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  1. SOLD: Raven Concealment Holster for G17w/TLR1 $75 shipped
  2. SOLD: RCS Moduloader 2 finger Frame w/Paddle $20 shipped
  3. WTS: Dale Ficke Gideon Elite for G34 w/X300 Ultra/DG switch
  4. SOLD: Beretta 92A1 IWB holster
  5. SOLD: Glock 19,23,32 G Code SXT left hand holster
  6. WTB: Plate backers for Velocity ULV plates
  7. WTS: Strider SMF black lego g10 stonewashed CPM 154
  8. WTS: LEO/MIL Only, Armorshield Level IV Ceramic Plates
  9. WTS: Maxpedition Kodiak GearSlinger
  10. WTS: 5.11 TacTec Plate Carrier
  11. WTB: MC Mayflower Triple 7.62 Placard
  12. SOLD: Miami Classic Shoulder Holster Tan
  13. WTS: Glock 17 and 19 Holsters. Dale Fricke and JM Custom Kydex
  14. SOLD: NIB Benchmade Griptilian AmericanSnipers.org Edition
  15. WTS: Duty Holsters and Pouches
  16. SOLD: Griffon Industries HMMS
  17. SOLD: GCode INCOG Glock 17
  18. SOLD: Glock G42 Kydex Holsters
  19. SOLD: Kydex Holsters - G17/22, G43, Shield & Sig P238/938
  20. SOLD: Ak chest rig
  21. WTS: Grayman, Rexford RUT knives
  22. WTB: Beretta 92 AIWB Holster (5 shote leather SME, JM, SHaggy, ETC)
  23. SOLD: SOLDS!
  24. SOLD: Kramer IWB holster for 1911 officers model
  25. WTS: Sidearmor 1911 w/X200 holster
  26. WTS: Ares gear ranger belt with g-hook
  27. WTS: Al Mar SLB (stout little backup)
  28. SOLD: US Palm AR15 Defender Plate Carrier with front and back level IIIA soft armor
  29. WTS: Holsters for P30, Pm9, and Glock Mag Pouch
  30. SOLD: WTS: Level 3 Standslone Rifle plates
  31. WTS/WTT: M&P 9/40 FS holster and other items
  32. WTS/WTT: Police gear: Elbeco dark blue external vest carrier size M, BladeTech TASER holster
  33. SOLD: Kramer IWB3 - P220/P226 with rail (Fits Combat and MK25)
  34. WTS: Brand New Emerson Custom "El Bandito"
  35. SOLD: Raven Concealment Phantom holster for a Glock 17/22
  36. WTB: G19 HOLSTER
  37. SOLD: Keepers Concealment P30
  38. SOLD: Raven Concealment Systems Phantom M&P Shield
  39. WTS: 5.11 Tactical Sabre 2.0 Jacket Soft Shell
  40. WTS: withdrawn
  41. WTB: Sig P229 IWB kydex holster
  42. WTS: IWB & OWB Milt Sparks for 3" S&W Model 65
  43. WTS: Holsters
  44. SOLD: Garrett industries GX with leather lining for M&P Shield
  45. SOLD: Marfione Anax lowered again to $525 shipped
  46. SOLD: Withdrawn
  47. WTS: Loaded Brain Bucket, Surefire, Mayflower, First Spear, ATS
  48. WTS: Jones Tactical FatZombie Outer Belt
  49. WTS: Maxpedition mpb xxl multi purpose bag in khaki
  50. WTS: Small Mcnees Recurve
  51. WTT: WTT - Ares Aegis and Volund Gearworks Atlas G -Hook - mediums for larges
  52. SOLD: WTS Spyderco Delica 4
  53. WTB: WTB - Volund Gearworks Atlas G-Hook belt, black, large
  54. SOLD: Sold, delete --->Benchmade knives - New in the package!
  55. WTS: WTS: Emerson PSARK & Trainer
  56. WTS: Lots of holsters / pouches: Glock, M&P
  57. SOLD: REDUCED Darkstar gear G43 holster and Raven railed 1911 phantom
  58. WTS: Shellback Tactical Banshee
  59. SOLD: Mayflower Low Profile Armor Carrier w/IIIA soft armor
  60. WTS/WTT: Covert rifle case- perfect for SBR or Pistol
  61. SOLD: High Speed Gear Taco Mag Pouch
  62. SOLD: Sold Knives For Sale - Glock, Gerber, CRKT
  63. WTS: CB Gear - ATS, Troy Industries
  64. WTS: Gear cleanout - starting at $5
  65. SOLD: RCS Eidolon Pre-Release Kit **New**
  66. WTS: BlackHawk CQC Serpa Holster for G19/23
  67. WTB: Source 2l
  68. WTS: Thread Closed
  69. SOLD: WTS Emerson Knives Patriot
  70. SOLD: SOD HSGI SureGrip belt (large) $50
  71. SOLD: PIG Plate Carrier, US Grunt Gear belt
  72. WTS/WTT: SOLD: Velocity Systems Lightweight Plate Carrier Multicam $165
  73. WTS: Lot of Misc knives
  74. WTS/WTT: SPF Eberlestock Gunslinger
  75. WTS: Various High End Gear - Winkler/Arctyrex/TAD/Velocity Systems/Raven Concealme...
  76. WTS: Kryptek Mandrake Glock 17 Holster and Mag pouches
  77. SOLD: Safariland glock and raven sig holsters
  78. WTS: M&P Holsters (Raven Concealment & Safariland)
  79. SOLD: Crossbreed HK45 / 45c P30 / P2000 Holster * Half Price *
  80. SOLD: Sordin Supreme Pro-X Headset Covers - SOLD
  81. SOLD: MultiTasker Series 3 Multicam (Limited Edition)
  82. WTS: US Grunt Gear stuff
  83. WTS: Emdom/MM AK/M4 Double Magazine Pouches, Double Pistol Pouch, Emdom Single Pistol Pouc
  84. WTS: SOLD!
  85. SOLD: Medium JPC + ESAPI plates (Multicam) PICS ADDED
  86. SOLD: Sold
  87. SOLD: CRKT Hissatsu, Tan
  88. SOLD: Sold
  89. WTS: Multicam Glock kydex. Mag holder/17/19/22Holster
  90. WTS: Riggers Belt with TACO mag pouch -XL
  91. WTS: Holsters for M&P/XDm/Glock (all RH) mostly Comp-Tac
  92. WTS: JM Custom AIWB G34
  93. WTS: 5.11 Duty Gear / Safariland Duty Holster M&P 9/40 FS with Drop
  94. WTS: AVON M50 gas mask
  95. WTS: Multitasker Series 2
  96. SOLD: SnakeEaterTactical "Spaghetti Western" 1.5" Cobra gunbelt, Coyote, fits 33"-39" waist
  97. SOLD: Raven Concealment Phantom Glock 43 IWB Holster **NEW**
  98. SOLD: Raven Phantom G43 Magazine Pouch - SOLD
  99. SOLD: Like New Velocity Systems Plates or Soft Armor Backers
  100. SOLD: The Atlas G-Hook Liner Belt
  101. SOLD: Eagle SPC Medium Plate Carrier Upgraded Padding, Cobra belt 1.5 in blk.
  102. WTB: G Code Incog for railed 1911
  103. SOLD: RCS Phantom Light Compatible Holster for a S&W M&P Fullsize 9mm/.40cal with APL - FL
  104. WTB: RCS Phantom for G19
  105. SOLD: JR Custom AIWB holster
  106. SOLD: NIB Perroz Design Low Profile Plate Carrier
  107. WTS/WTT: Blade-Tech RH OWB holster with adjustable stingray loop for Glock 41
  108. WTS: Packs and bags
  109. SOLD: Blade Tech Competition Belt 36-inch
  110. SOLD: BFG Ten-Speed Ultralight Dump Pouch with Helium Whisper Backing
  111. SOLD: Pls Delete
  112. WTB: Emerson UBR commander
  113. WTS: HSGI Double Decker Taco pouches
  114. WTS/WTT: ZT 0300 BW, Strider and Treeman
  115. SOLD: Withdrawn
  116. SOLD: Large SAPI Cut Plates
  117. SOLD: 1911 Government kydex holster
  118. WTS: Bravo Concealment Holster M&P 9/40 with TLR1
  119. SOLD: Microtech Socom Delta T/E Tanto
  120. SOLD: Raven Phantom holsters - SOLD
  121. SOLD: Blade Tech P226R OWB Holster and 2x Mag Pouches
  122. WTS: Boker Jens Anso 67 (NV)
  123. WTS: OWB Raven Concealment holster and Don Hume holster for HK USPc 9/40
  124. SOLD: Side Armor Adjustable Cant Belt Slide for OWB Holster - belt slide only no holster
  126. WTB: WTB Magpul wrench and bev block
  127. SOLD: Urban ERT Sentry Hybrid slings
  128. SOLD: Ares Gear Ranger Belt
  129. WTB: G Code RTI "Optimal Drop" platform
  130. SOLD: Withdrawn
  131. WTS: 2x Ready Tactical Pistol Mag Pouches
  132. WTS: HK VP9 RCS Phantom $50
  133. WTS: Multicam Vickers Kydex full size Glocks and mag holders $55 shipped
  134. WTS: Maxpedition concealed $50 shipped
  135. SOLD: G-Code Shadow Eclipse IWB holster for M&P45/X300U - $60 shipped
  136. WTS: JMCK AIWB G17/22 right hand, mid sweat guard, soft loops, excellent condition
  137. SOLD: to m4fun
  138. SOLD: FirstSpear Assaulters Gun Belt XL
  139. WTB: D3 chest rig
  140. SOLD: M&P Shield G-Code Incog Eclipse
  141. WTS: Diamondback Tactical AW-FAPC with armor
  142. WTS: Raven Concealment M&P9L Holster
  143. SOLD: 1911 and HK P30 holsters
  144. SOLD: Comp-Tac MTAC holster for M&P45 (fits M&P 9/40 as well)
  145. WTS/WTT: Hatch black flight gloves M, BladeTech X26 TASER holster LH, leather police duty gear
  146. WTT: Busse, fehrman, swamprat
  147. WTS: Glock Kydex: Raven Vickers, JM Custom, X-Concealment
  149. WTS/WTT: Raven Concealment Phantom LC Right Hand M&P9 w/TLR1 NEW 75 shipped
  150. WTS/WTT: Esee 4 Uncoated with custom G10 handles and Kydex/Tek Lok $115
  151. WTS: Fred Asbell Wool Haversack and Hickory handled Fire Piston
  152. WTS: Gone please delete
  153. WTS: Clinch pick
  154. WTS: SKD PIG Gloves FDT Alpha (Tan, size S)
  155. WTS: Assorted Glock Kydex
  156. SOLD: Raven Eidolon Full Kit for G17
  157. WTS: Emerson Knives and Zero Tolerance
  158. WTS: Sentinel Gear MK3v1
  159. WTS: Withdrawn
  160. WTS: Camelbak Mule
  161. SOLD: Wilderness Tactical easy fit instructor belt. 1.75" black size large CSM polyme
  162. WTS: Strider bt ss cerakote
  163. WTS: Peerless handcuff holder
  164. WTS: Talon Tactical Cobra belt
  165. WTS: Two Shaggy AIWB holsters and Wilderness FF Belt
  166. SOLD: SOLD--Vertx EDC Gamut Backpack
  167. SOLD: -SOLD-Arcteryx LEAF Alpha LT Jacket
  168. SOLD: Raven Concealment bucket of justice (RH)
  169. WTS: JM Custom Kydex AIWB for Beretta 92A1
  170. WTS: Duane Dwyer Custom (DDC) STRIDER SMF
  171. SOLD: Microtech QD Scarab OTF
  172. WTB: Crye JPC Medium Multicam
  173. SOLD: HSP D3CR - Multicam - Brand New! - $170 Shipped
  174. SOLD: Mayflower APC (S/M w/ Small CB) in Multicam - $170 shipped!
  175. SOLD: Team Wendy LTP bump helmet w/ cover
  176. WTS: LH Blackhawk drop leg level II M9 coyote
  177. WTS: Law Enforcement Gear
  178. SOLD: Withdrawn
  179. WTS: Black Point Tactical leather wing holster for Glock 17
  180. SOLD: Griffon Industries M&P9/40 holster and double mag carrier
  181. SOLD: H&K VP9 OWB Kydex holster and mag carriers
  182. SOLD: Milt Sparks VMII H&K P30
  183. WTB: Grey Ghost Gear Full Size Pack (discontinued)
  184. WTS/WTT: Randall Made Knives Model 1
  185. SOLD: Raven Concealment AR and Mag Pouches - Sold
  186. WTS: ESAPI plates, size small
  187. SOLD: Safariland VP9 and JM G17 OWB
  188. WTS: Flash II Tanto
  189. WTS: Safariland 6377 Glock 19/23/32 - $30 Shipped
  190. WTS: Don Hume Thumb Break FBI Holster - G19/23 - $20 shipped
  191. WTS: VolundGear Multicam micro battle belt
  192. SOLD: Sold
  193. WTB: Looking for a VMII or EX for a Glock 19
  194. WTB: WTB: S&S Precision Holster Extender (TAN)
  195. WTS: Strider DGG SnG, stonewash blade
  196. WTS: M&P holsters
  197. WTS: SOLD Magpul MS4 FDE Sling
  198. WTS: SOLD Kydex Glock 19 Holster
  199. SOLD: Original SOE Micro Chest Rig
  200. SOLD: H&K VP9 Holsters -DeSantis, Comp-Tac, Blade-Tech
  201. SOLD: CCC Uno version 2 for VP9
  202. SOLD: MSA Sordin Supreme X
  203. WTS: Blade Tech Classic OWB Holster for M&P Pro 5", New
  204. SOLD: raven concealment Eidolon (19/23)
  205. WTS: Please delete
  206. WTS: Sebenza 25
  207. SOLD: Found- Please delete Raven Concealment Phantom RH for G17
  208. SOLD: New Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 2.0 IWB LH (Glock 19 & Shield)
  209. SOLD: Raven Phantom LC for Glock 19/23 with Inforce APL
  210. WTT: My G19 Incog Eclipse for your G19 Incog
  211. WTS: Springfield Armory 1911 paddle holster, double mag carrier and hard case
  212. SOLD: Milt Sparks Magazine Carriers - Glock 9mm
  213. SOLD: Mayflower APC plate carrier- Multicam
  214. SOLD: New Sidearmor 3 Position Magazine Carriers RH (Glock 9mm)
  215. WTB: Milt Sparks VM2 IWB for G17
  216. WTS: Esstac Kywi's / Raven Concealment / Safariland
  217. WTB: 5 Shot Leather SME AIWB for Glock 19
  218. SOLD: Safariland ALS Paddle Holster G17 RH
  219. SOLD: Esstac 5.56 KYWI Shorty Single With Esstac KYWI Belt Loops
  220. WTS/WTT: Emersons and Benchmades
  221. WTS/WTT: Striders and Zero Tolerance
  222. WTS: MSA/TCI Liberator II comms ear-pro
  223. WTS: Esstac Padded Harness and Hydration Carrier
  224. WTS: HSGI Pistol Tacos, 1.75" Riggers Belt, Micro Belt Liner (Wolf Grey)
  225. SOLD: New Kydex Dual Mag Pouch RH(Glock 9mm)
  226. WTS/WTT: G19/X300 Kydex OWB Holster
  227. SOLD: WTS: Mayflower Armor Carrier, Mag Holsters and Magpul sling gear
  228. WTS: Gear sale, continued
  229. WTS: Eberlestock Gunslinger II Dry Earth $225 shipped OBO
  230. WTS: Persec Systems Glock 19 + Inforce APL Kydex holster
  231. SOLD: P2000 Holsters (TT Gunleather AIWB and Safariland ALS)
  232. WTS: NIB Raven Eidolon G17
  233. WTS: PerSec Systems Holster for HK45 w/ TLR-1 Left Hand
  234. SOLD: SOLD Atomic Dog holster for M&P Pro 5" Left Hand
  235. SOLD: NIB TT GunLeather IWB Double Mag Holder (G19)
  236. WTS: Strider MT
  237. WTB: 3-day style pack
  238. WTS: Raven Concealment M&P Double Mag Carrier
  239. SOLD: CCC Shaggy Holster for P30/P30sk
  240. WTS: Benchmade Griptilian
  241. SOLD: Blackdog concealment holster and double mag pouch for Shield
  242. SOLD: Al Mar SERE 2000
  243. WTS: BFG PlateMinus Plate Carrier Wolf Grey (S)
  244. SOLD: Glock Safariland 5377
  245. WTS: Deleted.
  246. WTT: New Kifaru E&E Pack For Scalarworks Benelli Optics/RMR Rail
  247. SOLD: Rustick Knives 4 inch Utility/Fighter
  248. WTS: WTS : BFG Single Helium Whisper Pouchs - FDE, Wolf, Admin, Pistol, M4, Tourniquet
  249. SOLD: Delete
  250. SOLD: Blade Tech Kydex OWB Paddle Holster for Glock 17 with TLR1