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  1. SOLD: SKD Paraclete SOHPC Plate Carrier - Multi-Cam
  2. WTS: Smith & Wesson M&P 9/40 Holsters, On Your Six Mag
  3. SOLD: Blade Tech Classic Kydex OWB - Sig P226R
  4. WTS/WTT: Magpul™ Tejas Gun Belt – "El Original" Size 38
  5. WTS: Spyderco Paramilitary 2
  6. WTS: New Safariland Glock 19/23 6360 ALS STX Level III Plus UBL Duty Holster Right Hand
  7. WTB: Haley D3CR or D3CX in ranger green
  8. SOLD: SKD Paraclete SOHPC Plate Carrier - BLACK (Now $100 OBO Shipped)
  9. WTS: Brand new coyote Belt Mount Tacos
  10. WTB: PIG PC Black/Can Trade Ferro Slickster
  11. SOLD: Mayflower RC RECCE Chest Rig
  13. SOLD: Microtech Ultratech D/E 122-12
  14. SOLD: Gcode Incog eclipse g19/xc1
  15. WTT: Looking for some good pistol mags pouches to trade for my Kydex mag holders
  16. SOLD: WTS: BFG Dappers, Gerber GhostStrike ankle knife, Eleven10 Rigid Tourniquet holder
  17. WTS: Chinese, USGI & UK Military Surplus, ATS, Blackhawk
  18. SOLD: Combat Flip Flops Claymore waxed canvas bag
  19. WTS: Bravo Concealment Patriot/BCA Glock 19 Holster
  20. WTS: Comp-Tac Single and Double Mag Pouches - P226 9mm
  21. SOLD: Glock 26/27 holsters
  22. SOLD: Double order - G-Code Incog Shadow Eclipse for G19 w/Surefire XC-1
  23. WTS: Drawer and safe clean out
  24. WTS: Raven Concealment Eidolon Holster for G17 (Full Kit, Ambidextrous, full sweat guard)
  25. WTS: CCC Shaggy AIWB Holster (Glock 17) W/ Belt Adapter Plate(extended for extra tuck)
  26. WTS: Vertx Mens Kryptek tactical pants 38-32
  27. SOLD: WTS: RCS LEFT HAND OWB Phantom and mag pouches for Glock 30S
  28. WTS: Haley DC3R ChestRig Multicam Black
  29. SOLD: LNIB Oakley SI Fuel Cell Ultrablend Polarized
  30. SOLD: G Code G17 holster, Volund gearworks belt
  31. WTS: Raven Vanguard v1 Trigger Holster M&P (black)
  32. SOLD: RCS phantom Rh m&p9 tlr1
  33. SOLD: Grey Ghost minimalist Plate carrier Multicam, AR500 steel plates+Kevlar antispawl
  34. SOLD: Winkler II Combat Axe
  35. WTS: OPS CORE, BFG LMAC, Merino Wool, First Spear, Under Armour, Marmot, SWAT/Police Gear
  36. SOLD: Comp-Tac Two O'Clock Glock 19 Holster (RH)
  37. WTB: CCC Shaggy RH G19
  38. SOLD: Benchmade Barrage (154CM Steel / 3.6" Blade Length)
  39. WTS: Mayflower APC $200
  40. SOLD: Frank Proctor WOTG sling MARPAT brown
  41. SOLD: Mika J frame pocket holster
  42. WTS: Blade Tech OWB Classic Kydex M&P Holsters 9/40 Full Size and Shield
  43. SOLD: Mayflower Multicam UW Gen V Split Front Chest Rig
  44. WTS: PPS Legion w/soft armor
  47. WTB: FOUND! looking for broken kydex holster for G19 with X300U
  48. WTS: Alot of Knives
  49. SOLD: SPF.***** Galco shoulder holster G43/XDs
  50. WTT: Serpa - Swift Clips - Stock Handguard & More
  51. WTS: JM custom kydex, Alessi, 10-8, OSOE
  52. SOLD: Milt Sparks VM II for Commander w/Rail
  53. SOLD: Blue Force Gear Vickers Sling- OD Green
  54. WTS: Team Wendy Helmet Ballistic Helmet, Wilcox, Condor, EES, Dark Angel, Smith.
  55. WTS: Strider SNG/MT, Benchmade Adamas, ZT 556
  56. SOLD: 3M PELTOR TEP-100 Tactical Digital Earplug.
  57. SOLD: CZ P-07 holsters and mag pouch (JM Custom Kydex and Raven)
  58. WTS: Gear Cleanout
  59. SOLD: Blue Force Gear Ten Speed Double Mag Pouches
  60. SOLD: SDS Tac Bag
  62. WTS: Sig P320/250 grip modules, holsters, and mag pouches
  63. SOLD: Volund Atlas Belt
  64. SOLD: Protective Products plate carrier, black
  65. SOLD: Withdrawn
  66. SOLD: Camo Green BFG Vickers Sling
  67. WTS/WTT: 5.11 Tactec plate carrier in black
  68. WTS: JM Custom Kydex and Safariland ALS
  69. WTS: GLOCK 81 Field Knife with Saw $29
  70. SOLD: Coyote Brown BFG Vickers Sling
  71. SOLD: X-Concealment OWB Holsters (G 19, 17)
  72. WTS: 5.11 Tactical C.U.B. Master 2.0 Folding Karambit
  73. WTS: JM kydex, 10-8, Esstac, HSGI, and more
  74. WTS/WTT: 5.11 Tactec plate carrier in black
  75. SOLD: Black BFG Vickers Sling
  76. SOLD: Mods, you can delete
  77. WTS: USP 9/40 FS holsters Kramer $55 Sparks $105
  78. SOLD: Sold
  79. WTS/WTT: Knife Clean Out (Benchmade, Al Mar, Emerson, Simonich, ect..)
  80. SOLD: 5" 1911 5 Shot Leather IBS holster
  81. WTS: Zero Tolerance 0350 SWCF Carbon Fiber, NIB
  83. WTS/WTT: SOF Individual First Aid Kit - Paraclete/QuikClot/SOF Tourniquet
  84. WTS: Medford seawolf fixed blade
  85. SOLD: TREX Arms Light Compatible Raptor Holster for Glock 19/23 with Surefire XC1
  86. SOLD: T.Rex Arms Sidecar appendix holster for Glock 19/23/32 w/Inforce APL
  87. WTB: 5 Shot Leather SME for 92FS/M9 (Milt Sparks VMII also possible)
  88. WTS: Pig UCR in FDE
  89. WTS: Deleted
  90. WTS: FNX-45 Tactical Holster w/X300 (KT-MECH) $40 shipped lower 48
  91. SOLD: D.M. Bullard CZ SP-01 Combat RH Holster 1 3/4 belt slots $85 shipped
  92. WTS/WTT: Gore-tex, med stuff, misc.
  93. SOLD: Excellent condition HSP Flatpack disruptive gray
  94. WTS: Eagle Industries Plate Carrier (Khaki, S/M)
  95. WTS: Garrett Industries Silent Thunder Fusion Glock 17 Holster
  96. SOLD: John Horrigan Model One Fighter Knife
  97. SOLD: New Atom Holster Kahr CM9/CM40
  98. SOLD: Remora No Clip IWB Holster & 2 Pack Accesory Holster(S&W Shield)
  99. WTS: Ritchie Leather Stakeout Holster
  100. WTB: Glock 17 Safariland 7TS or 6004 Duty holster for work/duty & Belt
  101. WTS: Benchmade, Tasers, BladeTech and G Code holsters various starting at $36
  102. WTS: Left hand holsters, Safariland, Milt Sparks, Raven Concealment, G&G...
  103. WTS: Strider/Buck 888 ATS 32
  104. WTS: Raven Concealment and ReFactor Tactical ASO Bag
  105. SOLD: Volund Gearworks 2" Micro Battle Belt V1 with Atlas G-Hook Liner Belt $60.00 Shipped
  106. SOLD: Mean Gene Leather Victory Aegis Belt Size 42 with Ares Gear Buckle $50.00 Shipped
  107. SOLD: Ares Gear Aegis Belt Size XL $60.00 Shipped
  108. WTS/WTT: Crossbreed Supertuck for M&P Shield
  109. WTS: Custom kydex holsters for Glock 43
  110. WTS: Gear Clean-out: VelSys/Mayflower, HTC, Raven, TAG, BFG
  111. WTS: TREX arms Sidecar M&P RH. Kryptek Yeti on orange
  112. WTS: SOG Tech Bowie (Satin)
  113. WTS: Leatherman MUT
  114. WTS: Maxpedition Fatboy Versipack and Maxpedition Pecos Gearslinger NWT
  115. WTS: WTS Ronin tactics belt and AWS chest rig
  116. SOLD: JMCK & Dale Fricke Kydex for HK VP9 / P30
  117. SOLD: Haley Strategic Incog Rifle Bag
  118. WTS/WTT: Wolf Gray BFG Vickers Sling
  119. SOLD: Raven Concealment Phantom holster (G17)
  120. SOLD: Raven Concealment Glock 43 Phantom Holster RH
  121. WTS: Zero Tolerance Hinderer ZT0560BLK folding knife
  122. WTS: Milt Sparks VMII for USP 9/40 Full Size
  123. SOLD: Haley Strategic D3CR in Kryptek Mandrake
  124. WTT: Condor Speedy 2 Pt. Sling for Butler Creek Cartridge Sling
  125. WTS: Benchmade and Spyderco
  126. SOLD: Shellback Banshee Plate Carrier w/ QD buckes and extras (multicam)
  127. SOLD: Safariland 7TS ALS holster for Glock 17 - light bearing RH
  128. SOLD: Spartan Blades Horkos Combat / Utility Knife
  129. WTS: FirstSpear STT w/ extras, Tyr Tactical BPC in multi-cam
  130. WTS: Hinderer XM-18 3.5" Wharncliffe with Steel Flame Spartan Clip/Tag and Takedown Tool
  131. WTS: HK P30 SF XC1 holster
  132. WTS: Velocity Systems Scarab Gen 2, Placards and LVL4 plates NIB
  133. WTS: 5.11 Range Bag
  134. WTS/WTT: SPF - The Wilderness Single-Point Sling - Coyote Brown
  135. WTS: HK usp 9/40 Raven Concealment OWB holster and mag holster
  136. SOLD: Found Holster
  137. WTS: Multiple Pouches
  138. SOLD: TAG 6-M4 Shingle, First Spear Pistol Magazine Pouches
  139. SOLD: FerroConcepts & MayflowerCummberbunds,VelSys SwiftclipPanel,MARZ CR Harness-PriceDrop
  140. WTS/WTT: Multicam Ops Core FAST XP High Cut Ballistic Helmet (Brand New)
  141. SOLD: Blade-Tech Attachment - Adjustable Sting Ray
  142. SOLD: Single Medium (10-12) level IV ceramic plate
  143. SOLD: $330 TAD Litespeed foliage w/molle & sterile tails & OP1
  144. SOLD: PARACLETE Level IV Stand Alone 10x13 Shooters Cut Plates
  145. SOLD: First Spear Arms Case
  146. WTS: Joe Watson Knives and Sentinel Concealment MkIII
  147. WTS: Smith 642 holsters, Raven and White Hat Holsters
  148. WTS/WTT: UW gear minute man AK47 chest rig atacs
  149. SOLD: New BLACKPOINT TACTICAL Glock19/ Surefire XC1 holster * Pics *
  150. SOLD: VCAS Slings; OC Tac Peltor Cover; Magpul RVG, 10 rd M3 PMAG
  151. SOLD: Volund Gearworks G-Hook SLIM Wolf/Black Large
  152. SOLD: D3 Mag Carrier 5.56 in Kryptek Mandrake w/ 2x Glock
  153. SOLD: Safariland 6365 for M&P w/ X300
  154. WTT: Mayflower APC cumberbund
  155. SOLD: Crye Precision MRB (Multicam / Medium)
  156. SOLD: Safariland 6360 (G19/23 with M3/TLR-1 - Lvl. 3 ALS/SLS) - Price Drop Again (10/16)!
  157. SOLD: Safariland 851 contoured belt
  158. WTB: BladeTech Eclipse holster. Glock 19 for 1.5" belt. Right hand.
  159. SOLD: soldsoldWinkler II Madumi
  160. WTS: Raven Vanguard II for Glock SOLD
  161. WTS: Winkler Sayoc RnD Compact Hawk and Bush Knife
  162. SOLD: Raven eidolon/ full kit g19 size for your Raven Phantom
  163. WTS: JM Custom Kydex Right Handed Holster and Magazine Carrier - Glock 19 - $50 Shipped
  164. SOLD: ATS Triple M4 Shingle in Multicam 15 USD shipped
  165. WTS: Glock 19 and Glock 43 Holsters: GCode Incog, JMCK, OTGHex, Dale Fricke
  166. SOLD: Glock 19 Holsters
  167. SOLD: Raven Concealment Phantom Holster - S&W M&P9 - Surefire X300 Ultra - Magazine Carrier
  168. SOLD: Raven Phantom M&P Full Size w/ Both IWB & OWB Kydex Hooks
  169. WTS: REDUCED: Vintage Imperial US M7 Bayonet and scabbard
  170. WTB: Hsgi gear, belts tacos pouches
  171. SOLD: Triple Aught Design TAD Gear Stealth Hoodie LT UE Grey
  172. WTS: Custom Kydex IWB for HK VP9 $40 shipped
  173. SOLD: Holsters, mag pouches, and accessories
  174. WTS: Mission Spec Rig-It: Adapt Molle Plate Carrier to accept hook and loop placard
  175. WTS: Blade Tech IWB for non-rail P228/229
  176. SOLD: Magpul MS4 Sling
  177. WTS: Zero Tolerance 0392PURBLKWC Rick Hinderer Limited Edition Custom Knife, Untouched
  178. WTS: HSGI leg rig and padded belt / Blackhawk drop leg
  179. WTS: Ferro Concepts Slickster
  180. SOLD: Milt Sparks VM-2 Black 1911 $90
  181. WTS: FNX-9 with X300 KT-Mech holster $40 shipped
  182. WTB: Level IV plate -small or swimmers cut medium
  183. SOLD: Maxpedition Bags - Jumbo, Malaga, Monsoon + Accessories
  184. WTS: Blade Tech OWB Classic Holster - M&P9
  186. SOLD: G-Code OSL Holster for G17 + X300U
  187. SOLD: ESEE 4 Combo Package
  188. SOLD: Ferro Concepts Slickster-Coyote-Medium
  189. WTS: T.Rex Arms HK45 w/ Inforce APL holsters
  190. SOLD: MSM Stealth Util / Admin Pouch in Multicam
  191. SOLD: Emerson Stone washed fixed blade Karambit
  192. SOLD: Camelbak Thermobak in Multicam - Unused
  193. WTS/WTT: LBT 6094 plate carrier with S&S precision pouch
  194. WTS/WTT: ZT 350
  195. WTS: AWS plate carrier
  196. WTS: Cold Steel Recon Tanto
  198. SOLD: Bayou Custom Essee 3 Sheath in Dark Brown
  199. WTS: JRC SSA G17 and SMP
  200. WTS: Beez Combat AR500 Plate Carrier $175 shipped
  201. SOLD: Bravo Concealment GLOCK 43 holster, mag pouch
  202. SOLD: First Spear Speed Reload Pouch Pistol (Multicam) and a random pouch - $35
  203. SOLD: G-Code Incog Eclipse LH - G43
  204. WTS: WTS Medford,Strider and Microtech knives
  205. WTS: JM Custom Kydex, 10-8, BFG, Unity Tactical, Daniel Defense
  206. SOLD: Spyderco Tenacious
  207. WTB: Wtb stickers
  208. SOLD: Avon C50 Mask
  209. SOLD: JM Custom AIWB for CZ P-07 and CCC Gestalt for Sig P320/250 Compact
  210. SOLD: Raven Concealment OWB Holster and Ammo Carrier for S&W M&M 9 Full-Size
  211. SOLD: Comp-tac CTAC IWB holster right hand Glock 19/23/32 - $34 shipped
  212. SOLD: Comp-tac CTAC IWB holster right hand Glock Slide model like new - $35 shipped
  213. WTS: HPG recon kit bag in Multicam
  214. WTS: Blade-Tech Double Magazine Pouch
  215. SOLD: Raven Concealment Systems Morrigan Holster for the Glock 19/23/32
  216. SOLD: A few Benchmade knives --- New, in the box!
  217. WTS/WTT: XL ESAPI plate set
  218. WTS: Emerson Tanto, Mini Commander, Pink 7
  219. WTS: T-Rex Arms Sidecar M&P/Inforce APL
  220. WTS: EGL 4 mag VOCR chest rig
  221. SOLD: RCS LH Hackathorn 1911 Holster
  222. WTB: Raven concealment Phantom LC for Glock 34 + X300U (RH)
  223. SOLD: FHF Gear Molle Muff (Multicam)
  224. WTS: FS: Benchmade 810SBK Contego Axis Lock First Production Run 479 of 1000
  225. WTS: FS: Spyderco SS Delica 4 with partial serration edge
  226. WTS: Battle belts/Ton of glock holsters/ Knives
  227. WTS: Milt Sparks 55BN USP 45 compact
  228. SOLD: Glock mag pouches for CCW, assorted. (Dale Fricke, Bawidamann)
  229. WTS: S&W M&P and G19 Holsters (CCC, Keepers Concealment, Raven)
  230. WTS: Triple Aught Design Ranger Hoodie $125- shipped CONUS
  231. WTS: Blade-Tech Double Mag Pouch
  232. WTB: Holster for Glock 19 with Insight M3X
  233. SOLD: JM Custom Kydex AIWB Holster (Sig P229 w/ Rails + XC1)
  234. WTS: Galco Miami Classic -G17
  235. WTS: Bark River Bravo 2 and Two Spydercos
  236. WTS: Benchmade Adamas Auto Folder
  237. WTB: 2 Kabars
  238. WTS: Various knives and multitools for sale: Gerber, SOG, Camillus
  239. SOLD: Zero Tolerance 0452CF, New In Box
  240. WTS: Volund, First Spear, Beltman, Keepers
  241. WTS: INCOG G19 w/XC1 Black, left hand, $65
  242. WTB: Holster for G17 w/ Surefire x300u
  243. WTS: Vertx Gamut Bag (Smoke Grey Color)
  244. WTS: HK SIG and Glock Holsters
  245. SOLD: M&P Shield holster and mag carrier ANOTHER PRICE DROP
  246. WTS: SOE med pouch, Grey ghost pack, dump pouch, rifle taco, more
  247. SOLD: Raven Concealment Systems Phantom LC holster for Glock 17/22/31 & Surefire X300 Ultra
  248. SOLD: FS/ Ken Null SMZ J Frame Shoulder Holster
  249. WTS: Tactical Tailor Active Shooter Bag (OD)
  250. SOLD: Benchmade Griptilian 551BK-ORG