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  1. SOLD: ZT0450
  2. SOLD: Microtech Ultratech Hellhound Bronze Standard
  3. WTB: LEFT hand safariland drop leg for G22
  4. SOLD: SOLD: Sig MK25 AIWB Holster (JM Custom Kydex)
  5. WTS: Milt Sparks for HK USP 9c
  6. SOLD: Deleted
  7. SOLD: Bawidamann Gotham IWB Holster
  8. WTS: Mayflower Gen VI Pusher Rig, Multicam
  9. SOLD: Assorted Gear- Mayflower, Ferro Concepts, Tag, Marz, Velocity Systems
  10. SOLD: High Ground Gear HG3D 3-Day Pack + Kidney Pad- Coyote
  11. SOLD: Crye AVS #2 - Coyote - Price Drop
  12. SOLD: VTAC Brooks and Ares Ranger Cobra Belts *Changes*
  13. WTS: Last one: Raven Phantom LC M&Pc 9mm TLR3
  14. WTS: Glock Holsters
  15. SOLD: Crossbreed SuperTuck Deluxe for M&P *Price Drop - Free Hat !*
  16. SOLD: Daniel Fairly S7 Recurve $150
  17. SOLD: London Bridge Trading M16/M4 x3 Mag Pouch
  18. SOLD: M&P 9mm Shield Holsters -Sticky & Blackhawk
  19. WTS: Custom EDC Knives
  20. SOLD: JMCK Matching G17 AIWB Holster and Mag Pouch
  21. WTS/WTT: Black and Coyote pouch lot, magazine and admin
  22. WTS: Darkstar Gear AIWB for Glock 17
  23. WTS: Kydex - Glock 19/23/32
  24. SOLD: HSGI Battle Belt/Tacos/Cobra rigger setup and G-Code RTI wheel belt slide
  25. WTS: $140 shipped multicam Hsgi belt setup
  26. SOLD: $220LBT 6094A Multicam w/ Eagle MAP & Soft Armor extras
  27. WTS: High ground gear modular pack system
  28. WTS: Holsters..glock/s&w/springfield/sig/hk/1911
  29. WTS: Laft Handed Safariland 6004 SLS for G19/w SF X200
  30. WTS: Mystery Ranch OD Green urban assault pack USED *NEW PICS*
  31. WTB: WTB Ronin Tactics Senshi
  32. SOLD: Peltor TEP-100 Tactical Earplug Kit (Complete Kit, Brand New)
  33. SOLD: Manfrotto Tripod Bag Plus Free Hat
  34. WTB: WTB Haley Strategic D3CR old model
  35. SOLD: Protech IMPAC-HT Plate (Handgun Threats) Trauma Plate $50 Shipped
  36. WTS: Revolver Holster, Desantis, Remora and Uncle Mike's
  37. SOLD: Merged Thread
  38. WTT: G29/g30 iwb blade tech
  39. SOLD: Milt Sparks VM2 Black 1911 and 4-C Mag Holsters
  40. WTS: ESEE 4
  41. WTS: Strider, Velocity Systems, Mayflower, Blue Force Gear, Eagle Industries, and more...
  42. SOLD: Ronin Tactics Assaulter Lite Carrier with ESAPI plates
  43. WTS: MilMakAZ Custom Tanto
  44. SOLD: Misc gear (BFG, SKD, Magpul, VLTOR, BCM, Camelback, etc)
  45. WTS: Buscadero Rig for Colt or Ruger New Vaquero Make OFFER
  46. SOLD: Chris Reeves Small Sebenza 21 Drop Point
  47. SOLD: RMJ S13 + Safariland 6354 DO
  48. SOLD: Benchmade Rift
  49. WTS: PIG Plate Carrier, AR500 LVL4 Plates + Side Armor, Hydration, Med Kit, Tacos, +More!
  50. SOLD: <SOLD> MSA Sordin Supreme Pro X - Premium, Gel Cups, Multicam Headband
  51. WTS: Glock 43 Kydex holster - right handed, tan camo, 15-degree cant, 1.5" belt loops
  52. WTS: Glock 43 Kydex IWB and OWB holsters (right handed)
  53. SOLD: Sold !Al Mar combat smatchet. Very good conditon $400
  54. SOLD: Safariland Shoulder Rig for G17/22
  55. SOLD: New in box SKD Level IV (4) 10x12 Stand alone Ceramic Plates
  56. SOLD: Safariland 6354DO - Glock 17/22 with X300 and an RMR
  57. SOLD: Safariland 6395 ALS - Glock 17/22 w/TLR1 $50 shipped
  58. SOLD: Blue Force Gear Vickers Padded Push Button QD Sling Green
  59. WTS: Once used Tab Elite Cobra Buckle Sling with stud swivel mount
  60. WTS/WTT: Pair of DBT xsapi 10x12 lvl4sa swimmers cut, velocity systems
  61. WTS: RailRiders Men's VersaTac-Mid Nylon Pants Size Small 30-32" Waist 30" Inseam New with
  62. WTS: WTS - USED DSG CDC RH Sig P320C - Black - $26.00 Shipped
  63. WTB: Knee Pads (Arcteryx Knee Caps?)
  64. WTS: Milt Sparks VM 2 3" 1911
  65. SOLD: LH G code Glock 26
  66. SOLD: LH galco ankle holster Glock 43
  67. SOLD: LH crossbreed super tuck Glock 43
  68. WTB: Kramer Pocket Holster for S&W J-Frame
  69. SOLD: Found
  70. SOLD: Sold
  71. WTB: Single rifle soft/scoped rifle case
  72. WTS/WTT: ATS M4 Chest Rig with Dump Pouch Multicam -- (3) HSGI X2R Taco Rifle Mag Pouches
  73. WTB: Dangler pouch
  74. WTS: Kershaw Blur Assisted Opening Knife, Olive Drab.
  75. WTB: Glock 34 right hand kydex
  76. SOLD: *SOLD* Bawidamann Gotham AIWB light holster, Glock & S&W $95 shipped
  77. WTS: SOE gear EDC low profile belt
  78. WTS: Glock 19- T-Rex Raptor LC fitted for Inforce APL
  79. WTS: Raven Phantom LC and OTG Hex IWB holsters for Glock 19/23, with Inforce APL lights
  80. WTS: Lefty Bravo Concealment 9mm Mag Carriers, FCK Dual AR Carrier
  81. SOLD: Desantis Glock IWB
  82. SOLD: Bravo Concealment IWB Holster: Glock 19
  83. WTS: Glock model 81 stright back field knife
  84. WTS: Oakley Extractor Sling Pack
  85. WTB: Apc shoulder pads
  86. WTS: Lowa Cevedale Pro GTX (10.5)
  87. WTS: MOLLE 45 Holster
  88. SOLD: Benchmade Mini Infidel all black
  89. SOLD: Tops Desert Son
  90. SOLD: Bagmaster Mini Range Bag
  91. SOLD: ESEE 4P
  92. SOLD: New ESEE 6 with Sheath & Pouch
  93. SOLD: HSGI SureGrip Padded Molle Gun Belt (black), Size = Large (41.5"). $70. New OOB.
  94. SOLD: HSGI Cobra 1.75 Rigger Belt w/ Interior Velcro. Color = black. Size = Large (36-38")
  95. SOLD: Comp-Tac MTAC Holster with 4 shells. Nice cond
  96. WTS: Mag pouches, IFAK etc
  97. SOLD: Glock 19 BlackPoint Tactical OWB Wing Holster/pouch
  98. SOLD: HSGI Bleeder / Blowout Pouch in MC * Price Drop *
  99. WTS: Black MOLLE Gear, Armor Express, Armordillo, RCS Sonny Rig
  100. WTS: Armadillo Concealment XFER V2 for X300U
  101. WTB: Sacrificial CPC
  102. WTS: Raven Concealment (RCS) Beretta M9A1 Insight M3X Holster
  103. WTS: 48&quot; Scoped Rifle Case. $35
  104. SOLD: **Price reduced** CnC Keroman V2 (for Glock with Streamlight TLR-1/TLR-1s/TLR-1HL)
  105. WTS: HSGI Riggers Belt w/ Cobra Buckle. Size XL, Multicam, New.
  106. SOLD: SOLD: Mastermind Tactics PX4 Compact AIWB package
  107. SOLD: SOLD: Zorn Skinny Rig AIWB GLOCK 30S Right Hand
  108. WTS/WTT: A few pieces of gear
  109. SOLD: Gerber MP600 multi-tool with bit set and Gerber CFB knife
  110. WTB: Cheap Chest Rig WITHDRAWN
  111. SOLD: Glock 43 holsters both SPF
  112. SOLD: TNVC RSP Mod.1 Cheek Riser BLACK
  113. WTS/WTT: Spartan Ares
  114. SOLD: Eagle Industries Yote, Coyote Brown. SPF on 29JUN
  115. WTS: WTS: Blade Tech drop and offset holster for M&P 9/40 4.25"
  116. WTS: Benchmade Knives
  117. WTS/WTT: OD Kifaru Express with extras.
  118. WTS: William Henry, Lone Wolf Knives
  119. SOLD: to rockmyglock
  120. WTB: Shoulder pads
  121. SOLD: Hackathorn Signature Series Raven Concealment G19 Holster & Mag Carrier (new/unused)
  122. SOLD: JMcustom Kydex IWB 3 for G19
  123. WTS: Blue Force Gear Ten Speed Bandoleer, Raven Concealment Single AR mag carrier
  124. WTS: First spear AGB sleeve
  125. SOLD: Glock 19/26 IWB holsters, HK VP9 IWB Holsters
  126. WTS: Glock IWB Big Clip Holster, Unknown Brand...looks new
  127. SOLD: New ORANGE Benchmade Griptilian scales
  128. SOLD: Benchmade Nimravus in rare D2 steel w/sheaths REDUCED
  129. WTS: HK P30 holsters
  130. WTS: Spyderco Knives, Maxpedition Monsoon
  131. SOLD: RAT 3 with sheath and Tek-Lok
  132. SOLD: Tactical Tailor Fight Ligt Removable Operator Pack, Vertx EDC Commuter Sling
  133. SOLD: Zero Tolerance 0350BW, LNIB
  134. WTS: Glock Holsters FS
  135. WTS: Hoback OSF, Kershaw Leek Damascus, and a Buck 110
  136. WTS/WTT: Hoback Custom Knife
  137. SOLD: Sold. Half Face Blades Crow Scout Junior
  138. WTB: Holster for HK P30L.
  139. SOLD: Mystery Ranch 3 Day Assault Pack
  140. SOLD: Woodland Molle II Ruck Sack w/ Frame And All Accessories
  141. WTS: Woodland MOLLE II LARGE Rucksack w/ Frame And All Accessories
  142. SOLD: WTS: Crye Precision JPC Multicam
  143. WTS: EXCELLENT CONDITION Multicam Crye Precision AVS XL
  144. WTS: Safariland 6354DO holster for Glock 17, multicam
  145. SOLD: Benchmade 3550 auto pardue
  146. WTS: Bravo Concealment Holster M&amp;P
  147. WTS: Safariland 6360 VP9 & Eagle Industries
  148. WTS: Kydex - VP9, SP2022, Canik TP9SF, Glock 42 & Shield Holsters.
  149. WTS: Wts G -code left hand holster Glock 21/20
  150. WTB: Eagle A-III or LBT 3 Day, No MOLLE, Black
  151. WTS: Trex Arms, magpul, bravo Concealment
  152. SOLD: Blue Force Gear Vickers VCAS Sling Coyote Brown (like new)
  153. WTS: JM Custom Kydex G43 AIWB holster and G34 AIWB holsters.
  154. WTS: Smartcarry holster, brand new, size small pocket
  155. WTS: Tactical Tailor and Volund Gearworks
  156. WTS: PRICEDROPS Summer Cleaning. Tons of gear for sale!
  157. SOLD: Joe Watson knife
  158. WTS: Garrett Industries Silent Thunder Slim AIWB Holster for Sig Sauer P320C
  159. SOLD: Clearing out gear, London Bridge Shellback Eagle Industries
  160. WTS/WTT: Arcteryx LEAF Alpha Pants, Lg, Crocodile, New With Tags
  161. SOLD: SOLD Half Face Blades Crow Scout - Big Price Drop
  162. WTS: RMJ Tactical Utsidihi
  163. WTS: Raven vanguard 2 gen 3 glock
  164. WTB: Surefire Echo
  166. WTS: Vertx Gamut+ EDC pack
  167. WTS: Tier 1 concealed Agis M&P 9/40
  168. WTS: T-rex Arms Raptor M&P 9/40
  169. WTS: TT Gunleather IWB holster for SIG P320 Compact and Carry
  170. WTS: Raven Concealment Phantom for SIG P320 Compact and Carry models
  171. WTB: Benchmade 175 Adamas Push Dagger
  172. WTS: TCI Liberator II
  173. WTS: Safariland 6280 for M&P9 with light
  174. SOLD: HSGI Slotted Belt
  175. SOLD: Comp-tac IWB Glock 9/40/357 "slide" holster - $20 shipped
  176. WTS: Safariland Holsters for Glock 19. Model 27 IWB & Model 6378 ALS Paddle Holster
  177. WTS: Full Titanium Hinderer XM-18 3.5
  178. SOLD: Arc'Tyrex Khard 30 Wolf Grey with lots of Velsyst and LBX inserts
  179. SOLD: New Multicam Mayflower APC S/M with Cummerbund
  180. SOLD: Haley Strategic D3CR chest rig.
  181. WTS: Gerber short stack
  182. WTT: BNIB Benchmade Infidel 3300BK Black Military Combat Knife
  183. SOLD: HSP Incog Carbine Bag
  184. WTB: WTB: Benchmade Push Dagger OR Kabar TDI
  185. WTS: Quick Ship Holsters - Already Made and ready to ship
  186. SOLD: Winkler II belt knife
  187. SOLD: Clarus pro noise canceling, hearing protection headset system.
  188. SOLD: Velocity Systems Scarab LT, Boss Rugby Shirt
  189. WTS/WTT: Milspec Monkey stealth admin pouch/ 5.11 Tac Holster Glock
  190. WTS: BM 940-1501
  191. WTS: Tier 1 concealed Agis M&P 9/40 / Inforce APL
  192. SOLD: Zero Tolerance 0562 Hinderer - $100 OBO - Must go ASAP
  193. SOLD: KaBar TDI Hinderer fixed blade knife, locking sheath and rare ankle rig, brand new
  194. WTS: Volund Gear Atlas G Hook belt -Black, Loop Material -Size Small
  195. SOLD: Benchmade 9051BK AFO II (Plain Edge) -- PRICE DROP!
  196. SOLD: NIB: REI Exclusive Griptilian S30V and G10
  197. WTS: T-Rex Arms Sidecar - Glock 19
  198. WTB: Glock 19 safariland
  199. WTS: Blades, bag, holsters
  200. SOLD: Coyote/FDE LBT 6094B Slick / LBT 2586J / HSGI Riggers belt *Package Liquidation*
  201. WTS: Hyken Knives Harpoon skinner/hunting knife
  202. SOLD: DeSantis Ankle Rig for 9mm/40 Shield
  203. SOLD: DeSantis Neoprene Ankle Double Mag Carrier
  204. SOLD: Custom Knife Factory (CKF) - Ratata BLK
  205. WTS: Glock 21 w/tlr1 right hand holster
  206. WTS: Wilderness instructor belts
  207. WTS: Triple Aught Design Force 10 RS pants. Two pair, Multicam
  208. SOLD: HSGI Taco Pouches, rifle and pistol
  209. WTB: Tyr low profile Brooks belt
  210. WTS: 21 holsters and random stuff
  211. SOLD: NIB Kizer Envoy Ti Framelock Flipper
  212. WTS: LAS Concealment Light Bearing Appendix Holsters Glock 19/23 w/ APL
  213. SOLD: Consolidated
  214. WTB: RCS Phantom HK P30L
  215. SOLD: Ares Gear Aegis Belt
  216. WTS: Lowa sz 12 Zephyrs & RCS LH G17 holster for sale
  217. WTS: Blade tech for Sig P320 full sized
  218. SOLD: Raven Concealment Phantom G19/23/32
  219. WTS: Spyderco Knives
  220. WTS: Trex arms raptor
  221. WTS: Hill People Gear, Haley Strategic, Industry Armament Combat Pack
  222. WTS: Raven Holster - Ryker AFAK - Volund G-Hook Belt > Pic.
  223. WTS: New Safariland 6360RDS G17
  224. WTS: Team Wendy Exfil Ballistic
  225. WTS: Shield IWB DARA holster
  226. WTS: Galco King Tuk KT224B for G19
  227. WTS: Half Face Blades Karambito
  229. SOLD: Glock 19 holsters safariland bladetech and a serpa
  230. WTS: Two awesome M&P long slide holsters for TLR-1 or TLR-1 HL
  231. WTS: Kenai Chest Rig for 4" N frame
  232. WTS: Army combat pants
  233. SOLD: Tyr Tactical PICO Assaulters Plate Carrier
  234. WTS: Eagle, MSA, Patagonia
  235. WTS: KT Defender Holster for FN FNX Tactical .45 FDE
  236. SOLD: SPF : Raven OWB Holster for Glock 19/23/32 for use w/Surefire 300 Light
  237. SOLD: Raven Phantom for G19 w/X300U and Raven Double Mag Pouch
  238. WTS: P228/229 JM Kydex appendix and TT gunleather Mike's special
  239. SOLD: Haley Strategic D3CR in Kryptek Mandrake, Velocity Systems LWPC.
  240. SOLD: Volund Gearworks Aesir Cobra Belt - SOLD
  241. SOLD: Blue Force Gear Wallet
  242. SOLD: Wicked Edge Pre-2017 WE100 Knife Sharpener 275 USD Shipped
  243. WTS: ADDED ANOTHER Tracker Dan Bloodshark/Sog Pentagon Mini/Case Ridgeback Fixed
  244. WTS/WTT: Vulture Equipment Works Talon MK2 Knife Brand New
  245. SOLD: G-Code IWB Haley Glock 19/TLR-1
  246. WTS: Glock raven holsters
  247. WTS: Reduced Blackjack Viking Raider Axe
  248. WTS: Vertx EDC Satchel
  249. WTS/WTT: 1911 holsters, RCS and Safariland
  250. WTS: Ruger LCP2 IWB kydex holsters $30 shipped