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  1. SOLD: med supplies for weekend/3-day pack
  2. SOLD: **SOLD**Volund Gearworks Atlas belt in a Large
  3. WTS: Glock 19/TLR-1 Kydex
  4. SOLD: Raven Glock Mag Carrier and VG2
  5. WTS: Oakley M Frames with three lenses SPF
  6. SOLD: SO Tech Go Bag
  7. SOLD: Tan Vickers BFG 2 point sling and Troy rail mounted QD slot.
  8. WTS: G-Code Mag Caddy
  9. WTS: Secret City Weaponeers Holster and Mag Pouch
  10. WTS: Brand New SO Tech BLOCS Split Chest M4 Chest Rig with Hydration Bladder
  11. WTS: BFG, HSGI, Fastmag, Shellback, Emdom, Grip Force etc.
  12. SOLD: NEW Mayflower APC with lots of extras
  13. WTS: Mayflower LPAC, L, Coyote $125
  14. WTS: Spyderco military FS
  15. SOLD: Comp-Tac Minotaur MTAC for G26/27/33
  16. SOLD: Dark Star Gear AIWB for glock 17/22
  17. SOLD: Benchmade 755 MPR Sibert NIB
  18. WTS: P226R Comp-Tac holsters, Eagle SKD, Spec-Ops Buttpack. Benchmade auto. Will add more.
  19. SOLD: Armordillo Concealment X-Fer IWB Surefire X300
  20. WTS: PSS Glock 17 Holster and Mag Carrier
  21. WTT: Kramer horsehide IWB #3 for Glock 17, for OWB Scabbard
  22. SOLD: Hk p30 Comp Tac Paddle Holster
  23. SOLD: PRICE DROP!! Secret City Weaponeers Y-12 P30 Holster & Mag Carrier
  24. SOLD: Ops Core FAST Base jump helmet M/L
  25. SOLD: In TX - Never used Uncle Mike's Black Shoulder Holster for 4.5-5" semi auto
  26. WTS: Bunch of Gear, TT, HSGI, ATS, and so on, PRICES LOWERED
  27. WTS/WTT: Mens Vertyx tactical pants 36 x 30 $30- shipped (mn)
  28. WTB: G Code INCOG for g19
  29. SOLD: SOLD
  31. WTS: Boker Speed Lock
  32. WTS: TYR Tactical General Plate Carrier Multicam Size M
  33. SOLD: X-Concealment Holster and mag pouch G19 and CCC Shaggy for G17
  34. SOLD: Custom Carry Concepts Shaggy M&P FS
  35. WTS: Mayflower LPAC with velocity systems Kevlar armor
  36. SOLD: ***Found***Hydration Carrier in Coyote brown or Black
  37. SOLD: Custom Carry Concepts Looper Glock 19/23/32
  38. SOLD: Peters Custom Holsters Spada Glock 19/X300(SPF)
  39. WTB: Emerson Karambit Fixed Black Blade
  40. WTS: Mad Dog Knives B series for sale
  41. SOLD: Esstac M4 KYWI Triple Mag Pouch
  42. SOLD: Gerber 06 Auto;LL08 Eichorn German Paratrooper
  43. WTS: Tactical tailor Modular holster- multicam-1911/browning
  44. WTS: M1911 knife
  45. SOLD: SOLD
  46. WTS: 1 1/2" 5 stitch Wilderness Instructor Belts
  47. WTS/WTT: Random Gear: pouches, speed clips, eagle cummerbund, etc.
  48. WTS: Cobra buckle belt ( ares ranger clone)
  49. WTS: ZT 560
  50. WTS/WTT: Surefire 6PX/Z2X holsters for sale (RCS and Alabama Holster Company)
  51. SOLD: Bladetech OWB Holster and Double Magazine Pouch w/Tek-Llok for Glock 19
  52. SOLD: Bladetech IWB Holster for 1911 Pistols (RH)
  53. SOLD: Bladetech IWB Holster for Glock 19 (RH)
  54. SOLD: Strider SNG Double Gunner Grips DGG
  55. SOLD: SPF: Raven Concealment Glock 34/35 X300 holster & dual mag carrier
  56. WTS: PAGST Kevlar combat helmet - Small
  57. SOLD: Spring Cleaning Sale - Tango Down ARC mags, OKC3S Bayonet, Benchmade & Spyderco knive
  58. SOLD: Sig Sauer 1911 TAC-OPS Kydex Holster made by PHLster.com
  59. WTS: Safariland 6004 - P226 w/ X300 - $60
  60. SOLD: Titanium 10x12 Level III Strike Plate Set Available.
  61. SOLD: BFG ten speed mag pouch / chest rig
  62. SOLD: 2x HSGI pistol taco pouches (black)
  63. SOLD: Safariland 6004 G17/X300 w/G Code Mounting Attachment
  64. SOLD: SOLD: Tactical Tailor Fight Light Plate Carrier $220
  65. WTS: WTS-Safariland Springfield XD Holsters
  66. SOLD: Safariland 6280 for 1911 with x300
  67. SOLD: Gerber Multi-Plier 400 Stainless $20 shipped
  68. WTS: SKD Pig Carrier (RG, Elastic) - $230, OBO
  69. WTS: TAG Hydration carriers (1 large, 1 small) Multicam
  70. WTS/WTT: Blackwater Gear PC
  71. SOLD: Magpul MS3 Sling w/QD Coyote
  72. SOLD: WTS Raven Concealment M&Pc holster
  73. SOLD: TAD Gear Raptor Hardshell Jacket (ME Green, Large)
  74. WTS/WTT: Shellback Banshee Ranger Green for Black
  75. SOLD: International Armor 10x12 Titanium plates
  76. SOLD: Beez Combat System (BCS) Plate Carrier w/ cummerband for AR500, MSA ACH Helmet XL
  77. SOLD: Used Tan Padded VCAS sling. $25 shipped.
  78. WTS: SKD PIG....Eagle FB CHest Rig...Many Other Pouches
  79. WTS: Safariland Holsters and Safariland Accessories-More Just Added
  80. WTS: RCS Phantom Glock 34 w/X400 Left Hand
  81. WTS: sold
  82. WTS/WTT: Couple of pouches.
  83. WTB: Safariland 6004 for G17 w/ light
  84. SOLD: Cane and Derby PIC holster for glock 19, new version
  85. SOLD: Crye Precision GunClip for Glock
  86. WTS: AIWB Holsters Glock/HK45
  87. WTS: Tactical Assault Gear Loadout Bag
  88. WTS: Comp Tac STI Edge Holster & Mag Pouches
  89. SOLD: Removed
  90. SOLD: RCS Holster and Mag Pouch for M&P Shield
  91. SOLD: Kirkpatrick TSS for Commander size 1911 and double mag pouch
  92. SOLD: Raven Concealment G17 Phantom Light HolsterSOLD
  93. SOLD: Blue Force Gear Trauma Kit NOW! Coyote Tan
  94. SOLD: Off the Grid Concepts Glock 17 holster
  95. SOLD: Bladetech Tek-Lock AR mag carrier
  96. WTS: WTS-Crye Precision Combat Pants AC
  97. WTS: Jones Tactical Belt and Crye Combat Shirt RG
  98. WTS: Surefire Delta FOLDER
  99. WTS: Glock 6280
  100. WTS/WTT: Crye Combat Pants Multicam FR, 32 R $165.00
  101. WTS/WTT: Benchmade Barrage
  102. SOLD: Raven Concealment Phantom LC holster for Glock 34/35 w/Streamlight TLR1
  103. SOLD: Raven Concealment VanGuard 2 for Glock
  104. SOLD: Spyderco USN Endura, Endura Trainer, Emerson Mini-7 - Houston, TX
  105. WTS: *NEW* Holsters - GLOCK, M&P, JFrame, SIG, 1911, Beretta + Mag Carriers - GLock, PMAG
  106. WTS: SORD Helmet Carrier/Backpack, Firstspear, BFG, BDS, G-Code RTI, ATS, Vickers & more
  107. WTS: TACO's, Tyr, M&P9 mag carrier (Now with pics!)
  108. SOLD: kevlar point blank
  109. WTS: Chest Rig, Vest, RCS Holster, pouches, etc
  110. WTS: Blackhawk! STOMP Backpack with inserts, 80 shipped!
  111. WTS: SO Tech Medical Pouches with FREE SHIPPING
  112. WTS: Mayflower Low Profile Armor Carriers
  113. WTS: L/H Glock 19/23/32 Custom Kydex + Double Carrier Set
  114. WTS: Troy Padded Single Point Sling OD Green
  115. WTS: Strider DB/ 5.11 Tarani
  116. SOLD: Dale Fricke Gideon Elite single magazine pouch for Glock 9mm/.40
  117. SOLD: Comp-Tac 1911 single stack single magazine pouch
  118. WTB: RCS Phantom Holster Sig P229 w/ X300
  120. WTS: XD-45 gear- paddle holster, mag pouch, speedloader
  121. WTS: RCS 5" 1911 Holster 1.5" OWB loops
  122. WTS/WTT: Hk usp safariland and other holsters.
  123. WTS: Crye Precision Combat Pants AC (Hard to find BLACK
  124. SOLD: Gerber Mk II Survival Knife (1974 Vintage)SOLD
  125. SOLD: 2" Eagle nylon duty belts Sz Large (Mn)
  126. SOLD: DBT Predator + CAT IIIA Panels, XL ESAPI
  127. SOLD: Mayflower Low Profile Armor Carrier w/ Velocity Level IIIA Soft
  128. SOLD: 2 Raven Concealment Mag pouches for Glock 9/40/357
  129. WTB: Small / Medium Plate Carrier and Soft Armor Inserts
  130. WTS: RCS Phantom for G17 w/X300 + Surefire X300
  131. WTS/WTT: Pack, Source hydro, books, med stuff, misc gear, Glock mags
  132. SOLD: New FirstSpear Multicam Pistol Magazine Pocket, Speed Reload, Double for M9/P226
  133. WTS: Withdrawn
  134. WTS/WTT: Black CIRAS Style Releasable Armor Carrier w/ Level II Soft Armor
  135. SOLD: soLD
  136. SOLD: Raven Concealment Systems VanGuard 2 Holster
  137. SOLD: Benchmade 40TR Bali-Song Trainer - Houston, TX
  138. WTS: two massif small shirts nwot
  139. WTS: Eagle Industries Coyote Mag Pouches
  140. WTS: CTOMS, Velocity Systems, Raven, Sord, HSGI
  141. WTS: HawkePaks Micro GunPak
  142. SOLD: Benchmade skirmish and custom fixed blade
  143. SOLD: Per-Sec Kydex Holster Glock subcompact.
  144. WTS: RCS Moduloader with Emdom IAP
  145. WTS: Bellville Mini-Mil Boots by Tactical Research Mens Size 10
  146. WTS: Holsters: Comp-Tac,Blade-Tech,Safariland, Galco, S&W, 1911, Glock, Kel-Tec, XD
  147. WTS: First Spear, Eagle and Mayflower
  148. WTS: Benchmade 9100 Auto-Stryker(Price change)
  149. WTS: PPQ holster, kydex, owb, RH, tan. $37 shipped.
  150. SOLD: Sold
  151. SOLD: Sold
  152. SOLD: USMC Ka-Bar, Eagle Ind. Hydration Pack
  153. WTB: Mayflower SwiftClip straps
  154. SOLD: No longer trading
  155. WTS: RCS LH Phantom & Mag Carrier: HK USP Compact
  156. WTS: Ops Core Fast Carbon Multicam L/XL with NVG shroud
  157. WTS/WTT: 5 Shot Leather holster, Oakley Glasses, etc
  158. WTS: 5 Shot Leather SME P30
  159. WTS/WTT: **Price Drop now w/shipping** TAG Banshee, HSGI, First Spear, Esstac, Marz, BFG
  160. WTS: Diamondback Tactical / Battlelab assault SOF pack
  161. WTS: Military Surplus Modern packs
  162. WTS: FS Milt Sparks VMII - Commander 1911
  163. WTS: 5.11 TacTec chest rig coyote
  164. WTS: RCS OWB Pancake Wings
  165. SOLD: Noveske Backpack > LN > Pic
  166. SOLD: TAP Gamma Plus 8x10 plates, Dummy Training Plates REDUCED
  168. SOLD: HSGI Suregrip/Taco pouches
  169. SOLD: Galco Speed Paddle for 5" 1911
  170. SOLD: OTB Bootistan Boots
  171. SOLD: TAG Banshee, Esstac
  172. WTS: Pouches, chest rigs, m65 liner, holsters, etc
  173. WTS: ACH Helmet w/Tactical Taylor Cover
  174. WTS: Like New SO Tech SOF IMAP Medical Pouch Leg Rig HALF OFF!
  175. SOLD: Mystery Ranch SATL/ RCS Glock 19 RH
  176. WTS/WTT: London Bridge Large Wheeled Loadout Bag with Padding- shtf bag on wheels- digi acu
  177. SOLD: Galco Jackass shoulder holster for Glock 19
  178. SOLD: Spyderco Manix 2 G-10 $50 Free shipping.
  179. SOLD: Ontario RAT-5 Tan Knife W/ Kydex Sheath $50
  180. WTS: Tactical Tailor 5.56 Single mag pouch with bungee retention-Multicam
  181. WTS: New Safariland 6377 G17 with light ALS + UBL/QLS
  182. WTS: DSG Alpha Holster for Glock 34/35 for RH - with TLR1 - Dark Earth
  183. SOLD: Safariland Holsters - Glock & J-Frame
  184. WTS: Glock, M&P, & Jframe IWB Apenxix Holsters - R/H & L/H
  185. WTS/WTT: H&K USPc / Kahr Holsters
  186. SOLD: Crye Combat AC Pants - Multicam - 32L - Like New - $105 SHIPPED
  187. WTS: D.M. Bullard pancake holster - Sig p238
  188. WTB: Brown Salomon Quest 4D GTX Boots - 10.5
  189. WTB: Want to buy Eagle A-III Molle pack
  190. SOLD: JM Custom AIWB G19
  191. WTS: 5shot Leather SME AWIB for M&P 9/40
  192. WTB: Found
  193. WTT: RCS Shield Phantom for ACR
  194. WTS: Brand New Zero Tolerance ZT 0550
  195. SOLD: PIG Plate Carrier
  196. WTS/WTT: Spec Ops medium medical pouch Coyote
  197. WTT: L VTAC Brokos belt with VTAC cobra
  198. SOLD: Left Hand Atomic Dog Glock 19 Holster
  199. SOLD: Strider SLCC's
  200. SOLD: Bladetech AR mag pouch
  201. SOLD: Please delete
  202. SOLD: GT knives GT MINI AUTO
  203. SOLD: ZT 350CB Like New
  204. WTT: Kifaru Marauder pack
  205. SOLD: Ops-Core FAST Base Jump helmet - Tan, M/L - Like new
  206. SOLD: Jericoh Blade Works SEER LTE MK V $185
  207. WTS: Raven Concealment Systems M&P9 Holster
  208. SOLD: Milt Sparks Versa Max 2 H&K P2000
  209. WTS: Raven Concealment mag pouch (M&P 9)
  210. SOLD: Atomic Dog kydex mag pouches: M&P and AR
  211. SOLD: Milt Sparks Versa Max II and Nightingale IWB RH Black for Glock 17 or Glock 22
  212. SOLD: PJ Holster for M&P Shield
  213. SOLD: Boker Fred Perrin La Griffe
  214. SOLD: Eagle Industries Beretta M9 magazine pouch (multicam)
  215. WTS: Emerson knife
  216. SOLD: Spyderco Yojimbo 2
  217. WTS: TYR/Brokos Battle Belt in FDE TYR/Brokos Battle Belt in FDE
  218. WTS: Condor Molle chest rig
  219. SOLD: gone
  220. SOLD: BFG LMAC///Ceradyne ESAPI///MSA Plate Backers - size large
  221. SOLD: PIG Plate Carrier in MC
  222. WTS: Strider DB-L with CSM sheath and Kydex sheath
  223. WTS: Who needs a riot helmet!
  224. SOLD: LBT 6094 Slick
  225. WTS: Armordillo Concealment kydex for Glock
  226. WTS: Used Emerson CQC-7v
  227. SOLD: PIG plate carrier
  228. WTS: LBT pouches, ATS pouch, etc.
  229. SOLD: Brokos Belt (Viking Tactics) size XL black
  230. WTS: New Condor Multicam Double AR/AK mag pouches
  231. WTB: Mayflower UW Chest Rig
  232. SOLD: Withdrawn
  233. SOLD: TAG Banshee Plate Carrier - Price Reduced
  234. WTS: HSGI TACO Pouches & Other Gear
  235. SOLD: RCS Holster for Glock17/TLR1
  236. SOLD: Comptac CTAC for Glock 17,22,31***price drop***
  237. SOLD: HSGI SureGrip belt - coyote- medium
  238. SOLD: Pelican 1660 with foam and dividers
  239. WTS: WTS Bladetech holster Sig 1911 TACOPS
  240. WTS: LE plate carrier package, mayflower, bfg and more
  241. WTS/WTT: Blackhawk level 3 serpa drop leg holster
  242. SOLD: Raven G19/26 Phantom holster in coyote w/ mag carriers
  243. SOLD: Comptac MTAC glock 9/40/357 slide
  244. WTS: raven phontom,osoe chest rig,tt mag pouches
  245. SOLD: ***Found***Chest Rig for AK platform
  246. WTS: TT fight light padded belt
  247. WTS: Crye AVS coyote Small and Brokos belt size med w/ t33 soft armor
  248. SOLD: Small Green Range Bag- $20 shipped
  249. WTS: Condor chest rig
  250. WTS: Dark Star Gear IWB holster for M&P Shield (SOLD)