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  1. WTS: Smith AEGIS Echo Deluxe Kit, Tan Frame, 3 lenses, Brand New
  2. SOLD: Holsters: M&P Pro 5" - Raven Concealment & Talon Tactical
  3. SOLD: New Galco Miami Classic II (Fl) pics $95-
  4. WTS: OSOE rigger's belt and double mag pouch
  5. SOLD: 2 Esstac KYWI's in multicam. 1911 size
  6. WTS: * G O N E *
  8. WTS/WTT: TYR Low Vis plates, SORD arac Carrier, Velocity Systems plate backer
  9. SOLD: SPF - LaRue Tactical Wide Padded Sling
  10. WTS: CamelBak Ambush with Mil-Spec Antidote Bladder - Reduced
  11. SOLD: VTAC Wide Padded Sling Tan Never Used/Brand New
  12. WTS: SOLD
  14. WTS/WTT: Sold. Please remove.
  15. SOLD: Bark River PSK/Benchmade Nimravus
  16. SOLD: Several 1911 Comp-Tac Holsters - New in Package
  17. WTS: Kolbeson Leatherworks appendix holsters
  18. WTS: Gear Sale-NEW ADDS-PRICE DROP-Mayflower/Wilderness/Esstac/TAG/ARES/HSGI/TacTailor/PIG
  19. WTS/WTT: Eagle Industies FB 9MM MOLLE Mag Pouch (3)
  20. WTS: Point Blank Vision level IIIa w/ Thorshield XL/Reg Black
  21. SOLD: Looking for Plate Carrier and possibly armor
  22. WTS/WTT: Bunch of knives
  23. WTS: Strider SMF RW-1
  24. WTS/WTT: LH Holsters and mag pouch for M&P 9 FS and C. Raven phantom, Vanguard and CCC Shaggy
  25. WTS/WTT: Esse 3, Esse Izula and Spyderco Mule Team Super Blue
  27. WTS: Eberlestock G4 Operator pack in MULTICAM
  28. WTS: WTS: Spyderco Southard with extras
  29. SOLD: Paul Moore Knives - BoB
  30. WTS/WTT: Comp tac HK USP full size paddle holster and mag pouches
  31. WTS: Left Hand Raven Concealment Phantom M&P Shield
  32. WTS: Piranha Bodyguard Auto Knife
  33. WTS: Milt Sparks Belt
  34. SOLD: Eagle "Drag Bag" with Scope Pad / Cover - Like New - $145!
  35. SOLD: TT Custom Micro Rig (Multicam)
  36. SOLD: Tactical Tailor Magna Mag Pouch (Double, Coyote)
  38. SOLD: UW Gear AR15 bandoleer ATACS FG $65
  39. WTS: Mayflower Assault Plate Carrier -L/XL in CB, Eagle Universal Tactial LE carrier in RG
  40. WTS/WTT: Please delete
  41. WTS: battle belt, bags, vertx, condor, 5.11 ...
  42. WTS: Emerson Roadhouse Tanto price drop $150 shipped
  43. WTS: Fobus mag pouch
  44. SOLD: SOLD
  45. WTS: NIB ZT 0560BW
  46. SOLD: London Bridge Trading GPS Pouch - $30 Shipped
  47. WTS/WTT: Holsters, PC, level IV plates, pouches ...
  48. WTS/WTT: Glock 19 Holsters/Mag Pouches/Magazines
  49. WTB: Medium PASGT Kevlar Helmet, Medium
  50. WTS: CCC Shaggy G19
  51. WTS: Miller Bros Blade M-22 Sword New!
  52. WTS: Mayflower Gen V chest rig, Strider WP
  53. WTS: MSA TC2001 helmet ,Raven Concelment Holsters, HSGI Wasatch, Maxpedition bag
  54. WTS: Costa Leg Rig, new, multicam
  55. WTS/WTT: H&K P30 Holsters, H&K USP 9/40 Trijicon HD sights
  56. SOLD: SOLD
  57. WTS: NIB Calico forge MK40 Combat Survival Knife
  58. WTS: HSGI SGPB with Tacos and UBL/QLS, black
  59. WTS: Kydex Conceal Carry OWB Holster for Walther PPQ
  60. WTS: Velocity/Mayflower LPAAC, Blackhawk DOAV, BH 3-day Assault Pack, 5.11 gloves
  61. SOLD: Sold M&P Double and Single Mag Carriers
  62. SOLD: Bianchi M12 Holster With Tactical Hip Extender and Double Mag Pouch
  63. WTS: 1911 Safariland Holster Sale
  64. WTS: Dale Fricke 1911 magazine Pouch
  65. WTS/WTT: Full Size 1911 Holsters (GA)
  66. SOLD: ZT / Hinderer 566
  67. WTS: Glock and M&P Raven Concealment, Griffon Industries holsters CHEAP $50 Shipped each.
  68. WTS: Blue force gear 10 speed helium whisper single pistol mag pouch $10 shipped
  69. WTS: Brand new, never used ZT 0560 hinderer. $200-shipped
  70. WTS/WTT: Emerson CQC-7bw
  71. WTS: WTS: RCS Phantom LC M&P 45 Fullsize CB MD Cut w/ Carrier (Price Drop)
  72. SOLD: SKD PIG, strobe, Taco, Tactical Tailor, BFG, Kaluban Cloak
  73. SOLD: Raven Concealment Phantom Holster for M&P9 FS w/ X300 Light
  74. WTS: Glock 19 Raven Phantom
  75. SOLD: Sold
  76. SOLD: Sold
  77. WTS: Brand New BAE RBAV-AF Coyote Brown
  78. WTS: RavenConcealment holster for Glock 17 w/ Surefire x200/x300.
  79. WTS: Benchmade Infidel full sized knife
  80. WTS: Paul Basil Dark ops Shadow SEAL knife BRAND NEW
  81. WTS: Custom NVG helmet weight system velcro sheath and plates
  82. WTS: Ares Gear Ranger Belt Large, Black SOLD
  83. SOLD: Shiv Works Clinch Picks
  84. SOLD: Withdrawn.
  85. WTS: 4 Sets of VZ Grips for 1911
  86. WTS: LBT and tactical tailor pouches and other gear
  87. WTS: OWB bravo concealment holster M&P
  88. WTS: 5.11 Rush 12 pack
  89. SOLD: HSGI Pistol Taco and Mini EOD Pouch in Coyote
  90. SOLD: Dark Star Gear J-frame AIWB
  91. SOLD: Desbiens Gun Leather for H&K P30
  92. SOLD: 10x12 Armor Plates
  93. SOLD: Raven Concealment Holster for M&P 9/40 full size with trl light and qms $70 shipped
  94. SOLD: Boker Applegate-Fairbairn Desert model 6" blade w/ 2 trainers $100
  95. WTS: SOE Cobra Riggers Belt
  96. WTS: Like new brokos battle belt SPF
  97. WTS: Fullsize Kabar TDI, SOCP w/ trainer, S&W M16 Bayonet, 5.11 Surge Tanto
  98. SOLD: Galco Ankle Glove Holster Right hand Black 2 1/4 revolvers model #AG118
  99. SOLD: 5.11 Tactical RUSH MOAB 6 Bag (TX)
  100. SOLD: Ban Tang Disciple
  101. WTS: 1.5in Wilderness 5-stitch Frequent Flyer
  102. WTS: Per-Sec Systems Pmag Belt carrier (TX)
  103. WTS: Comptac Kydex Reinforced Contour Belt (TX)
  104. WTS: 5.11 Rush Tier System Black and Sandstone (TX)
  105. WTS: Safariland & RCS Holsters for HK P30 & P30L
  106. SOLD: Viking Tactics Brokos Battle Belt Multicam
  107. WTS: Safariland holsters Glock, SIG, M 92, S&W M&P from $35
  108. SOLD: Crossbreed Mini Tuck M&P Shield
  109. SOLD: Bladetech holster for M&P and AR FCG
  110. SOLD: Blue Force Gear Victory single point sling
  111. WTS/WTT: 2 x PSS kydex Glock magazine carriers
  112. WTB: G19 gcode w/rti
  113. WTS: Raven Concealment ACR for M&P, and Raven M&P 45 double mag carrier
  114. SOLD: Ares Ranger Belt, Small, Black/Black
  115. WTS: Wilderness 5 Stitch Instructor Belt, size 34, 1.5" width
  116. SOLD: Raven Concealment Subload
  117. SOLD: (2) Eagle M4 FB pouches
  118. SOLD: Left Hand Glock AIWB and OWB Holsters
  119. WTS: Moving Sale!!! Offers accepted!
  120. WTS: Strider SNG Concealed Carry Flamed/Striped Ranger Green
  121. WTS: Crye JPC, Large, Ranger Green and Large SAPI Plates
  122. WTS: Arcteryx LEAF Alpha XXL, Croc Color Jacket
  123. WTS: Misc lot of goodies(PRICED TO SELL)
  124. WTB: FOUND Blade-Tech OWB Holster for M&P Pro 9mm
  125. WTS: Strider DB
  126. WTS: Kyrptek Koldo Rain Gear - Highlander Camo Size L
  128. WTS: HSGI SUREGRIP PADDED BELT w/ hsgi tacos and dump pouch
  129. SOLD: Raven Double Mag Carrier M&P 45
  130. SOLD: Vickers Padded QD Sling, Coyote
  131. SOLD: SOE Gear EDC belt size 34
  132. WTS: Mayflower Research LPAAC size Med. in Kryptek Typhon New with Tags $275.00
  133. WTS: Clearing out unused/unwanted gear
  134. SOLD: SOLD: RCS ACR holsters for M&P Shield
  135. SOLD: Mayflower R&C LPAC with Velocity Systems VS-13A armor
  136. WTS: 3 Kiku Matsuda, 1 Emerson Commander, 1 Spyderco Street Beat, 1 J Watson Kwaiken Knife
  137. SOLD: Rare Milt Sparks HR-LTD holster for 5" 1911s
  138. SOLD: Magpul MS4 Dual QD Sling-Coyote
  139. SOLD: Mayflower LPAC with soft/frag armor panels
  140. SOLD: G-Code Incog. M and P
  141. WTB: PATCHES!
  142. WTS: Safariland 6004 Beretta 92/96 Brigadier
  143. SOLD: Ontario Knife Company Kukri and OKC SP8 Machete
  144. SOLD: Warrior Pack Uptown Leather Purse - Black
  145. WTS: Fiddleback Forge Hunter, Gear Sale
  146. SOLD: Glock, S&W Shield, S&W J-Frame, and LCP Kydex Holsters
  147. WTS/WTT: Tactical Tailor Mini Mav, Fight Light 30 round Shingles, Med pouch
  148. SOLD: Velocity Systems SAPI Plate Backers, Warrior Trail ESAPI Training Plates
  150. WTS/WTT: Sharp stuff, medical stuff, books, magpul, kit...all sorts of stuff
  151. SOLD: SOLD
  152. SOLD: LBT 3 Day Assault Packs one black and one tan.
  154. SOLD: Gerber Front sight tool NEW
  155. SOLD: Raven Concealment RH Phantom for 1911 w/pic rail, SF x300 - $75 shipped
  156. WTS: ITW Fastmag gen III X 2 (cheap)
  157. WTS: ThugCase AR15 discreet rifle case
  158. SOLD: Sneaky Bag & Oakley gloves
  159. SOLD: Sold...
  160. WTS: LBT 6094 tan plate carrier
  161. SOLD: PerSec Systems Canted Magazine Carrier for 9mm Glock
  162. WTS: WTS: Mystery Ranch 3 Day Assault Pack
  163. SOLD: Ares Gear Aegis belt
  164. WTS: Raven 1911 govt
  165. SOLD: New X-Concealment Glock 19 Kydex holster * Pics *
  166. WTS: Raven and CCC holsters for G19 and Emerson 10-8 M-Wave
  167. SOLD: SOLD
  168. WTS: SCW K-25 for G19/23
  169. WTB: S.O.E. Cop Rig
  170. SOLD: Zero Tolerance SKDtac Exclusive Knife (0360.SKD)
  171. WTS: WTS ESSTAC Load Bearing Boar 6 mag, plus 8 mag panel
  172. WTS: ITW FastMags
  173. WTS: ATS/TT/First Spear Warbelt and Safariland pouch
  174. WTS: 2 PERSEC GLOCK 17/19 Mag holders
  175. SOLD: suunto core watch
  176. SOLD: SOLD
  177. WTS: Arc'Teryx Atom LT Wolf size L
  178. WTS/WTT: Soft armor plate carrier and two sapi plates
  179. WTS: Bfg triple m4 in Multicam, esstac ifak coyote, crye ats Multicam
  180. WTS: Eberlestock X3 LoDrag Pack
  181. SOLD: Sold
  182. WTS: Crossbreed IWB for Ruger LC9
  183. WTS: Comp-Tac Minotaur Kydex bodies for M&P Shield and SA XD-9
  184. WTS: Milt Sparks SS holster (old school) for PPK, PPKs
  185. WTB: Ares ranger belt M/L
  186. WTS/WTT: Raven Hoslter & Pouch's G30S
  187. WTS: CONDOR Double Triple Stacker
  188. SOLD: SKD PIG Hydration Carrier, Blue Force Gear Vickers VCAS Sling
  189. SOLD: Safariland 6004 / 6005 holsters for Glock 17/22, Surefire x300 light compatible model
  190. SOLD: Raven Concealment M&P9/40 fullsize holster and mag carrier.
  191. WTS: Volund Gearworks ATLAS belt, coyote $30 shipped
  192. SOLD: Zero Tolerance 0350ST Knife
  193. WTS: Kobleson Leatherworks G17 RH AIWB
  194. SOLD: new Medium OPS Core FAST non-ballistic helmet
  195. WTS/WTT: Glock 19/23/32 Safariland/RCS/Blackhawk/Desantis Holsters/ESEE 3mil
  196. SOLD: SOLD: (2) BRAND NEW AR500 6"X8" plates with Line x build up
  197. SOLD: Raven Concealment Glock 26/27/33 Holster
  198. WTS: ITS Tactical Tallboy ETA Trauma Kit Pouch - Multicam
  199. SOLD: FS: Safariland ALS for M&P 45 Full Size Right Hand
  200. SOLD: Two 5.56 Fast Mags
  201. WTS: FS: Mike Irie Push Dagger
  202. SOLD: FS: Benchmade Stryker Auto Elishewitz Design
  203. WTS: Three Blackhawk S.T.R.I.K.E. 5.56 Single Mag Holders - Brand new, never used
  204. SOLD: FS: Steve Woods Custom Made Knife Snipers Hide
  205. SOLD: FS: Blue Force Gear Redi Mag
  206. WTS: Price Drop: Dale Fricke, Ehud XD 45 holster & 1 mag pouch
  207. SOLD: Raven Phantom LC for M&P 9L/Pro + X400
  208. WTB: Camelbak HAWG (2013)
  209. WTS: TYR Tactical Belt - Brand New, Never Used
  211. SOLD: New Raven Concealment Systems CZ P-O7 Phantom Holster * Pics *
  212. WTS: 2x Chris Reeve Green Beret Knives (7 inch)
  213. WTS: 2 EDC belts BIG PRICE DROP
  214. SOLD: Diamond Back Tactical Armor set, etc. Trades AAC .223 OR W70 IN .243
  215. SOLD: Maxpedition Neatfreak, Foliage Green $60.00
  217. SOLD: SOTech Go Bag Coyote (Fl) pics $$ drop
  218. WTS: 3 various slings
  219. SOLD: Chris Reeve, Mercworx and more!
  220. SOLD: Custom Carry Concepts kydex AR15 mag holder, 2x pistol mag holders
  221. WTS: Mis Mag pouches $40
  222. WTS: Comp Tac C-Tac USP C 9/.40
  223. SOLD: Maxpedition Sabercat & Typhoon Gearslinger
  224. WTS: FS: United Sprint helmet, Like new IIIA $450
  225. WTB: WTB Sig P239/.40 holster & mag carrier
  226. WTS/WTT: JM Custom Kydex P226R AIWB and JM Type 3 Mag carrier
  227. WTS: Benchmade 940 Osborne
  228. WTS: 2 Glock Raven Holsters for sale
  229. SOLD: Benchmade SOCP dagger + trainer
  230. SOLD: ESS Supressor/Crossbow glasses combo
  231. WTS: WTS USGG/US Grunt Gear Infidel belt
  232. SOLD: US Grunt Gear M16 Modular Chest Rig - Multicam
  233. SOLD: HSP D3CR in Kryptek Typhon
  234. WTS: Glock 19,26,& P30 holsters, Kramer, TT, SCW, Blade Tech, raven concealment
  235. SOLD: SOLD
  236. WTS: MSA MICH 2000 (ACH) with tons of UPGRADES, PELICAN Police Lights, Safariland **PICS**
  237. WTS: Milt Sparks VMII for 4" 1911
  238. SOLD: NEW Triple Aught Design Winkler Combat Axe LT
  239. WTS/WTT: raven concealment g17 trl1
  240. SOLD: Raven Concealment M&P single mag carrier + moduloader with tacos
  241. SOLD: please delete
  242. SOLD: ZT 0301 Outstanding (Fl) pics
  243. WTS/WTT: My Multicam gear for your OD green or green centric cammo gear
  244. WTS: Thread closed
  245. WTS: Gone
  246. SOLD: Tactical Tailor 6 magazine pouch multicam
  247. WTS: G19 Rusty Sherrick Horse Gochenour & Safarilnd G19 R/H & G17 L/H Paddles (Fl) pics
  248. SOLD: EAGLE Ind. NEW Rare ACOG or Compact Optic Padded Scope Cover FDE w/ pocket for ARD et
  249. WTB: DeSantis Mad Max RH 1911 Holster
  250. WTS: Ops Core Carbon Fiber