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  1. SOLD: Tactical Tailor Fight Light Battle Belt
  2. SOLD: USMC ARC'TERYX ILBE Sustainment Pack & Day Pack System (((SOLD)))
  3. SOLD: Wilderness 40" Original Instructor Belts (Black and Coyote)
  4. WTS: Eagle packs, Tactical Tailor, SKD, Petzl, etc
  5. WTB: quality used OD molle pouches
  6. SOLD: Deleted
  7. SOLD: SPEC OPS Vest with pouches
  8. WTB: Left Hand OWB for M&P45 4.5" barrel (full size)
  9. WTS: Tactical Tailor Fight Light Battle Belt - Multicam
  10. WTS: Salomon Quest 4D GTX
  11. SOLD: American Tomahawk Lagana Tomahawk***SPF***
  13. SOLD: ATS Tactical Double Pistol pouch, Coyote
  14. SOLD: Galco Jackass Shoulder Holster For Glock 19/17
  15. WTS: Packs/bags: USMC, Dana, Maxpedition
  16. SOLD: Leatherman Super Tool > LN > Pic.
  17. SOLD: Arcteryx Tan knee pads
  18. SOLD: Benchmade 940
  19. WTS: G19/23/32 PSS Kydex Light Holster and Insight WX150 Light
  20. SOLD: Wild Things Tactical USMC 1.0 Happy Jacket (((SOLD)))
  21. WTS: GoRuck Radio Ruck for sale
  22. WTS: Arcteryx LEAF Combat Jacket
  23. WTS: Corcoran Mens 10 Desert Tan Fleshout Leather Field Boot 11d $170 obo
  24. SOLD: *SOLD* Arcteryx LEAF B.A.C cap $25
  25. WTS: James Coogler Tanto
  26. WTS: Blackhawk P226 Serpa CQC Holster
  27. WTS: *Pics added*5.11 Plate carrier, 5.11 LBE, Multicam chest rig, Pouches
  28. SOLD: Gerber 06 Auto Knife *Drop*
  29. SOLD: Drop Zone Recce Smock, Tan, Size Large
  30. WTS: Spyderco Military
  31. WTS/WTT: Nightingale IWB Glock 17/22 holster RH PRICE DROP
  32. SOLD: Lots of holsters - M&P and 1911 - Both Right and Left Hand + Tactical Gear
  33. SOLD: Brand New M&P9 Raven Holster
  34. WTS: Surefire X200, Mountain Khakis, CAT Armor, Asics
  35. SOLD: kaluban cloak holster & mag holder LH for Walther PPQ.(Sold)
  36. WTS/WTT: Cane & Derby Pardus AIWB for Glock
  37. SOLD: Early generation Blackhawk Crucible fixed blade knife, plain edge
  38. WTB: Zero Tolerance z300
  39. WTS: Safariland, Desantis, Galco, Insight Tech, G&G
  40. SOLD: Bawidamann PUP(s) (PALS Univeral Platform)
  41. WTS/WTT: Glock / M&P holsters, molle gear, backpacks, etc.
  42. WTS: Galco Avenger holster
  43. WTS: Wiley X Slay Glasses with Hard case
  44. WTS: Glock holsters and Raven J Hooks
  45. WTS: 4 Condor P90/PS90, UMP45 MOLLE Mag Pouches (TX)
  46. SOLD: PSS G17/22 Holster and mag carrier
  47. WTS: Comp-tac G26 holster
  48. SOLD: Eagle Plate Carrier Molle + Cummerbund (Multicam)
  49. SOLD: Raven Glock 19/23/32 holster and mag carrier
  50. SOLD: TAD Gear Jackets & Pants
  51. SOLD: Spyderco Manix2, Gerber Guardian w/ Bladerigs Sheath & NIB Source 2L Bladder
  52. SOLD: Peters Spada Kydex Holster - M&P 9/40 w/X300
  53. WTS: Tactical Tailor Modular holster, XD holsters, mag loader and mag holder
  54. SOLD: FDE Diplomat backpack with 5.11 belt
  55. WTS: Gould and Goodrich Law Enforcement Nylon Duty Holster For Glock
  56. WTS: HK P30 Holsters (Comp-Tac & Blackhawk)
  57. SOLD: Chris Costa Leg Rig Multicam
  58. SOLD: Raven Concealment RCS Phantom for Glock 26/27
  59. WTS: Assorted 1911 magazine Carriers
  60. WTS: OD Green MOLLE gear
  61. WTS: Eagle Industries PC and M4 magazine pouches
  62. SOLD: WTS Blue Force Gear Ten Speed Chest Rig Gen 2 and HSGI Bleeder Pouch (both MULTICAM)
  63. WTS: x2 DSG AR mag carrier/ DD QD sling mount (price drop)
  64. WTS: OTB Junglelite (Green/black) 13M NIB (2 pairs) $25 ea
  65. WTS: Sneaky Bags Like New
  66. SOLD: *TRADED* Strider SMF Coyote/ Heat Flamed Folder
  67. WTS: Eagle CIRAS in green with soft armor and LVL4 plates. $800
  68. SOLD: nothing
  69. WTB: Raven Concealment Phantom HK45c
  70. WTS: Two Spyderco Mule Team knives w/sheaths
  71. SOLD: AIWB JM Custom Kydex Holster G19
  72. SOLD: JM Custom Kydex IWB2 holster G19
  73. SOLD: US Grunt Gear Warhog belt
  74. SOLD: Raven LC Phantom - Glock 17/X300
  75. WTS: HK45 kydex holsters (left hand)
  76. WTS: Holsters: Comp-tac for Glock 29/30 and HK-USP, Sidearmor for Glock 17
  77. SOLD: BNIB: Titanium Alloy Hard Armor Plate Level III - 10X12, x2
  78. SOLD: Range Bag, Scope Cover, and S&S V-Lites
  79. SOLD: Microtech Ultratech double edge black tactical
  80. SOLD: $40 shipped: 30 Sealed Panasonic Lithium CR123A 3V batteries - EXP 09/2020
  81. SOLD: Harddigg Storm Case iM3200
  82. SOLD: Raven Concealment OWB for G17 w/ TLR-1
  83. WTS: WTS-Velocity Systems Battle Belt with HSG Pouches, Fastmag and HSG Cobra
  84. SOLD: Raven for G19 or G17
  85. WTS/WTT: Withdrawn
  86. WTT: Custom folder-flippers
  87. SOLD: New Eagle M4 FB chest rig, ENDOM 7.62 pouches
  88. SOLD: Costa ludus leg rig
  89. WTS: Triple Ten Speed shingle Multicam
  90. SOLD: RCS M&P 45 Compact/Midsize Holster and C&D Mag Carrier - $50 shipped
  91. WTS: Raven Phantom for M&P Compact 9/40
  92. SOLD: BFG LMAC Plate Carrier - Medium Multicam
  93. SOLD: Glock Holsters - Bladetech and CompTac
  94. SOLD: Multicam and tan pouches
  95. SOLD: G-Code 1911 Holster and Accessories
  96. WTS/WTT: ESEE-5
  97. SOLD: Contour Cameras (Roam and Plus)
  98. WTS: Galco Concealable Glock 19/23 Holster
  99. SOLD: SOLD
  101. SOLD: TAG plate carrier + extras
  102. WTS: PIG plate carrier with molle cummerbund + eagle mag pouches.
  103. WTS: 1.75" OSOE gear OD Riggers belt w/V-ring, size 38
  104. SOLD: BCM 03 Chest rig in Coyote Tan with extras
  105. SOLD: Used (twice) BFG Redi Mod
  106. WTS: Digicam Larue Rifle (Bug-Out) Bag
  107. SOLD: EMDOM MM-CM belt (Medium)
  108. WTS: Milt Sparks VM2 IWB M&P 9 Compact
  109. SOLD: Blue Force Gear SOC-C Modular Padded Belt System (Coyote Brown)
  110. SOLD: SOLD
  111. WTS: Nick Matthews IWB Holster Glock 19 (TX)
  112. SOLD: Plate Carrier. Molle Black.
  113. WTS: Emerson, Masters of Defense, Spyderco, Old Cold Steel
  114. SOLD: (2pk) Quick Clot Combat Gauze - $50 (((Free Shipping)))
  115. SOLD: Strider SnG-T S30V - $375 Shipped (((SOLD)))
  116. WTS/WTT: Bladetech Holster for Kimber Ultra Carry.
  117. SOLD: Magpul MS-2 sling, dark earth
  118. WTS: PACA IIIA SPEAR/BALCS cut armor & BAE IV SAPI plates
  119. WTS/WTT: Motorola 2 Pin Radio Mics and Otto One Wire Earphone Kit
  120. SOLD: Eagle FB pouches, ATS & BFG pouches, Safariland leg rig
  121. WTS: Banshee plate carrier + HSGI and First Spear gear
  122. SOLD: "ESEE" RC4 RAT knife (Bowen)
  123. WTB: Eagle FB m4 pouches in multi cam
  124. WTS/WTT: marpat/nsw Combat Pants w/knee pads
  125. WTS: holsters - Milt Sparks / Comp-Tac
  126. SOLD: Eagle Sniper Vest
  127. WTB: TAP Gamma+ 10x12" plates
  128. SOLD: WTB: MultiCam or Coyote/FDE MOLLE gear.
  129. WTS/WTT: Strider KH knife
  130. SOLD: RCS glock 19
  131. WTB: IWB loops for RCS holster FOUND
  132. SOLD: Raven RCS Glock 19 LOW PRICE!!! Buyer backed out,, Mag Carrier Available cheap!
  133. WTS: MOLLE gear, HSGI, DBT, Eagle Industries
  134. SOLD: Ares Gear Ranger Belt NEW - BLACK/Large
  135. WTS/WTT: paraclete multicam plate carrier (like brand new)
  136. WTS: New NSW NWU Type 1 Large Pants Short but really more like Medium length
  137. WTS/WTT: *Trades Added* Misc Gear and Accessories
  138. SOLD: Custom John Dickison Tomahawk
  139. SOLD: NEW XL Triple Aught Design Multi Cam Unlined Combat Jacket LT
  140. SOLD: NEW MultiCam Eagle Lo Pro / Lo Vis Plate Carrier CAG/DEVGRU item
  141. WTS: P7M8 DelFatti holster and pouches
  142. WTS: Woosatch A in multicam with Cross backed straps
  143. WTS: Garrity Gunleather Invictus AIWB Holster for HK P30
  144. SOLD: GONE
  145. WTS: Secret City Weaponeers Holsters
  146. WTS: Raven, BladeTech G19 Holsters RIGHT HAND
  147. WTB: IWB for 1911/Dawson/X300
  148. WTB: Coyote RCS M&P9 FS w/ X300 & TB / MD Cut
  149. WTS: Coyote Packs
  150. SOLD: New unworn OTB Bushmaster size 11
  151. SOLD: Instructors type belt
  152. WTB: OD 5.11 XL Drop Pouch
  153. WTS: No longer for sale
  154. SOLD: Merged
  155. WTS: Raven Concealment Holsters and mag carriers Glock 34/35 and 19/23
  156. WTB: WTB Raven Phantom for M&P Compact 9
  157. SOLD: Carry blades and sheaths
  158. SOLD: G19 + TLR-1 ADH
  159. SOLD: HSGI double decker taco
  160. SOLD: ADIDAS GSG9 BOOTS Size 10.5
  161. WTS: Glock Kydex Holster Galore! (VA)
  162. SOLD: G Code RTI molle claw, VTAC sling. and convertible sling
  163. SOLD: VTAC Brokos & HSGI Cobra Riggers Belt FS Only (Sterling, VA)
  164. SOLD: RCS Phantom package for M&P Shield
  165. WTS/WTT: Fletcher Knives Delta Foxtrot #001
  166. SOLD: Eagle LVAC - Withdrawn
  167. SOLD: '83 Western W77 "Boot Knife"
  168. SOLD: US Air Force Pilot Survival Knife
  169. WTB: Raven Phantom for G19
  170. WTS: FS: Mini Spotting Scope Tripod (Manfrotto)
  171. SOLD: SOLD
  172. WTS: Deals on Random Tac gear-LOOK HERE
  173. WTS/WTT: Custom Splash/Frag/Spall Guards for Steel Rifle Plates, Ver. 4.2.3 Shoot Test Added!
  174. WTS/WTT: Kahr Holsters (GA)
  175. SOLD: VARIOUS POUCHES + PIG PC (tyr, bfg, esstac, tag, tt..)
  176. WTS/WTT: Springfield XDm 3.8" holsters & single mag holster
  177. WTS: Cane and Derby Pardus appendix carry rig for M&P 9mm fs/compact
  178. SOLD: Fred Perrin Le' Herron neck knife
  179. SOLD: Benchmade 375SN Adamas Fixed Blade
  180. SOLD: Pelican 1490 Cases
  181. WTS: Milt Sparks Vm2 & RGrizzle Custom Holster
  182. SOLD: 1911 right hand holsters
  184. SOLD: GONE
  185. WTS: Spyderco SPOT
  186. SOLD: Eagle Scalable Plate Carrier
  187. SOLD: Winchester fixed blade knife
  188. SOLD: *New* OTIS Weapons cleaning kit w/Gerber for 9mm/.45/5.56/7.62
  189. WTS: *New* OTIS 9mm weapons cleaning kit
  190. WTS: Emerson CQC-7 MINI
  191. SOLD: Amazing custom tactical golden bowie knife by Larry Chew
  192. WTS/WTT: Personal Security Systems, Secret City, Eagle, USMC Gear
  193. SOLD: Pics added**HSGI Woosatch A Multicam w/cross back straps to use as chest rig
  194. WTS: Custom Carry Concepts basic mag carriers Glock (SPF)
  195. WTS: London Bridge Trading Company Mark 23 Holster
  196. WTS: ACH Helmets
  197. SOLD: Blue Force Gear Armored SOC-C Belt
  198. WTS: Zero Tolerance/Kershaw/Shun Knives (OR)
  199. WTS: Sidearmor G17/22/31 TLR-1/2 Holster Price Drop
  200. SOLD: Kaluban Cloak M&P 45 Full Size Holster and Mag Carriers Price Drop
  201. WTS/WTT: *SPF* 215 Gear Enhanced Rigger's Belt
  202. SOLD: Eotech Vickers Gloves
  203. SOLD: blade-tech drop WRS holster for 1911 w/ light
  204. WTS: ACU Kevlar protection (DAPS)
  205. SOLD: KA-BAR TDI model 1484 $30
  206. WTS: Several custom/high quality knives
  207. WTS: Hearing Protection Cover
  208. WTS/WTT: Maxpedition, Magpul, Vickers DVD
  209. SOLD: Raven Appendix Carry (ACR) holster
  210. SOLD: Tactical Tailor Phone Pouch
  211. WTS/WTT: Marine Corp Interceptor Vest- COYOTE
  212. WTB: Raven Concealment Phantom Glock 19 holster & mag carrier
  213. WTS: SOHPC Plate carrier - Large - Multicam
  214. SOLD: KaBar 8" Sandvik Steel Next Generation Fighting Knife
  215. SOLD: ESSTAC Boar Chest Rig Full Kit plus HSGI Quad Pistol Mag Pouch. All in Multi-Cam
  216. WTS: New in package DeSantis Apache holster. (Kifaru E&E pack is SPF)
  217. WTS: HSGI (SOLD)Woosatch-E Plate Carrier and Sure-Grip Belt
  218. WTB: Pistol TACOs
  219. SOLD: Raven Concealment L/C M&P Fullsize Holster
  220. WTS: 2 Pocket knives, Kershaw & S&W
  221. WTS: 2 emerson knives
  222. WTB: Raven Phantom for M&P 9/40 fullsize
  223. SOLD: Two Mystery Ranch 3 DAP, Coyote, 1 New 1 Like New
  224. WTS: USA Camillus large folding lockback
  225. WTS: LBT-6146A TAN499 (x2) (PRICE REDUCED12/11/12)
  226. WTS: 2x PK-1~Karambit
  227. SOLD: BAE 2001 High Cut Helmet
  228. SOLD: The Wilderness Original Instructor Belt
  229. WTS/WTT: CompTac, Esstac, Esse, Gerber, TT
  230. SOLD: Eberlestock Halftrack (Green)
  231. SOLD: WTB or WTT 5.11 Tactical or Wilderness Instructor Belt
  232. WTS: US Grunt Gear Contractor Belt & Multicam Pouches
  233. WTB: eagle industries mag pouches
  234. SOLD: Blue Force Gear Ten-Speed Double Pistol Mag Pouch (multicam)
  235. SOLD: Glock 19 (or G23 or G26) holsters
  236. SOLD: Milt Sparks VM2 Glock 26/27
  237. WTS: 2x Eagle M4 Double Mag Pouches
  238. SOLD: Comp Tac Glock 34 Paddle holster and Comp Tac Twin Mag Paddle holster $65 shipped
  239. SOLD: Meyerco 18-XRAY automatic knife $150 shipped
  240. WTS/WTT: Hybrid holster for fullsize M&P 9/40 RH
  241. WTS: Galco Miami Classic. MPc
  242. WTS: Blackhawk Glock 20/21 (36) holster
  243. WTS: Eagle Carrier, Left handed SLS for 92fs
  244. SOLD: **SPF** S.O. Tech Go Bag, MultiCam
  245. WTB: RCS OWB loops & OWB pancake wings
  246. WTS: Blackhawk leather concealment holster RH 5" 1911
  247. WTS: AR500 steel armor plates.
  248. WTS: 5.11, Oakley, Vertex and NorthFace pants, Pics
  249. WTS: Dale Fricke Holster for Glock 19/23 with RMR (Price Reduction)
  250. WTS: Magpul MS2 Sling, Magpul MS2 Plate