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  1. WTS: Per Sec Systems Signature series G19/23 etc. holster SPF
  2. WTS: Ton of knives
  3. WTS: Ted Blocker Leather Shoulder Holster+Galco for Glock
  4. SOLD: Large Sebenza 21, w/silver thumb lug and spacer
  6. SOLD: RCS G17 holster/x300
  7. WTS: Mayflower APC in coyote, BAE level IV standalone plates & more
  8. WTS: Side ESAPI Plates
  9. SOLD: SKD PIG multicam with side MOLLE soft armor compatible cummerbund
  10. WTB: TYR Gunfighter Belt
  11. WTS: Dale Fricke Gideon Elite for M&P 9/40
  12. WTS: Right hand Safariland Model 18 IWB for 5" 1911 $45 shipped
  13. WTS/WTT: M&P 9c Magazines, 12 round no pinky rest $40 each
  14. WTS: Oakley SI boots and Galco Ankel Glove for LCR
  15. WTB: HK P30 Duty Holsters
  16. WTS: Comp Tac MTAC holster for M&P - SOLD
  17. WTS: WTS Knives:Obenauf #2 FL, Flud Ti flipper, Big Chris clip point
  18. WTS: 1.5 inch gunbelt with cobra buckle (tan)
  19. WTB: Paracord Rifle/Shotgun sling
  20. WTB: Safariland Duty holster for Glock 34/35
  21. WTS: "CHEAP"NEW-High Speed Gear COBRA 1.75” Rigger Belt with Interior Velcro
  22. SOLD: Per-Sec Systems Kydex Holster. Glock 17/22
  23. SOLD: HSP Chest Rig and Armor Express Plates
  24. SOLD: Pls Remove
  25. WTB: Eberlestock Skycrane 2 (or possibly dragonfly/gunslinger2)
  26. WTS: Plate carriers, Crye & Patagonia & MICH
  27. WTS: Mayflower E&E Bag
  28. WTS: Cleaning out closet: Woodland Camo 29" soft case
  29. WTS/WTT: JM Custom AIWB/mag pouch for P226R and Volund Gearworks Atlas belt
  30. WTS/WTT: Clinch Pick and Trainer (ChinaPick) and REM Vol. I and II DVD's
  31. SOLD: Jones Tactical Cobra 1.5" "Every Day Belt" Med. Black, New - In Hand
  32. SOLD: TAD Fast Pack Litespeed
  33. WTS/WTT: PCH Spada Holster G17 with TLR1
  34. SOLD: Bungee Mag Retainers
  35. WTB: Eberlestock Gun Slinger 2
  36. WTS: Safariland 6004-832-121 Thigh Rig Glock 17/22 w/Tac Light
  37. WTS: Brand new Safariland Glock 17/22 w/M3, X/200-300, ETC.
  38. WTS: HSGI Multicam rifle MOLLE scabbard
  39. WTS: SOE "John Willis" PALS Micro Rig with H-Harness
  40. SOLD: Black padded VCAS sling. Like new. $45 shipped conus
  41. WTS: HSGI "MOOSE" assault pack
  43. SOLD: Volund Gearworks Belt (L) and Raven Subload with Taco Pouches
  44. SOLD: 5.11 Tactical Pant # 74251
  47. WTS: Fobus GL2 holster for Glock 9mm
  48. WTS: WTS black Magpul MS3
  49. SOLD: Comptac Infidel Ultra 3" 1911
  50. SOLD: Emdom 6o4 Multi-Pistol Magazine Pouch in Subdued Gray New
  51. WTS: M&P holsters
  52. SOLD: BFG padded vcas w/pb connectors
  53. WTS: WTS Benchmade Mini Grip
  54. SOLD: HSGI Padded Belt/Vtac Cobra Belt
  55. SOLD: Sold
  56. WTS: Arcteryx LEAF Minotaur Jacket & Naga Hoody
  57. SOLD: New never used safariland 6390 stx Basketweave right hand for glock 21 with light
  58. WTS: Random tac gear
  59. WTS: Discontinued Blue Force Gear
  60. WTB: holster for Sig 226 no rail
  61. WTS: Zero Tolerance 0350
  62. WTS: 5.11 rifle case
  63. WTS: Safariland 6005 for Sig P228/229
  64. WTS: Removed
  65. WTS/WTT: CCC Looper M&P9c IWB 1.5in
  66. SOLD: Bravo Concealment Glock/APL holster - new
  67. WTS: (SOLD) TYR Tactical Brokos belt with Emdom CM Belt
  68. SOLD: Strider SMF PD1 DGG Coyote G10
  69. SOLD: Pro-Tec BRAVO helmet
  70. WTS: ACH (MICH) kevlar helmet and HSGI MOOSE pack (multicam)
  71. WTS: Spares and other stuff (LBT, MSA, Strider, Lightfighter, etc...)
  72. WTS: Mayflower R&C, LLC Low Profile Operator Assault Vest and Plates
  73. WTS: Closet Cleanout 2-Price Drop-ATS/Emdom/Maxped Rolly,Canteen Pouches
  74. SOLD: SOLD
  75. WTS/WTT: Mayflower/Velocity Gear
  76. WTS: Glock/Sig/Jframe Holsters
  77. WTS: Rare Finnish Hackman stainless steel survival knife
  78. SOLD: Brand new Safariland Glock 20/21 w/M3,TLR-1, X/200-300, ETC.
  79. WTS: BFG, ATS, Safariland, Rem 870 accessories (Speedfeed)
  80. WTS: Tagua leather OWB scabbard holster for G20/21
  81. SOLD: BFG Helium Whisper for AR 15
  82. SOLD: TAG Banshee in multicam
  83. SOLD: Ares Gear Ranger Belt size Med
  84. WTS: New w/ Tags Blackwater Gear Drop Leg MOLLE Platform in Multicam
  85. WTT: Brand New Multicam IOTV
  86. SOLD: Mystery Ranch 3DAP
  87. WTS: SideArmor Glock/TLR light holster
  88. SOLD: Wilcox 3 hole L4 shroud - Tan - like new
  89. SOLD: NIB Benchmade Bone Collector Mini
  90. SOLD: Blackhawk Ceramic Level VI ESAPI Plate
  91. WTS: Velocity Operators Utility Belt
  92. WTS: Griffon Glock19/17/34 Coyote Holster surefire x300 w/ double Mag carrier $150
  93. WTS: Kydex - Glock, M&P, XD, 1911, M9, LCR, J-Frame, LCP, Pmag, and mroe
  94. SOLD: Mayflower UW GenIV Chest Rig
  95. SOLD: Eagle Escape & Evade Bag $70.00
  96. WTS: New RH Bravo Concealment M&P9 w/ X300U Kydex Holster
  97. SOLD: Left Hand CCC Shaggy and DSG OWB for S&W M&Pc
  98. WTS: Mayflower Low profile carrier, chest rig Coyote
  99. SOLD: TAD Pathfinder jacket, size medium
  100. WTB: FOUND
  101. WTS: Desantis Apache Ankle Holster for Small Autos
  102. WTS: PIG Plate Carrier w/ Rifle Tacos
  103. WTS/WTT: XD lefty safariland holster
  104. SOLD: Multicam Mayflower UW Chest Rig Gen IV
  105. WTS: Multicam Mayflower APC Size SM/M + Extras
  106. SOLD: Aegis Armory Holster for M&P Shield
  107. WTS: Emerson Super CQC 8 BT
  108. WTS/WTT: SPF Dale Fricke Nehemiah M&P 45C/Midsize
  109. WTS: Multicam BAE RBAV-AF
  110. WTS: Pro Tech TR-3 SWAT Auto
  111. WTS: Mayflower APC and Velocity Systems LWPC
  112. SOLD: Costa Leg Rig in multicam
  113. WTS: tyr tactical LWPC multicam
  114. WTB: Eberlestock Gunslinger 2
  115. WTS: Crye JPC™ Side Plate Pouch Set
  116. WTS: Griffon Glock19/17/34 Coyote Holster surefire x300 w/ double Mag carrier $150
  117. SOLD: BladeTech 1911 Holster and Mag Carrier
  118. WTS/WTT: Second Chance IIIa Ballistic and Stab Body Armor Vest
  119. WTS: 5Shot Leather SME HK45c-New-SPF
  120. WTS: Kydex holsters, Raven, Fobus, Bags, Pouches, etc
  121. SOLD: Shield Holsters: JM AIWB & Persec Systems SPEAR
  122. SOLD: Shellback Tactical multicam plate carrier + pouches $150 free shipping
  123. WTS: ITW Gen 3 FastMag
  124. WTS: Coming Home Sale: Multicam Gear!
  125. WTS: Mayflower Low Profile Assault Armor Carrier, Black, XL
  126. SOLD: Gerber Applegate/Fairbairn Combat Folder:ALL SOLD
  127. WTS/WTT: WTS Diamond Back Fast Attack carrier + armor
  129. WTS: Raven Concealment Phantom Modular Holster
  130. SOLD: LNIB RCS Vanguard 2 Full Kit for M&P
  131. WTS: Microtech Scarab 175-3 black full serrated OTF *SPF*
  132. SOLD: WTS LNIB Alessi J-Frame Leather Ankle Holster
  133. SOLD: Used VCAS sling
  134. WTT: WTT: Large ESAPI for Medium ESAPI
  135. SOLD: Sig 228 Kramer #3 IWB Holster
  136. WTS: Ready Tactical Glock 21 Holster
  137. SOLD: WTS: US Grunt Gear Infidel belt fully loaded. Tyr, HSGI, BFG, Safariland
  138. SOLD: Parting out my VTAC Brokos Battle Belt with lots of stuff....
  139. WTS: SOLD
  140. WTB: WTB: Raven Vanguard II Holster, full kit for Glocks
  141. WTS: Raven RCS 1911 Holster, Side Plates
  142. WTS: Left hand Raven for glock 17 and double mag carrier
  143. SOLD: Comp-Tac Minotaur Gladiator Hybrid Holster
  144. SOLD: Raven Concealment G19 w/ x300 Phantom Light Compatible Holster
  145. SOLD: Crye AVS, Eberlestock, Safariland, etc.
  146. WTS: Safariland ALS level III duty holster Glock
  147. WTS: G-Code HSP D3 kit dual ar mag/dual pistol mag, G-code Glock RTI holster
  148. SOLD: HSP D3 Chest Rig Multicam
  149. SOLD: Ares Gear Ranger Belt
  150. SOLD: Limited Edition TAD Gear Crusader Forge VIS Metro
  151. WTS: Dark Star Gear Glock 17 AIWB
  152. SOLD: Raven Concealment Double Mag Pouch for M&P
  153. WTS: Spyderco Para-Military 2 - NIB
  154. WTS: HSGI Suregrip Belt w/ inner cobra belt (medium, multicam)
  155. SOLD: SOLD
  156. SOLD: SOLD
  157. WTS: Under Armour Valsetz Boots Size 11
  158. WTS: Coyote esstag 5.56 mag pouches.
  159. WTS: Draven Industries knife
  160. WTS: SPF - HSP G-code IWB holster for m&p compact
  161. WTB: XDM 9mm Raven Holster with x/300
  162. WTS: WTS new SKD FDT Alpha Gloves (Coyote, LARGE)
  163. WTS: raven holster, blackhawk holster, o.s.o.e, chest rig.
  164. WTS: Fixed Blade knives Strider, Cold Steel, Fallkniven, Buck
  165. SOLD: Blackhawk Omega VI Ultra Holster
  166. WTS: North Face Fleece and Gortex and Under Armour Windstopper Jacket
  167. WTS: Safariland 6070 83 Raptor Holster for Glock 17/19/22/23
  168. WTB: BALCS Groin Protector Insert
  169. WTS: Kershaw, Case liner locks
  170. WTS: Safariland ALS holster M&P
  171. WTS: New Velocity Systems P34 Plate
  172. WTS: Blackhawk Serpa for Sig P228/229/M11
  173. WTS: Blackhawk Serpa for S&W M&P 9 or 40
  174. WTS: Ares gear 2" Duty belt. Small black
  175. SOLD: Hk P30 5 Shot Leather SME
  176. WTB: Raven Concealment or INCOG holster for Glock 19
  177. WTS: Buck and Benchmade knives for sale
  178. SOLD: multicam pouches (tactical tailor/ marz)
  179. WTS: Zlogonje Elemental Holster for XDs
  180. SOLD: NVG stuff
  181. WTS: Dark Star Gear Kydex Holster. Glock 17/22 w/X300
  182. WTS: Versa Max II & VZ Alien grip
  183. WTS: Kydex holsters for M&P and PPQ
  184. WTS: G19 Blue Gun & Nok knife
  185. WTS/WTT: Holster Sale-Safariland H&K and Springfield XD
  186. WTS: Edge Pro Apex 4 kit, knife sharpener
  187. SOLD: KALUBAN CLOAK MP9 holster with 2 mag holsters
  188. WTS/WTT: High end hear for sale, LBT, Paraclete ect
  189. WTS: USGI Multicam Tactical Assault Panel (TAP)
  190. SOLD: Strider/Monkey Edge 3V Tanto SLCC and Strider 3V LM Nail
  191. WTS: PPS LH Comp-Tac holster/pouch
  192. WTS/WTT: DSG Alpha Kydex RH Holster
  193. WTS/WTT: Safariland/Condor/Eagle/Specter Gear/Bianchi
  194. SOLD: SORD MFF micro pals Chest Rig multicam
  195. SOLD: 2 brand new Esstac M4 KYWI shorty Double Mag Pouches - Multicam
  196. WTS: MSA Paraclete KNX2 NIJ Level II 06 est
  197. SOLD: S&W M&P Fullsize Brommeland Gunleather Max-Con V - IWB RH NEW $85.99 Shipped
  198. WTS: EGL Loppy, SKD PIG single point sling and BFG ten speed triple shingle
  199. WTT: My Mayflower MC UW Gen IV for your Mayflower MC 5.56 Hybrid
  200. WTS/WTT: Strider GW/AR
  201. WTS: VEL-TYE Hugger
  202. SOLD: Eagle Sigma M4 Load-Out Bag
  203. WTS: JM Custom OWB G19\X300
  204. WTS: RCS Phantom XD45 Service/Compact with TLR-1 and a Galco
  205. WTS: Point Blank SAPI plate, Oakley Boots, TD / Magpul rail panels, USGI Waffle Bottoms
  206. SOLD: FirstSpear, London Bridge Trading, Blue Force Gear
  207. WTS/WTT: Comp-Tac CTAC for Glock 19/23/32
  208. SOLD: Sold
  209. WTS: Volund Atlas Med belt
  210. WTS/WTT: Brand New Peltor Comtac III ACH
  211. WTS: Domari Nolo Rogers Belt Hatchet and SOG Pentagon Dagger
  212. SOLD: Eagle PC multicam, ATS, TAG pouches
  213. WTS: 4 like-new Voodoo Tactical Black MOLLE Pouches $30
  214. SOLD: SOLD
  215. SOLD: HSGI (Costa)padded leg panel with Esstac 2x Rifle & Pistol kywi's
  216. SOLD: HSGI AO small chest rig, coyote, like new.
  217. SOLD: 1 New HSGI Double rifle Taco /Smoke green
  218. WTS: Mayflower, BFG, TT and First Spear
  219. SOLD: Sold
  220. WTS: Tag and hsgi shoulder pads, amin pouch - coyote
  221. SOLD: Scar17 Mag Carriers SOLD
  222. WTS/WTT: Original Blackhawk Crucible Fixed blade, Kelly McCann
  223. WTB: HSP D3 Chest Rig - Multicam
  224. WTS: Raven Concealment Coyote Shoote'sr Pack
  225. WTS: Used Leatherman Wave
  226. WTS: Dark Star Gear G19 AIWB
  227. WTS: M&P 9FS kydex (Dark Star)***lowered***
  228. SOLD: Black kydex Holster for G17/22 $35 shipped!
  229. WTS: Raven Concealment Phantom Holster with Dual Magazine Carrier
  231. SOLD: SOLD
  232. SOLD: Blue Force Gear LMAC Armor Carrier* DEAL OF A LIFETIME*
  233. SOLD: HK P30 Custom Carry Concepts Shaggy
  234. SOLD: HSGI Cobra Rigger Belt - 1.5 - Urban Grey - Size 40
  235. WTS: Tactical Tailor "Low Profile Armor Carrier" (plate carrier)
  236. WTS: Kydex XDs holster
  237. WTS: TYR tactical LWPC
  238. SOLD: Quartermaster QTR-5 "TC" karambit knife
  239. WTS: Holsters for sale (glock, beretta)
  240. SOLD: WTS G-CODE LNIB RH G19 Incog Grey/Black
  241. WTS: AR15 mag pouches
  242. WTS: Fobus glock 30 paddle holster and Fidragon drop leg holster.
  243. SOLD: Dale Fricke Archangel Glock 17/22
  244. SOLD: Safariland 6378 for Glock w/ light
  245. SOLD: Zero Tolerance 0300 Knife SOLD
  246. WTT: WTT - JM CUSTOM KYDEX AIWB G19 for same in G17 size
  247. WTS: Zero Tolerance/Kershaw/Shun Knives (OR)
  248. SOLD: RCS Glock 23 x300
  249. WTS: Benchmade Nim Cub II LNIB
  250. SOLD: close please-thanks mods