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  1. EE Procedures and Rules
  2. WTS: Blade Tech AK mag pouch
  3. WTS: Midwest Industries AK Rail **Price Lowered 09-29**
  4. WTS: Bulgarian AK74 30rd magazines $20 each shipped
  5. WTS: PWS FSC47 brake
  6. SOLD: Two Circle 10 5,56 Bulgarian magazines
  7. WTS: Ultimak lower rail for satmped ak $125
  8. SOLD: Bulgarian Waffle Circle 10 Mags
  9. SOLD: Krebs offset vert foregrip mount and 5.45 mags
  10. SOLD: SOLD.....20AK Mags
  11. WTS/WTT: Saiga MD20 12ga drum(20rds!!)
  12. SOLD: PWS FSC47 AK Compensator / Brake for FSC556 ~ $80
  13. WTS: KVAR KV-04S AK Scope Mount***Lower price***
  14. WTS/WTT: AMD65 parts kit CZ26 parts kit UZI kit etc
  15. WTS: Daniel Defense VFG, $45 shipped CONUS
  16. WTS: no longer for sale
  17. SOLD: Black Windowed Pmags
  18. WTT: WTT Magpul PMAG's for AK mags - prefer Bulgarian Circle 10 or Bakelite 7.62x39 AK mag
  19. WTB: bulgarian krink kit---found-
  20. WTS/WTT: CAA Lower AK47 HG w/ Rail
  21. WTS: Bulgarian Circle 10s, Ultimak for sale
  22. SOLD: AK Under Folding Stock Set
  23. SOLD: Russian bakelite AK47 magazine
  24. SOLD: Yugo AK47 Mags w/BHO Followers
  25. WTS: Assorted Bulgarian AK-74 magazines
  26. WTS: Smith Enterprise AK Vortex flash hider
  27. WTS: Linear style muzzle brake
  28. WTB: Vltor AK stock adapter.....
  29. WTS: 2 AMD-65 kits
  30. WTS: ERGO rigid AK new mod grip-Foliage
  31. WTS: Saiga 12ga 20rd Drum (NIB)
  32. SOLD: new 30 round Bulgarian Waffle Pattern Circle 10 magazines - $21 each (free shipping)
  33. SOLD: Genuine Norinco AK drum - SOLD!
  34. WTB: Warsaw-Pact length black polymer buttstock (milled)
  35. SOLD: 1979 Romanian G Kit, #s matching.
  36. WTS: AK MAGS 20 rd and 30 rd BHO
  37. SOLD: Kalinka Optics Aimpoint Mount
  38. WTS/WTT: 7.62x39 30rd AK mags – Polish and Bulgarian Circle 10
  39. WTS: Yugo M92 demilled kit w/ NDS receiver, triangle folder and extras
  40. WTB: AK-47 Side mount or other for optics
  41. SOLD: Krebs Combination Front Sight/Gas Block
  42. SOLD: NEW Russian Laminate handguards
  43. WTS: AK47/47 gas piston, trigger groups & flash hiders
  44. SOLD: 4 US Palm AK mags, $90 shipped
  45. WTS: Furniture kit.
  46. WTS: MAGAZINES, WASR 7.62x39 single stack, 10rd
  47. WTS: Various AK parts+ Brownells M4 Wrench
  48. SOLD: Russian AK74 Trigger UNISSUED
  49. SOLD: Soviet AK47 / AKM Fire Control Group UNISSUED
  50. SOLD: 30rd Steel AK47 Magazines
  51. WTB: Used Ultimak AK rail *FOUND*
  52. WTT: traded
  53. WTS: Russian AK100 Series Recoil Spring
  54. WTS: Norinco 75 rd AK-47 drum
  55. SOLD: AK Rear Sight & Leaf Spring...
  56. SOLD: AK47 WASR 10/63 wood stock set $25.00 shipped!
  57. SOLD: Bulgarian Circle-10 7.62x39 AK waffle magazines
  58. WTB: AK 14x1L threading kit
  59. SOLD: WTS: AK47 AKM Wood Stock Set
  60. WTB: 30rd AK47 Mags
  61. WTB: Ultimak m1-b, synthetic furniture
  62. SOLD: Ironwood Designs milled handguard and pistol grip set
  63. SOLD: Hungarian lower handguard
  65. WTS: Parts Kits AK Sidefolder, Suomi, Cetme, Mac11
  66. SOLD: Bulgarian ARM-9 handguard set & SAW pistol grip.
  67. WTS: Ultimak gas tube optic mount
  68. WTS: WTS: Bulg Krink Handguards,sling, Yugo sling, galil mags
  69. SOLD: Russian Triangle Sidefolding Stocks - $75 Shipped
  70. SOLD: ACE Folding stock assy for stamped AK-SPF
  71. SOLD: Bulgarian Circle-10 magazines
  72. WTS: Very nice all matching 1981 Romanian G Kit - SPF
  73. SOLD: MD Arms Molot Grip
  74. WTB: KVAR Black US Made Poly AK lower handguard
  75. SOLD: Ergo Classic AK Grip
  76. WTB: Iron Wood or ACE SLR-95 stock set
  77. WTS: Hungarian AMD-65 Parts Kit--NEW!
  78. WTS: AK/AKM/AK74 Picatinny light/accessory Mounts!!!!!
  79. SOLD: 2 US Palm/TangoDown 7.62x39 AK mags
  80. SOLD: Russian AKM gas tube
  81. WTT: Bulgarain AK FCG
  82. SOLD: Bulgarian Circle 10 5.56/.223 AK Magazines (New and Like New)
  83. WTB: Chinese frt trunnion & selector
  84. WTS: WTS: PSL wood stock set complete , buttstock and handguards + hardware
  85. SOLD: (6) Circle 10 Bulgarian 30rd magazines (7.62x39)
  86. SOLD: x2 AK Mags
  87. SOLD: steel AK mags
  88. SOLD: 8 NOS E. Ger bakelite 30rd AK74 mags
  90. WTS: LNIW Smith Enterprises Vortex FH, New AK47 Book
  91. WTS: NDS M92 optic rail
  92. SOLD: Bulgarian steel AK-47 mags
  93. WTB: Bulgarian or Russian Metal Triangle Side Folding Stock Set
  94. SOLD: Bulgarian AK-74 Parts Kit W/New Bulgarian Barrel - $300
  95. WTB: Tula AKM Barrel Trunnion 1968 MB3934
  96. WTS: Bulgarian 30 Rnds AK mags
  97. SOLD: 14x1LH Noveske KX3 wanted,,, Found,,,
  98. SOLD: Bulgarian Circle 10 mags and Eagle/SKD MOLLE AK vest.
  99. WTB: WTB: E. German, Bulgy or krink 5.45 barrel
  100. WTS: AK Grips (CAA, UTG, Arsenal) and a UTG mag coupler
  101. WTB: VZ58 Wood Furniture
  102. SOLD: AK74 magazines-Sold PRF
  103. WTS: Hungarian 20rd and Polish 30rd mags..
  104. WTS: WTS KVAR 04 scope mount $60 shipped
  105. SOLD: Saiga 5 round magazine
  106. SOLD: New Russian Synthetic Handguard Set w/ Heatshield(Black)
  107. WTB: surefire FH762K02
  108. WTS: New KVAR Krink hand guard set $75 shipped
  109. WTS: samson and ultimak rail
  110. WTS: Tapco SAW grip $20 shipped
  111. WTS/WTT: two AK pistol grips US and Bulgie
  112. WTB: WTB - Russian/Soviet Lower Hand Guard Ferrule Cap
  113. SOLD: Circle 10 5.56 AK Mags
  114. WTS: AK 103 IZHMASH 30rd. Polymer Mags NEW
  115. WTS: 55 round AR SS Higher Capacity magazine
  116. SOLD: AR mag carrier Comp-Tac
  117. SOLD: 5.45mm Headspace Gauges and AK fixtures
  118. WTT: TAPCO Collapsible Stock for WARSAW Stock
  119. WTS: Minty AMD-65 Parts Kit with Original barrel
  120. WTB: Bulgy 5.56 black waffle mags
  121. SOLD: Ultimak and Tritium sights
  122. WTS: AK 47 assorted furniture
  123. WTS: WTS: Polish 7.62 Mags
  124. SOLD: M1S 9mm Magwell Block
  125. SOLD: Ultimak M1 B Optic Mount for AK
  126. SOLD: Saiga Tapco T6 Stock Set $40 OBO
  127. SOLD: WTS New in Wrapper Battlecompe AKBC
  128. WTS: NIW Bulgarian "circle 10" 5.56mm AK mags
  129. SOLD: Bulgarian AK 74 Parts. Removed
  130. SOLD: ACE Stock
  131. SOLD: Delete
  132. SOLD: Scope Mount $20/Shipped
  133. WTS: ak- circle 10 /74 mags
  134. SOLD: AK-74 Magazines
  135. WTS: Various AK parts, Primary Arms Reflex Sight.
  136. SOLD: Soviet-era AK Sling (Lowered Price)
  137. WTS: KVAR forend and AK74 mag
  138. SOLD: Bulgarian Type-III "Blonde" Wood Stock Set
  139. SOLD: SOLD...
  140. WTS: gone
  141. SOLD: Midwest industries AK mini dot mount -revised mount
  142. SOLD: Arsenal Inc. AK 47 stock set (stamped)
  143. WTB: AK Slant Brake
  144. SOLD: TWS AK optics mount with peep sight
  145. SOLD: Izhmash AK-105 FSB
  146. WTS: (withdrawn from sale) 1pn34 1st Gen Russian Night Vision ( NO LONGER FOR SALE )
  147. SOLD: Bulgarian clear mags NEW
  148. SOLD: Yugo rivets
  149. SOLD: Tapco single hook trigger kit
  150. SOLD: Midwest Industries Saiga Rail
  151. WTS: Ak sight tool, shell extractor
  152. SOLD: Please delete
  153. WTB: AK Parts
  154. SOLD: Hogue Overmold Foregrip / Handguards and Pistol Grip
  155. WTS: Mini Draco AK pistol Handguard
  156. WTS: AK Flash Hider
  157. WTS: Polytech Legend Bayonet and Mag - Price Lowered
  158. SOLD: Arsenal OD stock set with hogue grip
  159. WTB: Russian AK Parts/kit or Krinkov
  160. WTS: Ergo AK Suregrip
  161. SOLD: POSP 4x24 V Illuminated with 400m reticle and AK, Saiga Mount
  162. SOLD: KVAR/Arsenal lower HG w heat shield (black) $20 new
  163. WTS: Russian Izhmash AK103 Handguard w/ Heat Shield NEW
  164. WTB: Bulgarian Krinkov parts kit
  165. WTB: WANTED Belarus BP-02 side mount
  166. SOLD: Romanian Wire Folder stock $50
  167. SOLD: (6) RARE Black AK74 Bulgarian Circle 25 mags $175 shipped! pics
  168. SOLD: Midwest Industries AK rail system
  169. SOLD: Sold
  170. WTS: Bulgarian Blond stock & handguards
  171. WTS: 2 New Bulgarian Circle10 5.56 mags
  172. SOLD: AK Tula Bakelite Mags 7.62x39
  173. WTS: AK Bayonet (new)**********TRADED*********
  174. SOLD: Magpul PMAG 30rd MagLevel Desert Digital
  175. SOLD: Slide Fire for AK
  176. WTS: (5) Bulgarian AK74 Magazines.
  177. SOLD: 1 surplus ak47 mag
  178. SOLD: Bulgarian 30rd. Mags (5) *******SOLD*******PLEASE DELETE ADD, THANK YOU
  179. WTB: Ak 47 gas tube
  180. SOLD: Bulgarian AK74 Front sight block and Muzzle Break
  181. WTB: WTB - AKS-74U Krinkov Barrel
  182. SOLD: 4 Bulgarian Circle 10 mags
  183. WTS: Mods please delete, Duplicate
  184. WTS: 7 East German Bakelite Magazines 5.45
  185. SOLD: AK wire folder or Beryl stock.
  186. WTB: Yugo RPK cleaning rod retaining ring
  187. WTS: ak-74 good mags
  188. SOLD: Like New East Bloc AK Magazines
  189. WTB: Bulgarian Plum AK74 Magazine 5.45
  190. SOLD: Norinco 100 round AK drum!
  192. SOLD: Midwest Industries Universal AK Rail MI-AK
  193. WTS: Kobra red dot sight for side mount AK
  194. WTS: 4 Bakelite AK74 mags marked "223".
  195. WTB: (2) 20rd mags and Romanian Handguards
  196. SOLD: UTG railed handguard for AK
  197. WTS: AK 74 mags East German set of four $140.
  198. WTB: WTB 2x Stamped AK Topcovers
  199. WTS: parts, mags and more
  200. WTS: 7 NIW Chinese 7.62x39 no rib magazines
  201. WTB: WTB: AK47 gas tube
  202. WTT: WTT Hungarian milled kit for a Bulgarian milled kit
  203. SOLD: UltiMAK AK-47 Optics Mount M2-B
  204. WTS: AR Slings - VTAC - Troy
  205. WTT: Circle 10 5.45 Magazines (sold pending funds)
  206. SOLD: New Bulgarian 75rd. 7.62x39 drum
  207. SOLD: AK47 mag
  208. WTS/WTT: Like new Revised Midwest Industries black flip front sight
  209. WTB: Ak Wood
  210. SOLD: Translucent Circle 10 Bulgarian 5.56 Waffle Mags***SPF***
  211. SOLD: AK Ultimak
  212. WTS: Hungarian AKM bayonets $55
  213. WTS: Midwest Industries 30mm RD Side Mount ***SOLD***
  214. WTS: 6 Bulgarian Circle 10 Black & Translucent Waffle Mags
  215. WTS: Aimpoint 30mm Extra-Wide ring
  216. WTS: Ergo AK Suregrip
  217. WTS: WTS Russian Izzy Plum AK74 mags, East German 74 Break PRICE DROP!
  218. SOLD: Nato Length Buttstock
  219. WTB: VLTOR Stock adapter kit
  220. WTB: AK-47 Bulgarian Circle 10 mags
  221. WTS: Bulgarian AK74 Wood Furniture Set
  222. SOLD: Folding Wire Stock - Romanian
  223. SOLD: Virgin Yugo M70 Underfolder Kit w/ original barrel
  224. SOLD: New Bulgarian 40rd. 7.62x39 mag
  225. SOLD: New Engage AK47 Tactical grip EPG47
  226. WTS: Ultimak Optic Mount/Rubber Buttpad/Krebs Part
  227. WTS/WTT: Arsenal Two-Stage Fire Control Groups x2
  228. SOLD: New Engage AK47 grip for US Palm grip (black)
  229. WTS/WTT: AK lightning bolt. For AK47
  230. SOLD: WTS AK74 5.45x39.5 Mags..Bulgarian REDUCED PIC
  231. SOLD: Russian AK47 Drum, LN
  232. WTB: Yugo M70 gas tube and handguards
  233. WTS: Polish Wire Folder w/ AMD65 Tech cheek riser
  234. SOLD: AK drum mag and other parts
  235. SOLD: Steel 7.62 30 round mags
  236. SOLD: US PALM AK Battle grip
  237. SOLD: KVAR US made BLACK lower hand guard.
  238. WTB: ak74 magazines
  239. SOLD: AK74 Mags
  240. SOLD: SPF. AK-74 Bulgarian Unissued De-Mil Kit
  241. SOLD: 1982 Romanian G parts kit complete Matching serial #
  242. WTS: Steel AK 30 round mag -broken spring
  243. SOLD: AKML 30 mm side rail mount
  244. SOLD: (2) Polish AKM AK47 30rd. Mags
  245. SOLD: AK-74 Mags
  246. SOLD: New 30 round 5.45 AK74 mags
  247. SOLD: All gone thanks for looking
  248. WTB: AK-74 mags, bakelite prefered.
  249. SOLD: SOLD
  250. WTS: 75 round ak-47 drum