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  1. SOLD: Brand New Rick Hinderer design Kershaw Cryo 2 Tanto Blackwash
  3. SOLD: HSGI Leg Rig in Coyote Brown
  4. SOLD: ***SOLD***
  5. WTS: SKD Eagle OD AK 6mag chest rig
  6. WTS: Magpul stock and MBUS, Vickers gloves, lower small parts, etc.
  7. WTS: Rogers and Safariland holsters for 1911's, Compensator models, Colt Pythons & S&W
  8. WTS: Vertx Gamut Plus in black and Danner Combat Hikers 13 EE
  9. WTS: LBT Mass Grey 6094-B plate carrier size Medium $360.00 shipped conus
  10. WTS: Sig Sauer P229 holster (Aker)
  11. WTS: US Army Issue Molle II medic bag - Multicam
  12. SOLD: BNIB Raven Concealment Systems Vanguard 2 for Glock
  13. SOLD: Eagle plate carrier, Tactical Tailor 5.56 Shingle, Paraclete 5.56 shingle, etc.
  14. SOLD: Maxpedition Colossus. $60 shipped
  15. WTS: NEW* Kydex Holsters for Glock, S&W, Ruger, Beretta, Sig, 1911, and Kahr
  16. WTS: WTS: Raven Concealment Phantom holster and mag pouch for Walther PPQ Classic
  17. SOLD: Tactical Taylor, US Grunt Gear & HSGI Taco Mag Pouches
  19. SOLD: Blue Force Gear RACKminus Wolf Grey $50.00 shipped price reduced.
  20. SOLD: WTS Brommeland Max Con V for G17/22/31
  21. WTS: Eagle PC with cummerbund
  22. WTS: Eagle & Tactical Tailor pouches
  23. SOLD: Sold
  24. WTS/WTT: Now SPF Spyderco Paramilitary 2
  25. WTS: Sig safariland duty holsters
  26. SOLD: ***SPF*** JM Custom Kydex AIWB for Glock 19
  27. WTS: Glock Holsters by RCS, Safariland, Mag Carrier (Fl)
  28. WTS/WTT: OST/TSD Gang Unit fixed blade with kydex and tek lok, want a GEC slipjoint
  29. WTS: HSGI Bleeder pouch still availab, Ares Armor battle belt, dump pouch & HSGI Taco sold
  30. WTS: Misc gear
  31. WTS: Left handed Shield holsters, Raven Concealment and Comp Tac Infidel
  32. SOLD: Sold
  33. WTS: Eberlestock F4 Terminator Pack
  34. SOLD: HSP G-Code INCOG IWB Kryptek G19/23
  35. WTS: SOE micro ar/ak chest rig
  36. WTS: Joe Watson HiTS Ti Compact and Trainer
  37. WTS: FS: Bravo Concealment RTT Kydex Holster for Glock 17 w/ TLR1
  38. WTS: spyderco p'kal (BRAND NEW)
  39. WTS: Gentex TBH-II mid-cut (size XL) ($340)
  40. SOLD: Redacted
  41. WTS: Brand new PiG UCR Chest Rig - Multicam
  42. SOLD: HK VP9 Garret Industries Holster Never Used/Mint Condition
  43. SOLD: Gone please delete
  44. WTS: Kolbeson Leatherworks - GATXC AIWB - M&P 9/40/357
  45. WTS/WTT: 762Tactical rig
  46. WTS: Glock 17 IWB holsters - All RH
  47. WTS: Rick Hinderer Eklipse flipper
  48. WTS: *reduced* Dark Star AIWB G17/22, Cold Steel Safe Maker 2 w/sheath
  49. WTS: Japanese WWII Officer's Sword
  50. WTS: Safariland 6365 Duty Holster (HK P30)
  51. SOLD: Beretta 92/M9 holsters
  52. SOLD: Joe Watson, Hidden Key
  53. WTS: Various Holsters (Galco, Comp-Tac, G-Code)
  54. WTT: waved endura 4, great shape for alox sak/sak/gec/kabar tdi/??
  55. SOLD: Grey Ghost Gear Stealth Operator Pack in Kryptek Typhon
  56. WTS: BFG Jedburgh DAP pack (black)
  57. WTS: Eagle FB puches, Sig Holsters, S&W Holsters
  58. WTS: Coyote glock 19 x300 u kydex holster
  59. WTS/WTT: For sale or trade New First Spear Siege R with armor
  60. WTS: TT Gunleather AIWB + mag pouch, MK9/PM9
  61. SOLD: Custom OWB Kydex Holster for PPQ M2
  62. SOLD: SOLD
  63. WTS: Mayflower APC and Vickers gloves
  64. WTS: NIB VTAC Battle Belt Multicam/Medium
  65. SOLD: *RARE Swiss SIG 550/PE 90 Victorinox Bayonet*
  66. SOLD: Ares Gear Ranger Belt Size Large (36) $65 Shipped.
  67. WTB: HSGI Taco - Double Decker, Rifle, or Pistol
  68. WTS: Eagle plate carrier w/cummerbund
  69. SOLD: Raven Concealment G19 w/x300
  70. WTS: Mayflower MKV, D3CR chest rig
  71. SOLD: Crossbreed IWB holster for Sig 238 $45 Shipped
  72. WTS: HSGI tacos.
  73. SOLD: Price Drop. Galco Summer Comfort IWB M&P 9/40 hoslter
  74. WTT: Kifaru Molle Express in foliage
  75. SOLD: Maxpedition Typhoon, Foliage $110
  76. WTS: HK P30 - Safariland 6004 SLS Tactical Holster - STX FDE Brown, Right Hand
  77. SOLD: OC Tactical Hearing Protection cover Multicam
  78. WTS: Blade Tech IWB for Walther PPQ
  79. SOLD: This is SOLD
  80. WTS: Howard Leight, NTAC, SOG, Kershaw, buck, etc.
  81. SOLD: Raven Concealment ACR for M&P Shield
  82. SOLD: Raven Concealment Double Modular Pistol Mag Carrier For M&P 9mm/40
  83. SOLD: Raven Concealment Phantom Light Compatible Holster for M&P9 with Surefire X300
  84. WTS: GL17, GL19 Kydex mag holders
  85. SOLD: 4 brand new Sniper Bladeworks for sale***1 left ***lowered!
  86. SOLD: BladeTech TRP Operator Holster and 1911 Mag Holders (FDE/Tek-lok)
  87. SOLD: New Ares Armor Huskey MKII EWS sling
  88. SOLD: 5.11 double rifle case
  89. SOLD: TYR Basic Plate Carrier Ranger Green Medium
  90. WTT: Peltor COMTAC II for SWATTAC
  91. WTS: Dillon Leather 1911 holster and mag carrier
  92. SOLD: Raven mag carriers for the M&P 9/40
  93. SOLD: RCS Phantom LC M&P 9/40 SF x300
  94. SOLD: Zero Tolerance 0350 Mirror Polished
  95. SOLD: Custom made Battle Horse Knives Bushcraft Hawk
  96. SOLD: Strike Hard Gear Chest Rig in Multicam
  97. WTS: SOLD
  98. SOLD: SPF - CZ P-09 Holster and Double Magazine Holster *Coyote* - Bravo Concealment / RTT
  99. SOLD: Multi-Tasker series 3 with partially serrated blade (Black)
  100. SOLD: De Santis Mag Packer pocket mag pouch
  101. SOLD: Eagle Indutries MAR-CIRAS" Mulit-cam, size large. BRAND NEW includes MSA IIIA armor.
  102. SOLD: Eagle Industries Eagle Rhodesian Recon Vest + rear plate carrier: MULTICAM, Brand NEW
  103. SOLD: Eagle Industries -HSRC. BRAND NEW Hybrid Shooting Mat and Rifle Case -MULTICAM- USA
  104. WTS: Eagle Industries A-III Medical Pack MOLLE. Brand New
  105. SOLD: Lond Bridge Trading: Loadout Bags. Multicam/Coyote. Padded and unpadded.
  106. WTS: Desantis Nemesis (J-Frame)
  107. SOLD: Condor Tactical Gear
  108. WTS: DiamondBack Tactical FAPC Gen-I Plate Carrier (NWT) in Tan
  109. WTB: Comp-Tac OWB Belt Holster for Glock 17
  110. SOLD: SKD Belt Claw IWB holster G19/23 RH
  111. WTS: Strider SnG, 5.11 & other custom blades - New
  112. SOLD: Spyderco Tri-Angle Sharpmaker Knife Sharpener
  113. SOLD: HK45 w/X300U RCS Phantom
  114. WTS: Brand new Haley D3CR (coyote)
  115. SOLD: OSOE Gear Micro 12ga chest rig
  116. WTS/WTT: LBT 6094a Multican w/ Level 4 stand alone ceramic plates + other gear for gun/upper
  117. WTS: Knife Den sale - folders and fixed blades
  118. WTS: Holster Den sale- IWB and ankle holsters
  120. SOLD: This is SOLD
  121. WTS: 10-8 Emerson and Halloran knives, Eagle and Tac Tailor nylon
  122. SOLD: Otis IWCK
  123. SOLD: Fury Holster for HK VP9 Right Handed with C Clips and OWB. Dawson VP9 front sight.
  124. WTS: Various Holsters for 1911 and Beretta
  125. WTS: Bags: Hill People Gear, Camelbak, Mountain Hardwear
  126. SOLD: Benchmade River/Rescue H1 steel, New! $100 shipped
  127. WTS/WTT: Brand New Protech AOR1 BALCs cut armor carrier size Large
  128. WTS: Safariland 6005 For Glock 19
  129. WTS: SOLD Raven Concealment Holster For Glock 19 Plus 5 mags. $125 shipped CONUS
  130. WTS: Raven Concealment holster for railed 1911 with X300 right handed
  131. SOLD: MSA Supreme pro x nb black (NIB) sordin Ear pro.
  132. WTS: Mineral Mountain Hatchet Works knife
  133. WTS: Fobus paddle holster for compact model glocks(19)
  134. WTS: Like New MSA Sordin Supreme Dual Comms Headset + Peltor ARC/SARA installed
  135. WTS/WTT: RCS left hand M&P9 w/ TLR-1 and RCS right hand M&P9 w/ APL
  136. WTS: DELETE
  137. WTS/WTT: SPF Tad Gear Fast Pack Lightspeed Tan
  138. WTS: Oakley Pilot Gloves
  139. SOLD: Alabama Holsters Front Pocket Holster (G26)
  140. WTS: Comp-Tac Belts
  141. WTS: X-concealment, Dark Star Gear, Benchmade, ZEV
  142. WTS/WTT: BladeTech 1911 Mag Carriers w/Tek-Lok (3 total)
  143. SOLD: Desantis Insider Holster For Glock 26/27 Right Hand Black
  144. WTS: 2x Eagle Khaki Multipurpose Chest Rigs $150 each
  145. WTS/WTT: 2 new Versa Carry kits, Pics
  146. WTS: This is SOLD
  147. WTS: XL Regular Multicam IOTV Body Armor & Gear
  148. WTS: new HSGI Kryptek battle belt/tacos
  149. SOLD: Lightly Used Vertx EDC Gamut Plus with Extras (velcro holster and pockets)
  150. SOLD: SOLD
  151. WTS: Misc holsters
  152. WTB: WTB: 1 pistol & 1 rifle taco
  153. WTT: ITW Gen3 Fastmag
  154. WTS: Evolution monster gear bag
  155. WTS/WTT: Hinderer XM 18 3.5 Spanto & Slicer
  156. SOLD: Coye Ridgeback fixed blade
  157. WTS: Emerson Commander, Spyderco Lum Tanto folder, Mad Dog Rat Thing, Gerber Command I
  158. SOLD: Sold
  159. WTS: Ops Core FAST Ballistic High Cut/MSA Sordin Dual Supreme with Peltor ARC/SARA
  160. SOLD: High Speed Gear Admin Pouch
  161. WTS: LBT single 9mm mag pouches in camo for sale...
  162. SOLD: TAD Gear Shivworks Clinch Pick - Trainer and Live Blade - BNIB
  163. WTS: Safariland 6395 for glock
  164. SOLD: SOLD
  165. WTS/WTT: rare manix 1, benchmade, buck, cutco, outdoor edge
  166. WTS: WTS: Spyderco Police Plain Edge
  167. SOLD: GONE
  168. SOLD: Raven Phantom/Mag Holder/Vanguard 2 - Glock 17/22
  169. SOLD: New Benchmade SOCP 178 dagger $83 Shipped
  170. WTS/WTT: Off The Grid Holster M&P Full Size
  171. WTS/WTT: Zero 9 Glock 19 Holster
  172. WTB: glock 19 holster
  173. SOLD: Blackhawk Serpas for Springfield XDM
  174. WTS: Deleted
  175. WTB: PIG Plate Carrier or LBT 6094a
  176. WTS: Holsters- Mitch Rosen Rig, Arcteryx Pack (Edited)
  177. SOLD: IWB Alien Gear Hybrid holster for M&P FS
  178. WTS/WTT: Electronic Shooters Protection gift certificate valued at 900 dollars.
  179. WTS: Nice Blades for sale, Couple of customs, MercWorx, Bark River, Benchmades
  180. SOLD: ITW FAST MAGS - 3 Rifle, 2 Pistol, FDE, Like New - Priced to sell
  181. WTS: First Spear, TT, ATS gear for sale
  182. WTS: FS: oakley si assault gloves, blk , lg
  183. SOLD: VelSys PSA4 Armor Set
  184. WTS: Strider EB-S Fixed Blade
  185. WTS: Knives: Benchmade, Emerson, etc
  186. WTS: CCC Looper for G19.
  187. WTS/WTT: *Price Drop* Emerson Horseman (2014) SF
  188. SOLD: NIB Benchmade Bedlam 860
  189. WTS: HSGI suregrip padded belt, Oakley SI assault gloves, Blackhawk SOLAG gloves
  190. WTB: msa 2000 accessories
  191. WTS: Tag Carrier/Maxpro Plates
  192. SOLD: Haley Strategic D3CR & HSGI Rifle Scabbard
  193. WTS: 5.11 Tactical vest
  194. WTS: 3 part military sleep system
  195. WTS: Eberlestock LoDrag Like New Dry Earth with 2L Accessory pouch
  196. SOLD: Haley Strategic D3 chest rig black
  197. WTS: Maxpedition Monsoon Bag
  198. SOLD: JM custom kydex AIWB
  199. WTS: HSGI AO Small Chest rig (double decker value pack) and various Holsters.
  200. SOLD: Gerber Downrange AO $85
  201. SOLD: Benchmade Infidel 3300 & Mini-Infidel 3350 w/D2 Steal **SOLD**
  202. SOLD: Mystery Ranch 3 day assault pack
  203. SOLD: Hazard 4 Plan B sling bag, ATACS
  204. SOLD: Ops Core FAST Ballistic Helmet-Multicam
  205. SOLD: Multicam VCAS and Multicam Taco Pouches with Raven subload.
  206. WTS: Custom Micarta scales for ESEE IZULA
  207. SOLD: SOLD
  208. WTS/WTT: PIG PC Kangaroo Inserts
  209. SOLD: HSGI Multicam Tacos on Raven Concealment moduloader
  210. WTS/WTT: Unneeded gear, desperately trying to get rid of
  211. SOLD: Tactical Assault Gear Marine Gladiator Chest Rig with Bib New Unused $85 shipped.
  212. SOLD: Raven Concealment Phantom Glock 19 $50
  213. WTS: Ops Core FAST Ballistic High Cut---No Wait!
  214. WTS: TOPS Brothers of Bushcraft knife (TX)
  215. WTS: BFG Ten Speed triple M4 shingle (new)
  216. SOLD: Safariland 5197 for P30
  217. SOLD: SOLD Item
  218. SOLD: New Ka-Bar Becker BK7 Combat Utility Fixed Blade Knife (7-Inch)
  219. SOLD: NIB Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Campanion Fixed Blade Knife
  220. WTB: Black MOLLE Pouches, 870 gear
  221. WTS: Benchmade 950 Rift PRICE DROP
  222. SOLD: BNIB Hinderer XM-18 3" slicer blue
  223. WTS: Raven Concealment Holster+mag pouch
  224. WTS: Walther PPQ M2 IWB Holster $30 OBO
  225. WTS: Milt Sparks VM2 for a Sig P229, non rail, horsehide
  226. WTS: ...BALCS panels size Large (POINT BLANK)...
  227. WTS: Zero Tolerance 0801
  228. WTS: SOLD: JM Custom Kydex RH IWB Coyote Glock 19/23
  229. WTS: HK VP9 holster
  230. WTS: Emerson CQC-10
  231. SOLD: Eagle LE 32" Rifle Case, and Condor Discreet Carry Case 26".
  232. SOLD: Tactical Tailor Modular Operator Pack (Multicam) Like New
  233. SOLD: Mystery Ranch 3-Day Assault (Multicam) Great Condition w/ 2 Sling Pouches
  234. SOLD: Haley Strategic DC3R in Kryptek Typhon - $110
  235. SOLD: Gerber Prodigy with sheath and coyote mechanics gloves
  236. WTB: Raven Concealment Walther PPS Holster
  237. SOLD: Eberlestock Halftrack in multicam. $165 shipped
  238. WTS: SOE EDC cobra belt size 36
  239. WTS: Comp-Tac "Infidel Ultra" IWB holster for Glock 19/23/32
  240. WTS: OTIS "Deluxe Law Enforcement Cleaning System"
  241. SOLD: Comp-Tac (RH, 1.5") Holster & Mag Pouch for M&P 9/40/357
  242. WTS: ***WITHDRAWN*** EBERLESTOCK "X4 HiSpeed" Customized Ruck
  243. SOLD: NEW SKD PIG UCR Chest Rig, Multicam (Price-Drop)
  244. WTS: Complete HSGI War Belt set up (Large)
  245. SOLD: Benchmade 62 Bali-Song & Frank B. Stiletto (Houston Area)
  246. WTS: Camelbak Mule
  247. SOLD: Bawidamann PUP
  248. SOLD: Crye Precision Combat Pants AC Multicam 34R
  249. WTS: Sold..........TT Gunleather IWB for XDs 3.3
  250. WTS: multicam PIG PC, BFG, tacos, holsters, more