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  1. SOLD: F/S Shellback Banshee multicam
  2. WTS: Joe Watson Pikal 154cm
  3. WTS: WTS: Emerson CQC-7BW Serrated
  4. WTS: Blue Force Gear Beltminus, Coyote
  5. SOLD: Sold
  6. SOLD: Sold
  7. WTS: Dale Fricke Archangel VP9, Dara VP9SK holsters
  8. WTS: Mayflower Gen 4 Multicam - $150 plus shipping
  9. SOLD: Haley Strategic Gear, Chest Rig and Flat Pack
  10. SOLD: OD Green Benchmade Griptilian
  11. SOLD: Glock Crossbreed Supertuck Deluxe PRICE DROP
  12. WTS: RMJ Little Bird Axe/ Rouge Shark Folder
  13. WTS: Magpul Sling Stuff - MS1s added
  14. WTS/WTT: Kryptek Highlander Haley Strategic DS3 and Vertx ball cap
  15. WTS: Sold - delete
  16. WTS: WTS: Haley Strategic D3 Rig
  17. SOLD: RCS Phantom for M&P X300u / DG12 switch.
  18. SOLD: Steven Kelly Gulo
  19. WTS: HSGI Double Decker Pistol and Rifle Taco w/ G-Code (Brand New)
  20. WTS: Bladetech M&P Holster
  21. WTS: JRC CDA II AIWB 1911 Commander, Benchmade Ritter Grip with Wilkinsgrip grips
  22. WTS/WTT: Tactical Gun Stickers/Patches
  23. WTS: So Tech and Otis.
  24. SOLD: Benchmade 522 Presidio Ultra REDUCED
  25. WTS: CNC IWB for 320C/XC1
  26. SOLD: Dark Star Gear IWB/AIWB Holster (G26)
  27. WTS: Arc'teryx LEAF DRAC Jacket, Size XL (one crocodile and one wolf)
  28. WTS: M&P and Glock Holsters
  29. WTS: Raven Concealment Phantom holster and mag pouch for Walther PPQ Classic
  30. WTS: Raven G17/22/19/23 w/ Surefire X300
  31. WTS/WTT: JMCK AIWB G19 w/ 1.5" Solid Loop & Extra Tuck
  32. SOLD: Silynx Clarus Pro Unique Noise Cancelling, Hearing Protection Headset System.
  33. SOLD: Raven Phantom Light Carry for Glock 19 w/Surefire X300
  34. WTS: Haley/ GCode Incog Eclipse Holster Red Mojo
  35. WTB: Hill People Gear Kit Bag
  36. WTS: Benchmade 710 McHenry & Williams
  37. WTS: Safariland 6004 leg mount OD
  38. WTS: AIWB kydex HK vp9 + x300u
  39. SOLD: New AWS 3 day pack Tan
  40. WTS: Sold WTS HIgh Speed Gear slim battle belt
  41. SOLD: WTS M&P9 holsters.
  42. SOLD: RH Safariland ALS for 1911 w/ X300 in FDE
  43. SOLD: 2 New Ulticlip 3's
  44. WTS: FLASHBANG Bra holster (LH G26)
  45. WTS: 3-Gun Belt Package - Bladetech, Invictus, & AP Customs
  46. SOLD: Large Multicam Tactical Tailor Multipurpose Range Bag
  47. SOLD: SOLD SOLD Halloran Knives SEAX
  48. SOLD: ALL SOLD-Arcteryx Atom LT and Crye Precision LWF Jacket
  49. WTB: Want to Buy - Tracker Dan knives
  50. SOLD: New Maxpedition Mag Bag Double, Foliage $70
  51. SOLD: 5.11 Rush 72 Bugout Bag - Multicam
  52. SOLD: JM custom AIWB holster HK vp9
  53. WTS: KaBar TDI with Phlster sheath
  54. SOLD: 2x LTC 6x6 Side Plates - brand new, $130
  55. SOLD: Withdrawn
  56. WTS: G19 RH CCC Shaggy and 1911 Grips
  57. SOLD: SOLD SOLD Surefire Echo EW-05 Fixed Blade
  58. WTS: Various holsters for sale: Sig 238, Sig 220/226, Desantis pockets, SOG Multi Tool, Du
  59. SOLD: Garret Industries Glock Holsters (IWB 19/OWB 21)
  60. WTS: WTS: Tuff Products 1911 3 and 5 magazine pouch in Coyote Tan
  61. WTS: Asolo Fugitive GTX
  62. SOLD: LBX Tactical Armatus 2 Plate Carrier
  63. SOLD: CPG Helmet
  64. WTB: Want to Buy Glock 17 +TLR1 holster
  65. WTB: Raven Phantom for Glock G30S FOUND Thanks!
  66. SOLD: Microtech Mini Socom Elite in Urban Camo
  67. WTS: Raven Concealment Systems Phantom holster for a Sig P226 or P220 non-rail
  68. WTS: Kydex iwb holsters: m&p shield, Walter ccp, canik tp9
  69. SOLD: JM Custom wing holster and mag pouch for HK45c
  70. WTS: Esstac Inner/Outer Cobra Buckle Shooters Belts 1.75" & 2.00" Updated Price/Pics
  71. WTS/WTT: Sig P226/rail Raven Phanton and mag pouch
  72. WTS: ATS Tactical Gear Triple M4 Mag Pouch in Ranger Green
  73. WTB: Joe Watson Knives
  74. SOLD: Velocity Systems Lvl III/IV ICW Plates + IIIA Backers- Set #1
  75. SOLD: Velocity Systems Lvl III/IV ICW Plates + IIIA Backers- Set #2
  76. WTB: 3 mag EGL VOCR in Multicam
  77. WTS: Spartan Blades ENYO, Bravo Concealement ACER, pouches, ear pro cover
  78. SOLD: Genuine Issue ECWCS GORTEX parka $65
  79. WTS: OTG Hex holsters for Glock 19/23
  80. WTS: IWB leather holster for HK P30 and VP9SK (sold)
  81. WTS: Chris Reeve Sebenza 25 Micarta
  82. WTS: Crye Precision Nightcap with Ops Core VAS Shroud
  83. WTB: Raven Concealment Holster RH Glock19+XC1
  84. SOLD: Strider DB
  85. SOLD: Maxpedition M.P.B. Multi-purpose Bag
  86. WTB: Blackhawk BattleBag *FOUND*
  87. WTS: TCI Liberator IIs
  88. WTS: Crye JPC 2.0, Velocity LWPC, Spiritus. LWPC Still available
  89. SOLD: The Wilderness instructor belts
  90. SOLD: New BLACKPOINT TACTICAL OWB GLOCK 17-Streamlight TLR-1,TLR1-HL Kydex Holster *Pics*
  91. SOLD: Maxpedition Jumbo S-Type Versipak
  92. WTS: Safariland 7377 for Glock 17/22
  93. SOLD: First Spear slimline padded AGB sleeve and Tac Belt
  94. SOLD: Bianchi Accumold Elite duty gear and Safariland holster
  95. SOLD: Nossar Gun Leather 1911 IWB and Peters Kydex IWB for Glock 19 *price drop*
  96. WTS: Custom G10 Scales for Benchmade Griptilians
  97. WTS: New Benchmade 9100SBT Auto Stryker Switch Blade - $200
  98. WTS: HSGI Tacos, Vtac Brokos Belt, Estac, Maxpedition
  99. WTS: Safariland Right Hand 6378 52 ALS Holster with Mid Drop Adapter for 4 inch 1911
  100. WTS: Dual MOLLE mag pouch for 1911 / single stack magazines
  101. WTS: Chris Reeve Large Sebenza 21 Micarta
  102. WTS: Wilderness Tactical Belt, black
  103. WTS: Raven vanguard 3 for Tlr 1/ Tlr 1 HL $50 shipped
  104. WTS: Joe Watson Ti Mini Bowie
  105. WTS: Maxpedition packs
  106. WTS/WTT: Knife Sale: Strider, Emerson, ZT, Spyderco, Boker
  107. WTS: G-code Medium active response shooters belt
  108. SOLD: Helm Grind/Helm Forge War Chief 15" Tomahawk
  109. SOLD: Vintage Cold Steel Peacekeeper II
  110. WTS: IBX OWB Glock 17 w/ TLR-1 FDE
  111. WTS: Unused Tactical Tailor Gear
  112. SOLD: JM Custom Kydex AIWB Holster - G17/G22/G31
  113. WTS: Vertx commuter sling and phantom lt pants.
  114. SOLD: Becker BK-5 Magnum Camp
  115. WTS: TAD Litespeed V2
  116. SOLD: Original SOE belt
  117. SOLD: Glock 34/35 holsters: JM Custom and Dark Star Gear
  118. WTS: Microtech Ultratech Hellhound - New in box
  119. SOLD: SOE 1.5in Duty Belt
  120. WTS/WTT: Jake Hoback MK Ultra Folder
  121. WTB: AR500 lvl III+ plates
  122. WTS: WTS: Raven Phantom Light Compatible G17/TLR-1 Holster
  123. WTS: Esstac and TYR Tactical Multicam pouches
  124. WTS: Milt Sparks VM II for 3" 1911
  125. WTS: OTTE Gear Patrol Parka MED, Chinese PLA Cammies SM, Gun Hats
  126. WTS: M&P 9/40 LH holsters
  127. WTS: LH crossbreed supertuck for M&P 9/40c
  128. WTS: LH Blackhawk EPoCh holster for Glock 17/22
  129. WTS: Bench made triage.
  130. SOLD: CZ P09 Duty (-- OWB HOLSTER --)
  131. SOLD: Kizer Gemini
  132. WTS: Glock and Walther P22 holsters
  133. WTS: Vertx Gamut Pack / Eagle Custom Vest > both New w/ Pics.
  134. WTS: Glock 19 aiwb appendix holster
  135. WTB: Found one.
  136. SOLD: Mystery Ranch 3 day assault pack - foliage green
  137. SOLD: Benchmade Infidel 3300BK-1601 Gray/Black Exclusive
  138. WTS: Camelbak, BFG, SKD and more
  139. WTS: Vanguard 2 Holster with Belt Loop
  140. SOLD: G-Code RTI Rotating Belt Mount
  141. SOLD: SOFT Tourniquet
  142. WTS: WTS Microtech Ultratech Monkey Edge
  143. SOLD: Haley Strategic D3 Chest Rig, Flat Pack, HSP rifle Bag, HSP Mag Carrier
  144. SOLD: HSGI Battle Belt, Tacos,
  145. SOLD: Mayflower APC
  146. SOLD: Comp-Tac CTAC Slide IWB holster for Glock 9/40/357
  147. SOLD: United Shield PST SC 650 IIIA Ballistic Helmet & HighCom 4SAS-7 LVL IV Plates
  148. SOLD: Garrett Silent Thunder Slim IWB for HK P30/P30SK/P2000/P2000SK/HK45C
  149. WTB: Specter Gear Tactical Drop Leg holster for Sig P226
  150. SOLD: Dylan Fletcher Pocket Kilo $125
  151. SOLD: SOLD---Half Face Blades Dirtnap
  152. SOLD: M&P Compact holsters: G-Code INCOG and Galco Summer Comfort
  153. WTS/WTT: Team Wendy Epic
  154. WTS: Wilder Tactical glock OWB
  155. WTS: Brigade Gun Leather M-11 holster (M&P9c) $90 shipped
  156. WTS: Bravo concealment Glock 30s holster *PRICE DROP*
  157. WTS/WTT: Spartan Horkos, Trades added!!
  158. SOLD: Knives - Kizer Vanguard Velox 2, Kizer Titanium Frame Lock, Spyderco Rubicon
  159. WTB: Msa/peltor/tci headset
  160. SOLD: NEW Benchmade 1000001S Volli Serrated Edge w/ Satin Blade G10 knife
  161. WTS: First Spear SOF Med pouch
  162. WTS: HawkePaks QND-DHS Go Bag
  163. SOLD: SOLD SOLD OTTE Gear Patrol Parka
  164. WTS: ZT 0392PURBLKWC, Perfect Condition
  165. SOLD: Silynx C4 OPS ( NEW) Complete Kit for sale SOLD
  166. WTS: Raven Concealment holster for Glock 19/23/32 and AR/M4
  167. WTS: Mayflower LPAC XL Multicam $140
  168. WTS: Blue Force Gear Plate Minus V1 in wolf grey size small $60
  169. SOLD: Esstac double m4 kywi pouch
  170. WTS: Gamut plus smoke grey New without tags
  171. WTS: 2 hinderer xm18 3.5
  172. WTS: Gear - Banshee PC - ATS Chest Rig and 1911 Holsters
  173. SOLD: SOLD! Maxpedition Jumbo Versipack - New in Wrap
  174. WTS: LaTour IWB holster and mag carrier - S&W Shield
  175. WTS: Wilderness Tactical Products belt
  176. WTB: Looking for a 5.11 Moab 6 Sling Pack
  177. SOLD: SOLD Couple of 1911 holsters
  178. WTS/WTT: Volund Gearworks G Hook belts
  179. WTS/WTT: FS/FT: Jake Hoback Kwaiback UHEP
  180. SOLD: Exodus gun leather iwb
  181. WTS: Blackhawk IWB Leather Holster for H&K P2000SK or USP Compact 9/0.40
  182. WTS: Ruger 22/45 with optics holster, Black Dog, high ride
  183. WTS: Kydex iwb holster for SIG p320 $40
  184. SOLD: SOLD: AR500 Level 3 plates, front and rear.
  185. WTS: Night Vision Helmet Pro-Tec Bravo FDE Helmet XL FDE Wilcox L4
  186. WTS: Esstac KYWI 5.56 M4 Pouches (New)
  187. WTB: WTB/WTT Glock 21 Kydex OWB holster
  188. WTS: Mayflower assault plate carrier cummerbund size small / medium
  189. SOLD: Crye Precision AVS #1- Coyote- Price Drop
  190. SOLD: G-code Scorpion Pouches- Rifle, Pistol- Coyote
  191. SOLD: HSGI Suregrip padded battle belt pistol tacos and dump pouch Coyote Brown Price drop
  192. WTS: Esstac CZ Scorpion EVO KYWI Mag Pouches
  193. WTS: HawkePaks QND-DHS Go Bag
  194. WTS: Raven Eidolon for a G17 with added Foam Wedge Kit
  195. SOLD: SOLD SOLD Half Face Blades SHPOS
  196. SOLD: 21L GR1 Brown with coyote webbing
  197. WTB: PIG Plate Carrier
  198. WTS: Benchmade 943 SBK Osborne
  199. WTS: FS - Tons of gear that I don't use anymore
  200. SOLD: Liger belt
  201. SOLD: LBX Multicam combat shirt and pants Size S
  202. SOLD: JM AIWB - Glock 17
  203. SOLD: Raven concealment holster and mag pouch for M&P 9mm Fullsize
  204. WTS: Raven Concealment Phantom Light Compatible Holster Glock 17/Viridian C5L
  205. SOLD: Hsgi Taco x2r pouches
  206. WTS: Kydex Iwb Holsters for Glock 42 and m&p shield
  207. SOLD: USMC Coyote MOLLE M16/M4 Ammo Pouches and Dump Pouch - Price Reduced
  208. SOLD: Sig P320 Compact Raven Concealment holsters
  209. WTS: JM Glock AIWB's and Ares belt
  210. SOLD: Raven Concealment Phantom Glock 17/X300
  211. WTS: -Blade Rigs Cold Steel Secret Edge and Trainer with lowvis and regular sheaths
  213. WTS: new ESS crossbow suppressor amber lenses
  214. WTS: RH PPQM2 Holster and Mag Pouch, Carbon Fiber Look
  215. WTS: HK P30 CompTac Paddle & Raven Concealment Pocket Holster Ruger LCP w/ Crimson Trace
  216. WTS: Collection of Esstac Chest Rigs, Some experimental Products
  217. WTS: *SPF* Benchmade 940-1 Unused $215
  218. WTS/WTT: Vertx EDC Courier Smoke Grey
  219. SOLD: WTS: Velocity Systems SCARAB Plate Carrier-Multicam-Large
  220. WTS: WTS - XS offset sights
  221. WTS: Maxpedition Versipacks, S.O. Tech Gorilla range bag
  222. SOLD: Kershaw Link 1776 S35VN
  223. WTS: Spyderco Sage
  224. SOLD: TAD Covert RS Pants sz 38 and 36
  225. SOLD: Deleted
  226. WTB: WTB - Spyderco Citadel
  227. SOLD: Glock 19 Multicam Safariland 6378USN Tac Light W/ QLS Fork
  228. WTS/WTT: London Bridge Trading LBT-1961G chest rig AOR1 500D
  229. SOLD: Ferro Concepts Gen 4 FCPC- Coyote
  230. WTS: (San Antonio, TX) - Sig Sauer P220/P226 Safariland 6378 ALS + Light Holster
  231. WTS: 5.11 Backpacks, Condor Pouches, TQ Pouch, Med Pouch, AR mag Pouch, Eotech Flip Covers
  232. WTS/WTT: KT Mech Defender Kydex Holster for FN FNX-45 Tactical AND Streamlight TLR-1 HL FDE!
  233. WTS: M9/ M92 Berretta Safariland ALS Tactical Holster system and USGI mags
  234. SOLD: CSM Gear Ultimate M4 Case - Multicam
  235. WTS: SKD PIG PC blk and Velocity Systems BZ plates, and Mayflower LPAC
  236. WTS: PRICE DROP HonorPointUSA Salt Pack 20L
  237. WTS: HSGI gear
  238. WTS: Raven Concealment Phantom G19/23/32 Right Handed
  239. SOLD: HSGI Taco's
  240. WTS: WTS - Benchmade Presidio
  242. SOLD: NWT - Vertx EDC Commuter Sling
  243. SOLD: Used HSGI Slim Grip belt w/HSGI cobra and Safriland ALS Glock holster
  244. SOLD: Lightly used LBT 2467A Multicam load out bag
  246. WTS: S&W Shield 9mm Holsters
  247. WTS: Assorted Gear- Mayflower,FirstSpear,Ferro,TAG,MARZ - Make Offers
  248. SOLD: Pouch Sale-Updated
  249. WTS: 2Hawks Voyager tomahawk
  250. WTS: HK VP9, P30 and HK45 holsters