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  1. SOLD: WTS: SureFire E1-B Backup > SOLD
  2. ALL SOLD: Larue FUG and Surefire M952 Weaponlight
  3. WTS: Surefire M900 FDE (IR Nav Lights) + IR Beamcover
  5. WTS Surefire M951 carbine light kit
  6. WTS: Surefire M900
  7. SOLD: Surefire M900 VFG W/ IR Guide Lights
  8. Surefire items, 9P, G2, Blk M2 bezel, xm06 tape swt
  9. WTS Surefire M511 Fore end Light Rifle length
  10. WTS: AK Drum, Surefire, Streamlight, LPK's
  11. WTT" SUREFIRE Items for Guns/Knives Or..
  12. SPF: Surefire, ATS, Blackhawk Goodies
  13. SOLD: WTS: Surefire M900 VFG Black
  14. WTS: Surefire Mini Weapons Light with BIG power!
  15. WTS Surefire Tactical Light M951XM07
  16. WTT: Surfire M951 & TD VFG for M910A
  17. SOLD: Surefire M500A Millennium Fore End with White LED Running Lights
  18. WTB: Surefire Scout or trade for X300
  19. Wts Surefire 9P, clickie caps, bulbs etc.
  20. WTS: Surefire X300 $200 shipped ***SOLD***
  21. Flashlights and Mounts for sale
  22. WTS: Surefire M900AB-IR Tac Light Brand New $350
  24. FS: VTAC light mount -SPF-
  25. EE Procedures and Rules
  26. SOLD: Surefire 674 light kit--OPTIONS
  27. SOLD: Surefire E2d w/Belt Pouch!
  28. WTS: SOLD
  29. SOLD: SOLD Surefire Weapon Light M961XM07
  30. WTS: 6P & KAC 1" mount
  31. WTS: Surefire Z32 and Z49 (SPF)
  32. SOLD: Daniel Defense Offset Flashlight Mount $35
  33. WTS: SOLD
  34. SOLD: Larue LT-172 Surefire scout light mount Brand New
  35. WTS: Surefire M600c KIT 1 $350 oceanside, ca
  36. SOLD: removed
  37. WTS: SureFire Z2 CombatLight NIB > Pic.
  38. SOLD: New Surefire UE07 Cap + Tape Switch
  39. WTS: Like New Surefire G2Z LED Combat Light
  40. SOLD: New out of box Surefire M962 9 volt-Price reduced for Quick Sale
  41. SOLD: Surefire X300 $195 shipped
  42. SOLD: Rico Tactical Alpha-9 Tactical Flashlight
  43. SOLD: LNIB Larue Inline Flashlight Mount (LT-707) **Price Drop**
  45. WTS: Larue Double Light Mount w/ Fenix TA21
  46. WTS/WTT: Surefire FM16 blue filter
  47. WTS: Gerber flashlight 4-sale (FL)
  48. SOLD: TLR1
  49. WTS: Insight M3 Tactical Illuminator
  50. SOLD: Larue Tactical quick detach mount for X300
  51. WTS: Blackhawk Xiphos light/LH Holster combo
  52. WTB: OEM/Stock Surefire X300 Mount
  53. SOLD: LNIB Surefire XT07
  54. SOLD: Surefire M910 Weaponlight
  55. SOLD: Surefire X300 & E2D LED
  56. WTS: SureFire X300 > NIB > Pic.
  57. SOLD: Sold
  58. SOLD: Surefire E2d LED
  59. WTS: Surefire Weapon Light M600C LED
  60. WTS: WTS Surefire lights, X200B, E1L, G2LED’s, VTAC Mounts etc
  61. WTS: Pentagon X3 light
  62. WTS: Comp-tac Kydex belt-mounted flashlight holder
  63. SOLD: Surefire Mini-Scout Light & M600C Scout Light NEW
  64. WTB: Surefire X200
  65. SOLD: Surefire X 200 light
  66. SOLD: Surefire M900 & M981 Weaponlights **SOLD**
  67. SOLD: Larue LT-619 X200/X300 Quick-Detach Mount
  68. WTB: WTB: LARUE LT-170
  69. WTS: Surefire M910
  70. SOLD: Surefire Monsters!
  71. WTB: Surefire E1B
  72. SOLD: ALL WITHDRAWN :SF FM63 IR filter and other user lights
  73. SOLD: Like new SF E2DLed Single-stage HI output model
  74. SOLD: Surefire M910A-RD LNIB Never used PRICE DROP
  75. WTB: Viridian X5L Laser/Light combo
  76. WTB: BOUGHT Surefire X-series led weaponlight
  77. SOLD: PentagonLight MD2 LED Laser/Light
  78. SOLD: New Surefire KL4-HA 120 Lumens LED Module
  79. SOLD: SureFire E2D Defender (LED Model)
  80. WTS: NIB Gladius 90 Lumen light
  81. SOLD: SOLD M961XM07 w/ Beancover & Z48 tail switch
  82. WTS: SUrefire L72 laser and XT07
  83. WTS: WTS: Insight M5 (for Walther P99 and S&W 99/TSW), and X2 Compact Weaponlight
  84. SOLD: Surefire XM07 Tailcap NIB ***SOLD***
  85. WTS: Surefire 9AN
  86. SOLD: SF 618 FGA
  87. SOLD: WTT Surefire X300
  88. WTS: Crimson Trace Grips for M&P Fullsize
  89. SOLD: Surefire with Larue Mount **Price Drop**
  90. SOLD: Rail mounted LDI laser
  91. SOLD: Brand New Surefire Scout Parts - KL4 LED module
  92. SOLD: Surefire 870 Light ~ NEW!
  93. SOLD: Surefire X300 NEW!
  94. SOLD: Surefire M951XM07
  95. SOLD: Excellent/LN Tactical Night Vision tailcap for G2, G3, 6P, 6PD, 9P, Z2, G2Z,C...
  96. SOLD: Surefire 951 light
  97. WTB: SF Mini Scoutlight In Desert Sand (Brown)
  98. WTS: New in Box Surefire X400
  99. SOLD: Pentogonlight MD2 Light / Laser
  100. WTS: Surefire L2
  101. SOLD: Surefire E2D LED Defender
  102. WTS: Surefire G2
  103. WTS: Like New Surefire Scout Light LED Kit w/ Larue LT-172 Throw Lever Mount
  104. WTB: Surefire weapon light Tape Switch SR07
  105. SOLD: Surefire 6P flashlight CHEAP
  106. WTS: Surefire Rem 870 forend
  107. SOLD: Surefire E2L, new model 3/60 lumen dual output
  108. SOLD: Surefire 900A w/ Filter
  109. SOLD: Surefire M952 Weaponlight with new LT Mount - Price Drop
  110. WTS: Surefire Infrared Filter - Price Reduction
  111. WTS: Maglite & Brinkman flashlights
  112. WTB: surefire M2 shock bezel
  113. SOLD: Surefire M910A
  114. SOLD: Surefire G2 LED in VTAC mount with Z48 click on/off tailcap, green, brand new
  115. WTB: Surefire E1 or E1e
  116. WTS: Surefire P60, KL3 LED, KL1 LED
  117. SOLD: Black Surefire G2LED with a Daniel Defense offset mount (TX)
  118. WTS: Surefire M951XM07 $160
  119. WTS: Surefire C3
  120. WTS/WTT: surefire M951XM07 Millennium, almost like-new for trade for other surefire light
  121. SOLD: Insight Procyon
  122. WTS: Insights AN/PEM-1 & GGG Mount
  123. SOLD: Surefire M962XM07 with Larue Mount
  124. SOLD: Surefire X200A ***SOLD***
  125. SOLD: Fenix TK11 Taclight
  126. SOLD: Insight Technology H2X Typhoon
  127. SOLD: Brand new Surefire M962 light + kits
  129. WTB: Surefire Z49
  130. SOLD: NIB Crimson Trace Grips for S&W M&P Fullsize LG-660
  131. SOLD: 2 Night Ops Gladius flashlights
  132. SOLD: Surefire Scoutlight
  133. WTB: Surefire Mini-Scout
  134. WTS: Surefire Avator A2 5 LED flashlight
  135. SOLD: Streamlight TLR-3 C4 LED Tactical Light
  136. SOLD: Blackhawk Falcata & Gladius
  137. SOLD: Surefire Scoutlight w/ KL4 Head
  138. SOLD: Wilcox collection!
  139. SOLD: Surefire KL4 LED head
  141. SOLD: Surefire Helmet LED light (WH/BL/IR) with new EOTAC cap
  142. WTB: Dedicated Surefire Lighted Forend for Benellis M1S90
  143. SOLD: Larue LT 606-1 Light Mount
  144. SOLD: Surefire X300 with DG-12 (M&P) switch and Peters Custom Holster
  145. WTS: Crimson Trace Laser grips (new) (Austin, TX)
  146. SOLD: LNIB Surefire X200 Weapon Light (VA)
  147. SOLD: LNIB Surefire X300
  148. WTS: Surefire P60 reflector assembly
  149. SOLD: Insight X2/Springfield XML subcompact pistol light
  150. WTS/WTT: Surefire Light and Danger Close Consulting mount, Insight Tech M3 remote
  151. SOLD: Larue LT-707 Light Mount
  152. SOLD: SF Scout Light Mount
  153. SOLD: SureFire Z49 TailCap Switch
  154. WTS: Pelican M6 Lithium
  155. WTS: Weapon Lights *Reduced*
  156. WTS: SF Scout Light
  157. WTB: Surefire E2L / KX2 head *single mode*
  159. WTS: Surefire 628F weapon light for MP5/HK94.
  160. SOLD: Insight M3 Pistol Light
  161. SOLD: Surefire forend weapon light for Benelli M1-$195.00
  162. SOLD: Crimson Trace 1911 grips Front Activated FDE $150.00 Shipped
  163. SOLD: Crimson Trace Laser Grips for S&W M&P $200 Shipped
  164. SOLD: Surefire m600's
  165. SOLD: Pelican M6 2330 LED Tac Light- $35 shipped- SOLD!
  166. SOLD: Surefire E2D LED Defender with Comp-tac carrier
  167. SOLD: Surefire Scoutlight
  168. WTS/WTT: LaRue light mounts
  169. SOLD: Streamlight TLR1
  170. SOLD: Surefire G2/Z49 click-on tailcap
  171. WTS: Surefire 6PL & E1, Streamlight TLR-1 (TX)
  172. SOLD: Surefire M900 w/LaRue Mount
  173. WTS: SureFire M961XM07 for $180
  174. SOLD: Surefire M900A, M962XM for sale
  175. SOLD: Insight M3X 99% condition
  176. WTS: BLACKHAWK XIPHOS ---make offer
  177. SOLD: Surplus Surefire M952 *SPF
  178. SOLD: Surefire A2 and E1E flashlights (WI)
  179. WTS: Surefire Lamps
  180. SOLD: SureFire X300 w/ LaRue QD mount
  181. SOLD: SureFire E1B
  182. WTB: Surefire SR07
  183. SOLD: Surefire E1B (NiB!)
  184. SOLD: Surefire M500A-Pics
  185. WTS: Streamlight TLR-2 and Insight M6x
  186. WTS: Streamlight TLR-1, $80 shipped, SPF
  187. WTS: SureFire 660 Weaponlight $150
  188. WTS: Surefire X300, DG-11, Safariland Glock 17 holster
  189. WTS: Surefire M952
  190. WTS: Surefire M910 new condition
  191. SOLD: Two Surefire E2D's - Exc. Condition
  192. SOLD: TLR-2 for TLR-1
  193. WTS: Insight m3x - hou,tx
  194. WTS: Glock GTL22 $100 shipped
  196. SOLD: -Surefire M-620V Scout Light
  198. SOLD: tlr-1s
  199. WTS: Surefire M-620V
  200. SOLD: NIB Surefire X300
  201. WTS: Lasermax Guide Rod laser for Glock 20/21
  202. SOLD: Streamlight TLR-1
  203. SOLD: Surefire Scout Light M600A
  206. WTS: Surefire E2L (Single Stage) $85 Shipped
  207. WTS: WTS Surefire M300 Mini Scout
  208. WTS: Crimson Trace LG417
  209. SOLD: Crimson Trace LG-411 (for Ruger LCR)
  210. SOLD: Crimson Trace LG-417 Laser Grip:$205 (AR)
  211. SOLD: Streamlight TLR-1 (1st Generation, used)
  212. SOLD: Surefire X200B + E1B > Pic.
  213. SOLD: Various Surefire Items For Sale
  214. SOLD: Streamlight TLR-1
  215. SOLD: Crimson Trace Laser LG 619 for Glock 19/23/25/32
  216. WTS: Surefire M4
  217. SOLD: Surefire M600C
  218. SOLD: Mini tactical flashlight
  219. SOLD: Surefire M300A "mini" scout light
  220. SOLD: NIB Surefire X300
  221. WTS: Surefire G2 LED w/ Malkoff M60 LED and VTAC mount
  222. SOLD: SF M900 VFG w/ IR LEDs $175
  223. SOLD: Surefire LED Weaponlight Heads
  224. SOLD: New Surefire M951XM07
  225. WTS: Surefire 660 package
  226. SOLD: NIB Insight M3X: $75 Shipped
  227. SOLD: Surefire M900a Vertical Foregrip Weapon Light
  228. SOLD: G&R Tactical / Surefire weaponlight combo / 300+ lumens!!!
  229. SOLD: WTS: Surefire 6P w/ Malkoff M60 LED, and Daniel Defense Offset Light Mount
  230. SOLD: New Surefire P60L LED/Reflector assembly for sale
  231. WTB: Tailcap switch for Surefire Scout Light (Found One)
  232. SOLD: Insight WX-150 Procyon NIB $80 Shipped
  233. WTS: Surefire 8NX Commander w/ charger
  234. SOLD: Scoutlight tapeswitch/Larue mount
  235. SOLD: Streamlight TLR-2
  236. SOLD: Survival Strobe USGI MS-2000(M) NIB 55 SHIPPED
  237. SOLD: Surefire IR Filter and LaRue PVS14 Mount
  238. WTS: Surefire M961C
  239. WTS: Surefire M510A
  240. SOLD: SOLD
  241. WTS: WTS surefire m910A
  242. SOLD: Larue Battlelight w/ all accessories
  243. WTS: wts surefire m951 or 952 IR filter $25 shipped
  244. WTS: Surefire Flashlights/IR, Larue Mount
  245. SOLD: Surefire M951 Kit w/ Tangodown Rail Cover
  246. WTS: Surefire/Laser Products 674 Classic Weaponlight
  247. SOLD: New SureFire M600C-BK Scout Light - $199 Shipped!
  248. SOLD: Streamlight TLR1-S $90
  249. WTS: Surefire light
  250. SOLD: Streamlight M6 Laser/Light