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  1. SOLD: Prometheus Design Werx - PDW Invictus™ MIL-LE Edition Auto Knife
  2. SOLD: Duane Dwyer Custom SMF - (Strider/DDC)
  3. SOLD: HK Tumult OTF by Benchmade
  4. SOLD: SOE AK/M4 Micro Rig Special Operations Equipment OD Green w/ H-Harness
  5. SOLD: 5.11 2-Banger Bag Tac OD
  6. WTS: Milt Sparks SS for Glock 26/27
  7. WTS: NEW/NIB: Benchmade Adamas, SOG Trident Tanto, SOG EOD 2.0 Multitool - Nashville, TN
  8. WTS: Appendix Carry Rig (ACR) by Raven Concealment M&P9/40
  9. WTS: Several holsters (PA)
  10. WTB: BCM Multicam Hat
  12. SOLD: Off the grid concepts HK USP 9/40 W/TLR-1 WRS Hood kydex Holster Multicam
  13. WTS: Wilderness Tactical "Instructor Belt", 5-stitch, 1.5", FDE
  14. WTS: JM Custom Kydex IWB V2 RH M&P9FS $60 Shipped
  15. SOLD: New Howard Leight Impact Sport electronic + Griffon Industries multicam cover
  16. WTS: NIB ZT 0562
  17. WTS/WTT: Ban Tang DLC'd DE Clinch Pick
  18. WTS: Sig Legion Knives for sale
  19. SOLD: NEW Benchmade 175BK Adamas CBK!
  20. SOLD: Mayflower UW Chest Rig Gen IV in Ranger Green $140
  21. WTS: RCS and G-Code M&P Shield Holsters
  22. SOLD: Spyderco Yojimbo 2
  23. WTS/WTT: Raven Concealment Glock Holsters
  24. SOLD: JM Custom AIWB mag pouch (G17), CCC BMC (G17), Ares Aegis Belt
  25. WTS: ATS RAID pack Coyote Brown $100
  26. SOLD: Raven Concealment Mag Pouch - *SOLD*
  27. SOLD: Raven Concealment Phantom Pancake Wings - SOLD
  28. SOLD: Oakley M Frame 3.0 set $130
  29. SOLD: Dark Earth Eberlsetock X3 LoDrag
  30. SOLD: ***SPF***Garrett Industries Silent Thunder, IWB, 4.25" 1911 Commander
  31. SOLD: Vertx Gamut Plus
  32. SOLD: JM Custom Kydex - Glock 17 OWB
  33. SOLD: Wilderness Frequent Flyer and 5.11 Tactical Trainer Belt
  34. SOLD: JM Custom Kydex AIWB Holster for M&P Shield - *** Further Reduced ***
  35. WTS: ZT 0808, ZT 0900, Microtech Halo V
  36. SOLD: RCS Phantom M&P9 FS w/TLR-1
  37. WTS: Reign Tactical Indra's Custom Holster for Glock 19/23
  38. SOLD: SOLD
  39. SOLD: Safariland ELS Belt, ELS Attachments, QLS, and 773 mag pouches for 2011
  40. SOLD: Vertx EDC Gamut Pack
  41. SOLD: Velocity Systems LWPC, APC Pads, Swift Clip Kit - July 4th PRICE DROP!
  42. SOLD: ITS Tactical Fatboy Trauma Pouch in Multicam (NWOT)
  43. SOLD: G-Code Kydex Single Magazine Carrier for S&W Shield
  44. SOLD: Maxpedition Operator Tactical Attache (Khaki)
  45. WTS: G-Code XST Holster for H&K VP9
  46. WTS: Ares Gear Duty Belt LE 2" (OUTER) Size MEDIUM 32"-38"
  47. WTS: LEFTY Raven Concealment mag carriers, LEFTY BladeTech holters
  48. SOLD: OSOE Mookie War Rig Light PALS Multicam
  49. WTB: G-code OSH for G19
  50. SOLD: Raven eidolon/ full kit g19 size
  51. WTS: 4 Fixed / 2 Folders
  52. WTS: BlueForce Gear SOC-C sling
  53. WTS/WTT: Double-Decker Taco, OD Green $35 shipped
  54. WTS: Sling, pouches, IR strobes, rite in rain
  55. WTS: London Bridge Trading LBT-1961G chest rig AOR1 (new)
  56. WTS: Assorted Glock Kydex
  57. WTB: 6.5 Grendel dies FOUND
  58. SOLD: Remora & Q Series IWB for S&W Shield
  59. SOLD: USGI Molle Belt, Dump Pouch, Med pouch
  60. WTS: Eagle/Lightfighter RG RAID
  61. SOLD: JMCK FDE OWB v2 & Single Mag Pouch v2 for HK45c
  62. WTB: Large Multicam ACH Cover
  63. SOLD: SOLD: Infinity Kydex IWB Holster for Sig P320c
  64. WTS: Kifaru OD Zulu and accessories
  65. WTS: Strider SnG ***Lowered*** $SOLD
  66. SOLD: Center Mass Inc. AR-15/M16 Patrol Rifle Integrated Magazine Pouch $40
  67. SOLD: Gerber 06 Auto G10 $110
  68. WTS: New Wilcox L4 G24 - Black
  69. WTS: Mayflower UW Gen IV chest rig - Ranger Green
  70. WTT: WTT Used Emerson CQC 7
  71. SOLD: JM Custom FS M&P Holster
  72. WTS: Microtech Halo V user
  73. WTS: esstac kywi 2+2 shorty
  74. WTS: Vertx EDC Courier Bag for sale
  75. WTS: Mystery Ranch MC Spartan and Gunfighter
  76. WTS: Butler Bags Gear Bag
  77. SOLD: Beez Combat Systems AK74 Chest Rig, Coyote
  78. SOLD: MSA Sordin Supreme Pro-X w/Gel Seals BRAND NEW
  79. WTS: Tactical Tailor triple mag pouch
  80. SOLD: WTS/ Gundo with RTI for HK USP 9/40 with TLR-1 in kryptic mandrake
  81. WTS: Gcode XST RTI for HK USP 9/40 kryptic mandrake
  82. SOLD: RCS M&P Shield Holster & Mag Carrier
  83. SOLD: SOLD to hickuleas RCS Phantom for VP9
  84. SOLD: Compact Pistol Soft Case
  85. SOLD: Milt Sparks VMII USP Compact 9/40
  86. WTS: Calvera cutlery El Patron
  87. SOLD: Sold....Nothing to see here Somebody got a smoking deal!!!!
  88. SOLD: Crye Precision JPC- Multicam- Large
  89. WTS: Veil Solutions Ghost for Glock 19/23
  90. SOLD: Velocity Systems ULV Soft Armor Plate Backers
  91. SOLD: Crye JPC (M) multicam Never Worn Free Ship $210
  92. WTS: Magpul Tejas Belt - $60
  93. SOLD: WTS/ Comptac Infidel Ultra for S&W, Shield, RH, 1.50" & mag pouch.
  94. SOLD: First spear Amphibian M/L with pouches & HSP flat pack, $350
  95. WTS: HSGI padded belt
  96. WTS: Hinderer XM-18 NIB 4th gen
  97. SOLD: Raven Moduloader w/ HSGI Double Decker Tacos (Multicam)
  98. SOLD: Various pieces of tactical gear (Eagle, ATS, EMDOM, FirstSpear, BFG, etc.)
  99. WTS: Multicam OTG RTI mount Holster for RMR G19 and X300U with tape switch
  100. SOLD: VP9 Holsters: JMCK AIWB (George) and OTGHex Battle Belt style holster
  101. SOLD: Guncraft Cloak Mod 2 w/ RCS VG2 Wing for Glocks
  102. WTS: Eagle Ind. M4 Chest rig, RCS Vanguard 2 Holster & M&P9/40 Holster
  103. WTS: Phlstr gen 2 access Glock holster
  104. SOLD: Haley D3CR Chest Rig Multicam Light and Heavy
  105. SOLD: Maxpedition FIGHT Medical Pouch
  106. WTS: Rifle Cases / Carlos Hathcock White Feather Drag Bag / Eagle Compact Carbine Case
  107. WTS: EAGLE Discreet Case in Coyote (ETG-C0001-5COY) 33" x 15" (16" Carbine)
  108. SOLD: JM custom AIWB for sig P320
  109. WTS: Holsters for G42 & XD-S
  110. SOLD: TAD Recon Shorts, SKD UCR Multicam Chest Rig
  111. WTS/WTT: EGL VOCR 4 mag, in Kryptek Typhon.
  112. SOLD: SOLD
  113. WTS: HSGI Padded belt, suspenders, drop leg panel
  114. SOLD: Raven Concealmen Vanguard 2 for Glock, $20 shipped.
  115. WTS: Blue Force Gear Multicam Chest Rig Molle Minus Free Ship
  116. SOLD: Tactical Concealment Viper Ghillie free ship
  117. SOLD: Coyote Vickers VCAS sling. Padded.
  118. WTS: Tactical Tailor triple mag carrier (three 30rd mag panel)
  119. WTS: Crye Pre C.A.G.E. (L) + IV Plates $1700 Shipped insured
  120. SOLD: Brand New Smith Optics Elite Aegis Arc Compact Eyeshield Field Kit
  121. SOLD: HSGI gear (belt and tacos)
  122. WTS/WTT: 3 Day Assault Pack, ACU for Sale; Fantastic Shape, comes with Hydration Bladder
  123. SOLD: Safariland 6280 - G17/G22 with X200/300, Tan, RH
  124. SOLD: KCT Custom Kydex OWB Glock 45/10mm and 1911 Holsters
  125. SOLD: SORD USA Hoodie TAN Size Medium
  126. SOLD: Multicam Medium HSGI Sure Grip Belt Fully Loaded
  127. WTS/WTT: minimalist body aror
  128. SOLD: Blade-Tech Klipt AIWB Holster for M&P Shield
  129. SOLD: JM Custom G17 X300U-A Holster
  130. WTS: AR Magazine carriers, Magpul
  131. SOLD: Wanted: Ka-Bar TDI ankle knife/rig
  132. SOLD: HSGI leg panel, ranger/OD green
  133. WTS: Esstac 7.62 Pouches + QD Plate Carrier Front Setups
  134. SOLD: Tactical Tailor Dual Magazine Pouch, Coyote
  135. SOLD: Maxpedition Pouch, Khaki
  136. WTB: MAS grey gear
  137. WTS: KSG Minuteman Glock 17/22
  138. SOLD: SIG MPX Carry Bag - brand new, unused!
  139. SOLD: RCS 1911 w/X300U-A & Mag Carrier
  140. WTB: WTB Crye JPC S/M
  141. SOLD: JM Custom Kydex holster and magazine pouches *Price adjusted*
  142. WTS: Ruger All Weather Knife, First Production Run
  143. SOLD: SOLD HSP INCOG Glock 19/23 NIB
  144. WTS: Holsters ~ 5 Shot Leather & others
  145. WTS: Assorted Holsters. Glock 30, 1911, HK P30, HK USPc
  146. SOLD: 6 pairs of 5.11 Tactical pants and shorts, sizes 32x30 32x32, Coyote Khaki Tundra
  147. WTS: LBX Armatus "SLICK" (Wolf Gray) w/extras (Size Med)
  148. SOLD: Benchmade Griptilian 551BK-ORG
  149. SOLD: Ares Gear Aegis belt and JM Custom G17 mag pouches
  150. WTS: NIB MICH
  151. WTS: Remora RFT IWB holsters and mag pouches
  152. WTS: Glock OD green magazine carrier 17,19,26
  153. WTS: Safariland 6280 Holster for 1911 w/ light
  154. WTS/WTT: WTS/ WTT: BRAND NEW Old Gen Multicam Mayflower 5.56 Hybrid Chest Rig $120 Shipped
  155. WTS/WTT: Knives, Maxpedition, SOG, Benchmade, TOPS, Koch tools
  156. SOLD: Crossbreed 2nd IWB Double Stack Mag Holder
  157. SOLD: WTS Blackhawk Serpa G26/27
  158. WTS/WTT: Safariland and Blackhawk for Glock 17/22
  159. SOLD: Off the Grid/OTG Hex Sidewinder Holster for S&W M&P Shield
  160. SOLD: Maxpedition Jumbo Versipack S Type
  161. SOLD: Blue Force Gear DAP Pack
  162. SOLD: SOLD: Ronin Tactics Shooters Belt, Multicam
  163. SOLD: Kydex Glock 43 Holsters
  164. SOLD: G-code M&P fullsize & Surefire X300u holster
  165. SOLD: Viking Tactics VTAC padded slings, OD and BLACK
  166. SOLD: SOE Gear EDC Cobra Belt
  167. SOLD: Incog Holster
  168. WTS: Old Generation Black Buckle Allied Industries Khaki MBSS L/XL
  169. WTS: Volund Gearworks Atlas G hook Belts 2X
  170. WTT: Peltor comtac 3s dual comm for single comm
  171. SOLD: SKD Tactical PIG Universal Chest Rig
  172. SOLD: 2x ranger green plate carriers - APC and LWPC
  173. SOLD: Griffon industries kydex for Glock w/ surefire x300
  174. SOLD: Midwest Guardian IV (level IV) ceramic plates, SOLD pending funds
  175. SOLD: Haley D3 chest rig - ranger green
  176. WTS: Karrimor Sabre 75, UW AK chest rig, BFG battle belt
  177. SOLD: WTS HSP/G-Code INCOG Glock 19 IWB holsters
  178. SOLD: Multiple Folding Knives (see post for prices)
  179. WTB: Medium ESAPI Plates
  180. SOLD: Kydex Glock 42 Pocket Holster
  181. SOLD: Garrett Industries Hybrid Glock Holsters (19,23,32/20,21)
  182. SOLD: HSGI Slimgrip belt/ multicam 41.5"
  183. SOLD: Brand New RCS Vanguard 3 Surefire X300U
  184. SOLD: KCT Custom Kydex OWB Glock 45/10mm Holster and Mag Carrier
  185. SOLD: FirstSpear First On Plate Carrier
  186. WTS/WTT: Avon FM12 Voice Projection Unit and C50/FM53 Radio Interface Kit
  187. WTS: Several items for sale
  188. WTS/WTT: Arno Bernard (custom) bush baby fixed blade
  189. SOLD: Glock 42 Raven gear and outrags IWB
  190. WTS: Black Point Tactical RH Holster and Mag/SF Pouch - Glock 43
  191. WTS/WTT: 5.11 VTAC rifle bag w/ extra dual molle mag pouch.
  192. SOLD: Spyderco Sage 1 Carbon Fiber Liner Lock - $90 Shipped
  193. SOLD: TWO Vickers Blueforce Gear Slings.
  194. WTS: X-Concealment Gen2 "C" series OWB G19
  195. SOLD: Volund Gearworks Cobra Belt. 1.5" Ranger Green, Large.
  196. SOLD: Bladetech M&P Sheild holster
  197. WTS: RCS 1911 5"
  198. WTS: Various items (OSOE, Kydex, Maxpedition, etc)
  199. WTS: Volund ATLAS 1.75" belt
  200. SOLD: Blackpoint Tactical Sig 229/XC1 Combos
  201. SOLD: Spyderco Reverse
  202. WTB: Crye G3 Combat - multicam
  203. WTS: Hinderer xm 18 3.5" Bowie
  204. WTS: Gem-Tech/So-Tech/Kestrel/Larue/Etc.
  205. WTS: Les George EOD, scrapyard 7.11
  206. WTS: G-code Incog Eclipse and others
  207. SOLD: DSG Arms Glock 17/19/x300U
  208. WTS: Spartan Armor 10x12" plates (set of two)
  209. SOLD: HK45/45c Double Magazine Holder
  210. SOLD: Velocity Systems Operator Utility Belt Setup
  211. WTS/WTT: Multicam SKD Pig Brig PC and HSGI Tacos Black
  212. SOLD: Ares Armor kydex holsters Glock 17/22, Glock 20/21, S&W M&P compact
  213. SOLD: Please delete
  214. WTS: Safariland 6280 Beretta 92/Vertec/92A1 Holster
  215. WTS: *Price Drop X2* PJ Holster Kydex Glock 42 Pocket Holster and Mag Carrier
  216. WTS: Grey Ghost Gear "Minimalist" plate carrier
  217. SOLD: TT gunleather IWB g19 w/ light package
  218. SOLD: SOLD
  219. WTS: New Randall Knife model #14-7.5" Attack
  220. SOLD: Comp-Tac MTAC Holster Glock 9/40
  221. WTS: Scarab LT / HSGI belt / JM custom Glock AIWB / Vltor a5. All SOLD
  222. WTS: Esstac Mag Pouches, Chest Rigs, PC Panels + AOR2
  223. WTS: WTS Banshee PC w/ extras
  224. WTS: SPF. ......Safariland 6004 FDE drop leg RMR for M&P
  225. SOLD: Glock 17 holsters
  226. WTS: Ferro Concepts Slickster Flap Black
  227. WTS: Chris Reeve Large Sebenza 21 with Cocobolo Inlays
  228. WTS: WTS: New AK and AR-15 Bayonet
  230. SOLD: Comp-Tac M&P Shield mag carrier
  231. WTS: Wilcox PVS-14 J arm, Surefire ATPIAL/Scout switch, Gear Sector Scout mount
  232. WTS: SOLD ....Poltergeist Works 4101f flipper folder with trit thumb stud
  233. SOLD: New MARZ Tactical Gear Plate Carrier - Multicam
  234. SOLD: G-Code SOC RTI holster for Glock 34
  235. SOLD: New Blue Force Gear VCAS Slings
  236. SOLD: Safariland 6280 6004-73 holster for Beretta M9 series, black STX tactical
  237. SOLD: **PRICED TO SELL QUICK** Ear Pro: 3M Peltor COMTAC III ACH Headset
  238. WTS: Blade-Tech Nano Holster, Glock 19/23/32, RH Carry
  239. WTS: Volund Micro Battle Belt
  240. WTS: Raven Eidolon for G17, right handed, full kit
  241. SOLD: FirstSpear Pistol/Tyr Combat Adjust Rifle/Pistol,TAG 6-M4,Marz CR Harness-PriceDrop
  242. SOLD: Comp-Tac International Holster Kimber 1911 5" Rail Right Red 1911 5 HR (BRAND NEW)
  243. WTB: Raven Concealment OWB HK45c Holster
  244. WTS: Milt Sparks Sharkskin trim Versa Max 2 (VM2) LEFTY M&P40
  245. SOLD: Milt Sparks Versa Max 2 (VM2) LEFTY Gov't 1911 w/ rail
  246. SOLD: Mayflower APC in Coyote S/M, 2 Velocity systems LVL 4 SA 10x12 (PSA4)
  247. WTS: Mystery Ranch 3DAP Foliage
  248. WTS: Emdom pouches - M4 IAP and Pistol IAP
  249. SOLD: Blue Force Gear RACKminus WOLF GREY 12 column
  250. SOLD: TX: Q-series minimalist holster for all Glocks*