit reccomendations
  129. Red Cross Save a Life Saturday--- 3/19/2011
  130. Opinions wanted
  131. suture kit
  132. LF roll bag/kit
  133. Pre packaged First Aid kit vs build own?
  134. Getting maced during training?
  135. Cayenne pepper as quikclot?
  136. Chest seals
  137. Eye protection FAIL - with pic
  138. Venigard/Tegaderm over GSW
  139. Medical Pouch needed
  140. NREMT Exam
  141. Interesting save
  142. To pack or not to pack, that is the question...
  143. What we do has consequences...
  144. Better load bearing Aid Bag
  145. I cant decide on which Medical field of study
  146. EMT pen light recommendations please
  147. Vision correction surgery - DON'T
  148. Emergency Trauma Care for the L/E Firearm Instructor and Patrol Officer Course
  149. Counterfeit QC?
  150. antibiotics and pain meds
  151. Taking a CPR/AED and First Aid on the 9th
  152. Gift for nurse - Littmann Cardiology III or Master Cardiology?
  153. Antibiotics
  154. Taking Blood Thinners Need Advise
  155. BFG Trauma Now Kit, need to add anything?
  156. training for "regular folks"
  157. TEMS/TCCC in Central FL
  158. Abdominal wounds...interesting concept
  159. Lone Star Medics- Medic I-- A course for everyone.
  160. Dark Angel med kit.
  161. Thinking about this class......
  162. Tactical Paramedic
  163. ifak possibility
  164. Ankle Carry of a Tourniquet
  165. Looking to get some emergency medical training...
  166. TQ mounting Trouble
  167. IFAK Component Expiration Dates?
  168. My CFAK, Citizens First Aid Kit
  169. SOFTT-W vs CAT, ease of application?
  170. treating battlefield wounds with Sugar/Honey
  171. CELOX
  172. Field Wound Care - dealing with injuries away from help
  173. Oxygen tank...
  174. Deleted
  175. SOE Vehicle Med Bag and TQ pouch review
  176. extreme emergency life and death situation.
  177. FYI for smart phone users
  178. SNAFU
  179. Free 2005 Paramedic Text Books. You pay Shipping
  180. Building your own or source for a good IFAK?
  181. Gomez Tactical good med kit
  182. Anywhere with TRG VOK/GSW kit in stock?
  183. Negligent Discharge at 3 Gun This Past Weekend
  184. Any EMT's in here?
  185. What to put in IFAK?
  186. Update 12JUN12 - Basic Tactical Operational Medical Support Course - AAR Post #7
  187. Where can I find a waterproof first aid kit?
  188. Ifak minimuins ,
  189. Free NOLS Wilderness Medicine E-Book
  190. moral obligation vs. lawsuit mentality
  191. NOVA first aid class reccomendation?
  192. Rate my new blowout kit
  193. Medical Wound Closure Staple Kit.
  194. My Survival Medicine Blog
  195. Want Sutures? Bad Idea! (Wound Healing Without Sutures)
  196. RAT tourniquet on leg
  197. Suggested FA training
  198. Low-Pro Blow Out Kit and Contents
  199. Why non latex gloves?
  200. Warrior Wound Care
  201. Is this really necessary??
  202. Paramedic school
  203. Rescue Hooks
  204. Occlusive dressing use by civilians
  205. Trauma Training
  206. New PA program geared toward mil folks
  207. Tragedy in CT
  208. laminated Sanford
  209. QuikClot question.
  210. Broken or dislocated toe
  211. Tinnitus (ringing ears) treatment options
  212. Styptic pencils vs quick clot, etc
  213. CONTOMS
  214. IFAK and Training
  215. ITS Tactical ETA Trauma Kit (Tallboy)
  216. DARK IFAK used on my range
  217. Ruptured Lung
  218. Russell Chest Seal
  219. TQ vs pressure dressing
  220. Collapsible Stock MEDEVAC request
  221. Best online source for med/trauma supplies?
  222. Hiking ER supplies
  223. Resetting compound fractures
  224. Other pain killers or natural pain relief
  225. anyone ever damaged by their AR?
  226. Another "What else should I add to my IFAK" thread
  227. Femoral bleedout - Warning *GRAPHIC*
  228. quick reference help
  229. Ensure workplace safety
  230. Avert danger for workplace safety
  231. idiot proof TQ recommendations?
  232. 3 day pack first aid kit
  233. Army Fielding New IFAK
  234. Specialized IFAK for my dad
  235. HSGI M3T (Multi-Misson Medical TACO)
  236. Eleven10 and Raven Concealment Mini Med kit
  237. EDC First Aid and Trauma Aid kits
  238. Need to get into that training.
  239. Reminder: expiration dates are there for a reason
  240. First Aid Kits
  241. What first aid items are "medical expenses" for IRS 502 purposes
  242. RCS New Mini Blowout Kit
  243. Got selected as an SRT Medic!
  244. Quikclot Demonstrator (Red Package) - What is this?
  245. A question for doctors - med students
  246. GSW/blow-out kit components - best bang for the buck
  247. Expired CAT/ E bandage?
  248. interesting occurance at the ER
  249. Tourniquet and Hemostatic Agent use by Red Cross First Aid Trained Layperson
  250. First Aid Kit with MD/Nurse at Hand