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  1. SOLD: Ebearlstock G-4 Operator in multicam.
  2. WTS: TAG, Tactical Tailor, LBT, Esstac, EGL, SKD-SALE!
  3. WTS: Spyderco Chinook 1st Production Run #871
  4. WTS: Practically new vertx pants, green, Grey, multicam
  5. WTS: Lots of multicam kit. Mayflower, velocity systems, crye, Ar500
  6. SOLD: Comp-Tac Light Compatible G19 w/ TLR-1 Kydex Holsters
  7. WTS/WTT: NEW OTGHEX Nocturnal Sidewinder G19/23 kydex holster for APL
  8. WTT: OD green banshee plate carrier for coyote banshee plate carrier
  9. SOLD: VCAS sling, Sling Loop, and xtm handstop
  10. WTS: SOLD
  11. SOLD: 7 knives***1 left***Prices lowered***
  12. SOLD: SOLD!
  13. SOLD: Magpul - MS2 Sling - Coyote: $20 Shipped
  14. WTS/WTT: Raven Concealment LH Glock 22 holster
  15. WTS: 5 shot leather ankle holster Ruger LCP
  17. WTS: Luminox Watch 7501 Colormark Blackout
  18. SOLD: Oakley Sunglasses-Crankcase
  19. WTS: Safariland M&P SLS holster
  20. SOLD: Raven Concealment Phantom Holster and Mag Carrier H&K P30
  21. WTB: 2 point sling in coyote
  22. SOLD: Emdom Waist Bag, ATS Single Pistol Mag Pouches
  23. SOLD: US Grunt Gear Infidel II Padded War Belt
  24. WTS: Travis Haley Chest Rig For Sale
  25. WTS: Brand new AR500 Steel Plates
  26. SOLD: SOLD
  27. WTS: Raven Concealment M&P 45 full size holsters
  28. WTT: RCS Double mag pouch 9/40 magpul cut 1.5 belt loop, looking for standard cut.
  29. WTS: Cane & Derby/Secret City Weaponeers M&P
  30. WTS: OTG HEX set for M&P
  31. WTS: New Safariland 6378 ALS Concealment Holster fits Glock 17,22,31
  32. WTS: Propper multicam combat shirt L/R
  33. SOLD: Sold
  34. WTS: JM Custom Kydex AIWB for Glock 36
  35. WTB: AIWB g17 holster- no light
  36. SOLD: Holster and Mag Pouch for M&P 9/40 w/TLR1 - Another Price Drop/Trades Added
  37. WTS: Magpul MS2 Sling FDE w/original packaging $30 shipped
  38. SOLD: SOLD Microtech M-Socom Auto LNIB
  39. WTS: FS: SOG Flash II
  40. SOLD: JM Custom Kydex AIWB for Glock 26/27
  41. WTB: Kydex double mag carrier for Glock 22
  42. WTS: NIB Zero-Tolerance ZT 0100 fixed blade
  43. SOLD: Griffon Industries RH 1911/X300 Holster & Double Mag Pouch
  44. SOLD: New INCOG in highlander & green. For Glock 27/19/23
  45. SOLD: PIG UCR, USGI BDU pants, Hydration Carrier, Atlas Belt and Discrete Rifle Pack.
  46. WTS: TAG Marine Gladiator Chest Rig in Multicam
  47. SOLD: ARES Gear enhanced Ranger belt XL(36"-42" waist) black $65 shipped
  48. WTS: Velocity Systems LWPC and LBT 3 mag kangaroo insert
  49. WTS: Crye triple mag pouch, mbitr, Bfg triple mag pouch. All new. Multicam
  50. WTS: Comptac mag pouches with teklock for Glock 9mm/.40 mags
  51. WTS: HSGI and 5.11 Gear
  52. WTB: Safariland 6280 for glock 19
  53. WTS: Emerson Commander
  54. WTS: Mayflower R&C/Velocity Systems LPAAC W/ Soft Armor
  55. SOLD: G19/23 Kydex Holster
  56. WTS: Springfield XDs holsters
  57. WTS: LBT 6094A Multicam
  58. SOLD: Raven Concealment Double Mag Carrier for Glock 9mm/.40
  59. SOLD: SOLD
  60. WTS/WTT: ZT 0566 LNIB, JM Custom G34 AIWB
  61. WTB: Crye Airframe or Ops Core FAST
  62. WTS: Used Banshee Package (CB)
  63. WTS: G-Code RTI, M&P mag carriers, and Eagle M4 FB mag pouches
  64. SOLD: PIG alpha touch full dexterity ranger green gloves. Large.
  65. WTB: WTB M&P 40 Pro 5' Comp Tac Belt Holster
  66. WTS/WTT: GEAR SALE: Air Warrior Vest, Arktis Vest, Pouches, ACU Tops, Bottoms, Boots
  67. SOLD: JM Custom AIWB G19
  68. WTS: 5 shot double mag holder / Glock
  69. WTS: Otg hex 1911 x300u coyote holster
  70. WTS: Garrett Silent Thunder Glock 30 and Glock 21 holsters
  71. WTS: FOX Gunhammer Folder
  72. WTB: X-Con or Raven/Cloak G17 TLR1
  73. WTB: Airframe Cover...
  74. WTB: USMC 3 Season Bivy Sack
  75. WTS: Leatherman MUT
  76. WTS/WTT: HGU-56/P Medium Flight Helmet Package (CEP/Civ Comms/MIL Comms/Maxillofacial Shield)
  77. SOLD: shipped
  78. WTS/WTT: VCAS, VTAC, AK, SoB Slings
  79. WTS: Kydex OD IWB mag holder
  80. WTS: TC2001 Value Meal
  81. WTS: RAVEN holster Glock G21 $65 shipped
  82. SOLD: Raven IWB soft loops
  83. SOLD: Raven Concealement S&W Shield holster
  84. SOLD: Black BFG VCAS Sling and Wire loop adapter
  85. SOLD: London Bridge Trading 1476A 3-Day Assault Pack, NWU NAVPAT
  86. WTS: Holsters for GLOCK, M&P, Shield, XD, XDS, Ruger LCP, LCP, LCR, M9, FN + adding more
  87. SOLD: HSGI CHEST RIG with TACOS + MED POUCH. ILBE Pack. 762 GEAR Medium shirt
  88. WTS: (Knives, BNIB items) Griptilian, Rat 1, SOG Snarl, SAK, DMT, and more!
  89. SOLD: New Original SOE PALS MWR Light OD chest rig
  90. SOLD: All items sold
  91. WTS: CR Speed Holster & CR Speed Versa Mag Pouch $110 shipped.
  92. SOLD: FirstSpear Strandhogg (SAPI/Medium/Coyote)
  93. WTS: Dale Fricke 1911 Magazine Pouches (Price Reduction)
  94. WTS: Meerdink Limited Edition Set of Tanto Fighters
  95. WTS/WTT: Holsters/mag pouches for Walther PPS and S&W Shield (Raven, JRC AIWB, Comp-Tac MTAC)
  96. WTS: Glock 19+26 holsters, milt sparks, secret city + more
  97. WTS: Gear Cleanout
  98. WTS: 2 - bravo concealment Magpul ar15 mag pouches
  99. WTS: WTS new in box ESS Crossbow supressor shooting eyewear
  100. WTS: eagle chest rig for ar and pistol mags
  101. WTS: Blue Force Gear Overlord-Coyote
  102. WTS: Crye AirFrame Helmet for Sale
  103. WTS: Off The Grid Concepts OWB holster for HK45C/T and mag carrier (COYOTE)
  104. SOLD: Multitasker Series III tan/fde
  105. SOLD: Looking for a Raven Vanguard 2 - Glock
  106. WTB: Microtech LUDT Tactical Automatic
  107. SOLD: *Sale Pending* C-A-T "Combat Application Tourniquets" (Gen VI)
  108. WTS: Emerson Knives Super Roadhouse
  109. SOLD: Safariland 6378 RH Holster for G26/27 with acc. and IWB kydex holster for glock.
  110. SOLD: Condor Molle Belt, Med Pouch, and gloves.
  111. SOLD: Lv. iiia vest with rifle trauma plate
  112. SOLD: Black BFG VCAS Sling
  113. WTS: Massif FR Army Combat Shirt UCP Large
  114. WTS: Raven Concealment S&W M&P 5in Pro Series
  115. SOLD: new Esstac DST Blow Out Medical Pouch Coyote Brown
  116. SOLD: FirstSpear Strandhogg (SAPI/Medium/Coyote)
  117. SOLD: Mag pouches Sale: Eagle, Tactical Tailor, ATS
  118. WTS: Raven Concealment OWB Pancake Wings and mounting hardware...$15 shipped
  119. SOLD: Off the Grid concepts Kydex for M&P FS 9mm and X300
  120. SOLD: Safariland Medium drop 6365 holster for M&P 9mm FS with X300
  121. WTS: PASGT Helmet Cheap
  122. WTS: Gear Cleanout-Belts/Pouches-ATS/Wilderness/Esstac
  123. SOLD: G-code SOC holster for/1911/ w/TLR-1 or without.
  124. WTS: Safariland 6004 ALS for Sig P226R w/WML
  126. WTS: Size large ACH MICH Helmet
  127. WTS: WTS Spyderco Tenacious
  128. SOLD: Raven Concealment Phantom (M&P) and Glock VG2
  129. WTS: Volund Gearworks Atlas G-hook belt
  130. WTS: Drifire Phoenix II 2 Piece Flight Suit $75 Shipped
  131. SOLD: Safariland triple open top duty mag pouch, basketweave, M&P45/Glock17/22
  132. SOLD: McCann Industries Fighter - Fixed Blade
  133. SOLD: ***SOLD***
  134. WTS/WTT: Mystery Ranch Navy M5.8
  135. SOLD: Ares Gear Ranger-Black, Medium
  136. WTS: NEW Oakley Pilot Gloves
  137. SOLD: Triple Aught Design Fast Pack EDC
  138. SOLD: 3 military-style backpacks
  139. WTS: OTG Concepts kydex for Springfield 1911 w/X300 Ultra, matching mag carrier
  140. SOLD: P229R Holsters: JM Custom Kydex AIWB & OWB Light Bearing X300U
  141. SOLD: SOLD
  142. SOLD: INCOG G19/23
  143. SOLD: Comptac MTAC Glock 9/40/357
  144. SOLD: M&P Fullsize 9/40 Holsters - JM Custom Kydex, Crossbreed, Darkstar Gear, etc...
  145. SOLD: G-Code INCOG M&P Shield
  146. SOLD: RMJ Tactical Kestrel
  147. SOLD: ***Crye JPC MultiCam- NEW***
  148. WTS: ***Crye AVS Complete Carrier - Brand New!***
  149. WTS: ***Mayflower LPAAC, Cummerbunds - NEW***
  150. WTS: CO: Comp-tac MTAC 1911 5", G-Code Incog M&PC, CCC Looper, CCC Quick Cover
  151. WTS: ESSTAC Trim Bush, Dbl Pistol Mag Pouch, Coyote, Blade-Tec P30 pouch
  152. SOLD: ***Velocity Systems LWPC - NEW***
  153. WTS: S.O. Tech Taser X2 Holster
  154. WTB: Secret City Weaponeers LH G19 Holster
  155. WTB: G-Code RTI holster for M&P9 FS
  156. WTS/WTT: LBT 6094B Sentinel Releasable Plate Carrier
  157. SOLD: Spyderco Yojimbo 2
  158. SOLD: Otis IWCK
  159. SOLD: AR500 Spartan plates from TheTargetMan. $160 shipped
  160. WTB: Ares Gear 1.5" Ranger Belt Black Large
  161. WTB: G34/G35 holsters
  162. SOLD: FDE Benchmade Nimravus Serrated Tanto
  163. WTS: Rustick Knives 4 inch Utility/Fighter
  164. WTS: Zero Tolerance/Spyderco folding knives(WI)
  165. SOLD: 1911 holsters (Matt Del Fatti, Milt Sparks, Raven Concealment)
  166. WTB: Camelbak Mule / Hawg
  167. SOLD: AC Project Raven Concealment LH 1911 Phantom WML holster w/2 single mag carriers.
  168. WTS: Raven Concealment and Crossbreed
  169. WTS: Oakley SI pilot gloves
  170. SOLD: Gear Sector Single Point Coyote Sling with QD swivel
  171. WTS/WTT: Ritchie Leather CCQR Holster for M&P Full Size
  172. WTS: Kevlar Inserts, Boots, FROG gear
  173. SOLD: ***SOLD***
  174. SOLD: SPEC-OPS Over armor vest in multicam! $47 cheap!!
  175. WTS: USMC Desert MARPAT combat shirt
  176. WTS: Glock holsters
  177. SOLD: Sold
  178. SOLD: Tracker Dan Bloodshark
  179. WTS: Velocity Systems Light Weight Plate Carrier
  180. WTS/WTT: Dale Fricke Gideon Elite M&P 9/40
  181. WTB: Tracker Dan Bloodshark
  182. WTS: Raven Concealment double mag pouch M&P or HK P30
  183. WTS/WTT: Eagle Industries LE Molle Plate Carrier with Cummerbund (like new)
  184. SOLD: Raven Concealment Right Hand Tan Glock 17/22 (Full Sized) + Surefire x300 Holster
  185. WTS: Kydex Holsters for Glock, M&P, Shield, XD, XDS, Beretta, 1911, J-frame, LCP, LCR Etc.
  186. WTS: Stealth Universal Ambi holster
  187. WTS: BAE RBAV-AF Multicam
  188. WTS: Microtech/Strider DOC framelock folder
  189. WTS: Galco IWB Holder for XDS 45/.9mm , Black leather perfect condition $52.00 shipped.
  190. SOLD: Artoonian Paddle for 1911 4"
  191. SOLD: SUREFIRE DELTA EW-04 Folding Knife
  192. SOLD: Raven Concealment Phantom Holster - M&P with X300 Weaponlight
  193. SOLD: Coye Fixed blade
  194. SOLD: Comptac MTAC M&P Shield
  195. WTS: WTS: Emerson Karambit and Trainer
  196. WTB: DELETE!
  197. WTS: Chris Reeve Umnumzaan Knife
  198. WTS: Zero Tolerance 0700 tanto
  199. WTT: Supreme Pro or ComTac Dual comm for Single comm of like model
  200. WTS: Raven Concealment PPQ + Viridian C5L/CTL Holster
  201. WTB: .38 special dump pouch
  202. WTS: Sold.......Brous blades Silent Soldier V2
  203. WTS: Pitbull Tactical Kydex RH/ IWB Holder for Glock Full Sizes with mounted TLR lights.
  204. WTS: Maxpedition Monsoon Gearslinger
  206. WTS: Glock 19 Holsters (CCC Shaggy AIWB/Kramer #2)
  207. WTS: TAG Plate Carrier and Tactical Tailor Hydration Pack
  208. WTS: 3A Soft armor and soft-shell jacket
  209. WTS: New Strider DB-L, ATS M battle belt, Custom Vtac Sling
  210. WTB: Raven Mag Pouch & Holster Glock 30
  211. WTS: New in box MSA TC-2001 side cut ACH helmet (pre-drilled for 3 hole WARCOM NVG mounts)
  212. SOLD: Ares Ranger Belt.
  213. WTS: BFG VCAS
  214. WTS: Cane and Derby P.I.C. AIWB G19
  215. SOLD: Raven Concealment Light Compatible Holster for G17 and X300 Ultra for HSGI tacos
  216. WTS: Garrett Silent Thunder STX 2.0 holster M&P Sheild
  217. WTS: Persec, Secret City, JM
  218. WTS: Miller Bros Blades M-22 Sword
  220. SOLD: Spyderco Southard
  221. SOLD: Like new VERTX
  222. SOLD: G-Code INCOG for G19
  223. WTS: CTOMS Belt, First Spear pouches, Emdom dump
  224. SOLD: WTS OpsCore Carbon FAST helmet
  225. WTS: LBT coyote brown enhanced 3 day pack
  226. WTS: WTS Jones Tactical EveryDay Belt Black Size 38-40 $50 Shipped
  227. SOLD: BRAND NEW Blue Force Gear SOC-C Modular Padded Belt Kit in MULTICAM
  228. SOLD: RAVEN Phantom LC holster M&P9/40 with TLR-1 *SOLD*
  229. SOLD: Plate Carrier, HSGI Pouches, Shoulder Pads
  230. SOLD: gone
  231. SOLD: Like New Dale Fricke IWB for M&P 9/40 and Bladetech mag pouch
  232. SOLD: Galco Skyops for G27/G26
  233. WTT: WTT HSGI X2R Taco for Double Decker Taco *Closed*
  234. WTS: WTS: Vertx, Mayflower
  235. WTS/WTT: delete
  236. WTB: 5 Shot Leather SME or JM Custom Kydex AIWB for Glock 17
  237. SOLD: GRIFFON INDUSTRIES Glock X300/U + Glock Double Mag Carrier
  238. SOLD: Velocity System Soft Armor backers (Medium) & FirstSpear Multicam pouches - All new
  239. WTS: Glock 17, 19, 21, SIG 229R, Walther PPQ, S&W 642, HK USPc holsters, mag pouches
  240. WTS: JM Custom OWB light Holster - M&P with Inforce APL
  241. WTS/WTT: Mayflower APC and more
  242. SOLD: Raven Concealment Appendix Carry Rig for Glock 19
  243. SOLD: Ares Gear Ranger belt - Coyote/Black Size M
  244. SOLD: Persec RH 1.75" OWB 1911 A-1, Springer Operator Base & 3 Mag Pouches!
  245. SOLD: Sold RCS OWB holsters for Glock 19
  246. SOLD: Raven Concealment Phantom for G19 w/ X300-R/H
  247. WTS: Pitbull Tactical Kydex IWB/RH for Glock Full Size with Streamlight TLR Series $60.00
  248. WTS/WTT: Post Deleted
  249. SOLD: SUREFIRE DELTA EW-04 Folding Knife - NIB
  250. SOLD: Benchmade & Microtech Knives (WITHDRAWN)