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  1. SOLD: Gerber Propel Downrange AO Tan
  2. SOLD: Spyderco Tenaceous Black Serrated Blade
  3. WTB: Joe Watson HITs Knife in Ti
  4. SOLD: Safariland 6377 ALS Light-Bearing Holster (Full-size M&P with Streamlight TLR-1)
  5. SOLD: JM Custom Kydex AIWB Holster for full-size M&P
  6. SOLD: DSG Arms Glock 17/19/x300U
  7. WTS: Bravo P228 holster, RCS OWB soft loop wings
  8. WTS: AR 15 chest rig (US Grubt gear) as new!
  9. SOLD: Ready Tactical Pistol Mag Pouches (for M&P9/40)
  10. SOLD: Emerson CQC-7AW and Trainer combo
  11. SOLD: Raven Concealment Gear, Magazine carriers, M&P9C Holster
  12. WTS: HSP Disruptive Environments Carrier, Tan
  13. WTS: Tabgear SAS R Suppressor Cover - Olive Drab 1.5" x 7.5"
  14. SOLD: Protech Strider SnG First Production Run #31 *Rare*
  15. WTS: Magpul MS2 Sling System (3 parts) Black
  16. WTB: Milt Sparks, Alessi or similar quality OWB holster for a Glock 19
  17. WTS: ESS Turbofan Goggles- Tan
  18. WTS: Kifaru Xray G2
  19. SOLD: Eberlestock X4 Highspeed pack
  20. WTS: Spyderco, Benchmade and Emerson
  21. SOLD: Surefire XC1, Also, 3 gun belts
  22. WTS: Mayflower Low Profile Assault Armor Carrier
  23. SOLD: HSP Eclipse holster for M&P9C
  24. SOLD: NIB HSP Flatpack Coyote
  25. SOLD: Eagle 3 mag chest rig (m4-ms-le) multicam with Marz custom padded harness
  26. SOLD: ALL Sold
  27. WTS: Custom glock Iwb kydex holsters $35 shipped
  28. WTS: Norotos IMVG Mount. Like new, $300
  29. WTB: Black Mayflower LPAC/LPAAC Size Medium
  30. WTS: Raven Concealment Sonny Rig
  31. SOLD: HawkePaks Recon-2 Rifle Bag
  32. SOLD: WTS: (3x) Blue Force Gear 10-speed pistol belt pouch - (2) new (1) like new-used once
  33. WTS: VTAC Brokos Belt Tan size XXL
  34. WTS: Benchmade H2O Knife with Sheath
  35. SOLD: NIB Aker D.E.A. IWB Holster #151 (Glock 19)
  36. SOLD: Vickers Edition Raven Concealment G17 and pouch set. Includes CAT Tourniquet Holder.
  37. SOLD: LBT 6094A Swimmer Cut Plate Carrier w/ Armor, etc.
  38. SOLD: Safariland OWB M&P Shield Holster - $20 Shipped
  39. WTS: Black Pig UCR Chest rig + GI/Colt Mags! Nice chest rig. $140 Shipped
  40. SOLD: Raven Concealment Mag Pouches - SOLD
  41. SOLD: JM Custom Kydex RH AIWB "The George" for Shield 9/40
  42. WTS/WTT: Esstac Iberian Boar Chest Rig
  43. SOLD: Mcnees Skybolt
  44. SOLD: Dale Fricke AIWB Archangel Holster
  45. WTT: BFG PC, esstac pouch, sling, packs and other nylon gear.
  46. WTB: Front and Rear Plates level III+
  47. SOLD: HSGI Padded Belt and US Grunt Gear Infidel belt
  48. WTS/WTT: HSGI War belt, magazine pouches, and Mayflower Placard
  49. WTS: Triple Aught Design OP1 Pouch- Black
  50. SOLD: Maxpedition Compact Range Bag Tan
  51. WTS/WTT: LaRue dillos tactical beverage entry tool
  52. SOLD: Com-tac infidel XDs
  53. SOLD: BFG Trauma Kit NOW & First Spear Packs > Pic
  54. SOLD: ----SOLD----Raven Concealment Glock 19 w/X300U right hand, black
  55. WTS: HK P30 Raven concealment Holster RH
  56. WTS: US Grunt Gear belts
  57. WTS: BFG Overlord DAP Pack
  58. SOLD: ****spf***Busse Custom Shop SFNO
  59. SOLD: Ops Core FAST Baliistic Helmet, Tan, L/XL
  60. WTS: Glock 4 Pistol Range Bag
  61. SOLD: Raven Concealment Phantom G19/23/32 - SOLD
  62. SOLD: Raven Concealment Phantom Glock 43 - SOLD
  63. WTS: Two Wilderness Frequent Flyer CCW belts
  64. WTB: Beretta 92A1 OWB Holster
  65. SOLD: Sig Sauer P229 Raven Concealment Holster/Mag Pouch
  66. SOLD: Raven Phantom G19/23/32 - SOLD
  67. WTB: 556 stripper clips
  68. SOLD: GONE
  69. WTS/WTT: ABA 3a soft armor
  70. WTS: SDS MOLLE assault pack $30
  71. SOLD: Delete
  72. SOLD: sold Garrett Industries AIWB Leather Lined Holster for Sig P320 Compact
  73. SOLD: JM Custom Kydex Glock 26 and 19 holsters
  74. SOLD: NIB Comp-Tac Infidel Max IWB Holster (G19,23,32)
  75. SOLD: New Galco SCL24 Tan Double Magazine Case For Shoulder Holster Systems (Miami Classic)
  76. SOLD: Raven Mag Pouches Glock 43 SOLD
  77. WTB: G19/SF X300 Ultra IWB holster
  78. SOLD: Arcteryx Leaf Khard 60 Brand NEW
  79. SOLD: 1-Ares gear Ranger belt XL
  80. SOLD: Original S.O.E. EDC Belt
  81. WTS/WTT: ESEE 4 and Other Misc Gear
  82. WTS: Fist #1K S&W Shield holster, Beretta 92 AIWB holster
  83. SOLD: G-Code Glock 43 Incog Shadow Carry Package for TLR-6 with Mag Caddy (w/ TLR-6!)
  84. SOLD: Haley Strategic Incog w/ Mag Caddy G19 G23 Black on Black
  85. WTS/WTT: EGL Monkey Stomper in multicam
  86. SOLD: BCM VFG. Black, short.
  87. WTS: Blackhawk STRIKE PC coyote brown
  88. SOLD: HSGI Sniper Waistpack - Multicam NEW!
  89. WTS: First Spear Assaulter's Gun Belt (AGB) NEW!
  90. WTS: Tactical Tailor "Low Profile Armor Carrier" (LPAC)
  91. WTS: Eagle industries chest rigs and AOR 2 stuff
  92. SOLD: Haley Strategic Incog w/ Mag Caddy for G43 - Excellent Condition
  93. WTS/WTT: WTS / WTT US Grunt Gear Belt
  94. WTS: Crye Precision G3 Combat Pants - Khaki - 32L
  95. WTS: Magpul MS2 Sling
  96. WTS: Bravo Concealment and Safariland holsters, and Raven cuff and flashlight holster
  97. WTS: Emerson Knives and ZT 0303
  98. SOLD: New Shellback Banshee Plate Carrier w/ Marz Triple Shingle and Admin Pouch - Ranger G
  99. SOLD: JC Custom OWB holster XDs
  100. WTS: DECIDED TO KEEP - HSGI Rifle Taco, Wolf Gray, x2
  101. SOLD: Raven Phantom Glock - SOLD
  102. WTS: Blue Force Gear SOC-C M4 pack
  103. WTS: Kifaru Mollex G2 Foliage
  104. SOLD: Strider SMF and Leatherman MUT
  105. WTB: BCM Chest Rig
  106. WTS: First Spear Beat UP Plate carrier, $100
  107. WTS/WTT: Oakley boots/5.11 Rush 24 pack/gaiters/gloves
  108. SOLD: Leatherman MUT
  109. WTS: M&P holsters
  110. SOLD: Deleted
  111. SOLD: [NIW] G-Code OSH for Glock 19 (with RTI Paddle + Belt) - $89 Shipped
  112. WTB: Wanting a black HSGI Triple Pistol TACO & Raven Moduloader
  113. WTS/WTT: Fighting Load Carrier molle vest
  114. WTS: 2 Hinderer FATTY Spanto
  115. SOLD: M&P holsters and magazines (Raven Concealment, Safariland, S&W)
  116. WTS: Blackpoint OWB g17/22
  117. WTS: The Wilderness Instructors Belt (riggers belt)
  118. WTS: Glock 17 Holsters - Raven Concealment Phantom & Bravo Concealment RTT
  119. WTS: Ronin Tactics task force belt in multicam
  120. WTS: Jones Tactical and HSGI Cobra Belts
  121. WTS: Raven Holster for Shield and Boker Kwaiken
  122. WTS: RCS Single M4 Mag Carrier, BFG Jedburgh, Ares Gear LE Duty
  123. WTS: Helmet, nape pad, Revision eye pro, NVG mount, TAP chest rig, softshell pants
  124. SOLD: SOLD please delete
  125. WTS: Raven Concealment Systems Modular Pistol Magazine Carrier (for Glock mags)
  126. WTS: Custom Raven Concealment Phantom G19+Viridian X5L
  127. WTS: Eagle Universal Chest Rig, PIG Side Plate Carriers, Safariland
  128. SOLD: SKD PIG Brig Plate Carrier w/ extras
  129. SOLD: TTGunleather Slim "Mike's Special" IWB Holster & Mag Carrier - G19/G23/G32
  130. SOLD: SOLD
  131. SOLD: ****spf*****Benchmade mini reflex
  132. SOLD: 7.62 Tactical Chest rig in Woodland.
  133. WTS: VP9 HKUSPC 45 and Shield Holsters, Raven, INCOG, Alessi
  134. SOLD: HK P30SK IWB Kydex holster and mag carrier
  135. WTS: SoTECH Hellcat chest rig, new, $75/shipped
  136. WTS: Spyderco Native LNIB
  137. SOLD: JM Custom Kydex IWB Version 3, Right Hand, Glock 17/22/31
  138. SOLD: Joe Watson Magni Ti with tracker dan sheath and extras
  139. SOLD: Treeman Knives LRRP (non serrated), and Winkler II Belt Knife
  140. SOLD: Raven Concealment Morrigan Holster GLock 19/26
  141. SOLD: LBX 0300 plate carriers - brand new
  142. SOLD: JM Custom Kydex Light Bearing OWB v2 VP9 Holster
  143. SOLD: Blade Tech IDPA Competition Shooter's Pack - M&P Pro
  144. WTS: Maxpedition Vesper Messenger Bag, Black, NEW
  145. SOLD: Sold
  146. WTS/WTT: McGowan Survival Knife and SOG SEAL Knife for sale
  147. WTS: Esstac, Raven Concealment, etc. Prices Lowered!
  148. WTS: Rogue Gunfighter ankle mounted medical pouch
  149. SOLD: HSP Mag Pouch Inserts
  150. SOLD: 3M Peltor Comtac III ACH Dual-Comm Coyote Headset
  151. SOLD: Safariland ALS For G20/21 with or without light
  152. SOLD: $20 Bladetech Phantom 1911 Officer IWB Holster
  153. SOLD: Tactical Tailor Removable Operator Pack
  154. SOLD: VTAC and HSGI Battle Belts
  155. WTS: Rawdawg IWB Springfield XDs 3.3
  156. SOLD: Spyderco Perrin PPT Black G-10 PlainEdge Knife
  157. WTS: Huge multicam clear out. Crye, Haley. Plate carrier packs belts.
  158. WTS: Benchmade 140BK Nimravus Fixed 4.5" Plain Blade [B+]
  159. SOLD: Benchmade Mini Reflex 2500 Sts. Part Serrated
  160. WTS: Kizer Gemini
  161. WTB: Blue Force Gear DAP Laptop sleeve or similar
  162. SOLD: Mayflower APC
  163. WTS: Blade tech, original SOE, Magpul MS3, and CR Speed gear for sale.
  164. WTB: OWB holsters for 2" K-frame S&W revolver
  165. WTS: Galco Ankle Glove - Hammerless j-frame
  166. SOLD: Magpul MS2 Sling, Gen 1, Black w/ ASAP plate
  167. SOLD: BFG Vickers Combat Applications Sling / VCAS Sling, Padded, Black - *NEW*
  168. WTS: Tactical Tailor triple mag pouches
  169. WTS: Cleaning out the closet. Mayflower, VTAC, BFG, Esstac, ect.
  170. WTS: Chris Reeve Umnumzaan Tanto with old pivot and no LBS
  171. WTS: Spring Cleaning!!
  172. WTB: HSGI Multicam Tacos (AR & Pistol & Medpack)
  173. SOLD: 2 Ready Tactical AR Mag Pouches
  174. SOLD: Blade Tech Nano for S&W Shield
  175. SOLD: WTS Spyderco Southard
  176. WTB: WTB/WTT LBT 6094B
  177. WTS: Serpa Concealment Holster for S&W M&P 9/40 & Sigma 9/40
  178. WTT: WTT new set of Diamondhead Alloy flip up iron sights for high end folding knives
  179. SOLD: Esstac Trim Bush chest rig, multicam w/padded harness $115 free shi
  180. WTS/WTT: Dale Fricke Kydex "The Archangel" IWB Holster and IWB Mag Pouch for HK45C/45CT.
  181. WTS: Chaves 325, Medford TFF-2, Spyderco Slysz Bowie
  182. WTS: Comp Tac MTAC Spare Body for Glock 9/40/357 Slide
  183. WTS: custom kydex holsters for H&K VP9 $40 shipped
  184. WTS: Busse Team Gemini brand new
  185. WTS: Zero Tolerance 0808 anodized plum/purple $155
  186. WTS: KT-Mech kydex for HK45c with TLR-3
  187. WTS: Cold Steel Knives
  188. SOLD: Benchmade 172bk Tomahawk / Entry Tool
  189. WTS: AR550 Plates
  190. WTS: Custom Kydex IWB holsters for Glock 43
  191. SOLD: Raven Concealment Phantom LC - RH - G19/XC1
  192. WTS/WTT: Mayflower R&C Cummerbunds - Coyote
  193. WTS: Crown OWB kydex M&P full size
  194. WTS: HSP D3CR and a couple other goodies!
  195. SOLD: Boker AK-74 Auto Knife
  196. SOLD: Raven Concealment double mag carrier Glock 9/40
  197. WTS: Crossbreed SuperTuck Glock 9/40
  198. SOLD: SOLD
  199. WTS: Mini presidio 525 axis lock
  200. SOLD: Benchmade Adamas Black Handle Serrated Blade***SPF***
  201. WTS: Diamondback Tactical triple M4 kangaroo mag pouch w/free double pistol mag pouch
  202. SOLD: Ares Gear Mil Duty Belt
  203. WTS: Wilson StarTac & Small Micarta Sebenza
  204. WTS: Please Delete
  205. SOLD: New T-REX ARMS Sidecar Holster for G43 - R/H Black on Dark Grey
  206. WTS: UW Gear AR bandoleer ATACS-FG
  207. WTS: Winkler Belt Knife
  208. SOLD: Ops Core FAST BASE Jump Helmet L/XL in Black BRAND NEW! $185
  209. SOLD: Gundo OWB2 Level 2 w/Light HK USP 9/40 full size.kryptic mandrake
  210. WTS: PIG UCR, PIG CR-H, PIG Mollevella (coyote tan)
  211. SOLD: Wiley X Valor Set
  212. SOLD: Mayflower APC
  213. WTS: Benchmade bedlam Auto
  214. SOLD: Gcode XST RTI for HK45/45c/HK USP 40/ kryptic mandrake
  215. WTS/WTT: Glock 19/23/32 Master's holster
  216. SOLD: **SPF** TCI DEHP Noise Headphones and Jones Fat Zombie Duty Belt
  217. WTS: S&S Precision GRT Kangaroo Pouch Coyote Tan (NIP)
  218. SOLD: Vertx EDC Satchel
  219. SOLD: Ka Bar, CRKT, Spyderco
  221. SOLD: New Ronin Tactics Task Force Senshi Belt Multicam Size Medium
  222. SOLD: TAG Banshee wolf grey with Tacos
  223. WTB: A few random things I'm looking for
  224. WTS: Strider SnG CC (Black/Flamed/Striped)
  225. SOLD: JM Custom Kydex "George" for VP9/Surefire XC1 ***lowered***
  226. WTS: Raven concealment M&P phantom
  227. SOLD: SOLD
  228. WTB: Looking for a Raven type holster for G21 threaded barrel, suppressor sights, SF X300
  229. WTS/WTT: Zero Tolerance 0560 Black Wash
  230. SOLD: Benchmade AFO (Automatic)
  231. SOLD: Raven Concealment Glock 42 Pocket Holster **Like New**
  232. SOLD: Raven Concealment Phantom LC for G17/22 w/ Surefire X300
  233. WTS: CRKT James Williams Tactical Pen
  234. WTS: HSGI 1.75 belt w/ velcro 48 waist
  235. WTS: Safariland, 5.11, ASP & Bianchi duty gear
  236. WTS: Comp-Tac MTAC Glock -- NEW PRICES
  237. SOLD: Safariland 5188 Holster for Glock 17 or 22 with weaponlight
  238. WTS/WTT: Alien gear cloak mod owb rh. glock and 1911. Pics up.
  239. WTS: Kershaw Filet Knife-Brand New
  240. SOLD: Glock 19 holsters - RCS Morrigan and 5Shot SME
  241. WTB: Glock 20 Raven concealment or Safariland Dropleg holster
  242. WTS: WTS Safariland 6004 drop leg for 1911 W light
  243. SOLD: SAFARILAND G21/20 ALS/SLS 6365-3832-131
  244. SOLD: SOLD: Safariland 6378 ALS Holster for G17/22 w/TLR-1/x300 (RH)
  245. WTS: Raven Concealment mag carrier for Glock 9/40
  246. SOLD: Gundo RTI for HK USP 9/40 with TLR-1 in kryptic mandrake
  247. WTS: alps outdoors traverse rifle carrying backpack
  248. SOLD: Mayflower APC, HSGI Taco, FirstSpear SpeedReload
  249. WTS: Withdrawn
  250. SOLD: Horsehide Crossbreed Supertuck Delux S&W M&P