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  1. SOLD: 215 Gear Medical Pouch Medium, Releasable
  2. WTS: Galco N3 holster and matching mag pouch for 1911 ***FINAL OFFER***
  3. WTS: RMJ Forge Eagle Talon Tomahawk Lightly used
  4. SOLD: Glock 19/23 Holsters and Magazine Pouch
  5. WTS: JM Custom Kydex Glock
  6. WTS: Gl19 Appendix w/TLR7
  7. WTS: Safariland drop leg
  8. WTS: Original S.O.E. 3x6 subload
  9. SOLD: Molle Pouches Esstac /HSGI Handcuffs, 5.11 4 banger
  10. WTS: WTS: Very lightly used Strider SMF tanto blade folding knife.
  11. WTS: Benchmade Balisong
  12. WTS: ITS Trauma Pouch, VP9+X300 holster, Emdom IAP pouch
  13. SOLD: T3 Gear Tool Bag - Small - Coyote - NEW
  14. WTS: For Sale - Strider DUB-L
  15. WTS: Glock field knife,green
  16. WTS: Blue force gear trauma pack,wilderness 308 mag pouches
  17. WTS: Glock 17 Holsters
  18. SOLD: LAS Concealment Ronin 2.0L and Inforce APLc Light -$125 Shipped
  19. WTS/WTT: Point Blank 3a Armor and Carrier
  20. WTS: JMCK and Comp-Tac IWB holsters - Prices reduced
  21. WTS: Safariland STX Duty ALS Holster for Glock 19,17,22,23
  22. WTS: HSGI/Costa Leg Rig Black
  23. WTS: US Army Issue M2 Holster with web belt, Blackhawk Omega VI Assault Holster Airborne
  24. WTS: Safariland duty holsters for Glock and MP, Old Comptac XD holster
  25. SOLD: Safariland glock 19/23/45 holster light bearing FDE
  26. SOLD: Raven Perun
  27. WTS: WTS Dark Star Gear M&P 2.0 Compact Orion $80
  28. SOLD: Alta Industries Knee and Elbow Pads Coyote
  29. WTS: WTS: Benchmade 9101SBK Auto Stryker Knives - Auto Opener - New
  30. WTS: WTS: Gerber SAH Automatic Rescue Knife - NEW!
  31. WTS: WTS: Ontario US Military Aircrew Survival Knife
  32. WTB: J Frame Ankle Holster
  33. WTS: Busse Battle Mistress & Mick Strider Custom
  34. SOLD: Looking for a kydex 1911 holster 5"/ and crossbreed supertuck
  35. WTS: RCS Roland Special Limited Edition Holster
  36. SOLD: Blade-Tech Classic OWB with Tek-Lok Glock 19
  37. SOLD: *Must See* - Gerber Holsters Custom Sidekick-Helix Appendix Rig for G19 w/ X300U
  38. SOLD: HazMat Holster - G43 A/IWB NIB
  39. SOLD: Benchmade Fixed Adamas - NIB (Houston Area)
  40. SOLD: Kershaw cryo II blackwash $25
  41. WTS: Trex Arms Orion warbelt
  42. WTB: WTB: Angry at Benchmade? Sell them to me!
  43. WTS: Hi Power IWB holster
  44. WTB: Surefire Echo EW-05
  45. WTS: Benchmade Mini Reflex auto
  46. WTS: Benchmade Vector and Aleron for sale
  47. WTS: Trex Arms ragnarok x300 w/ Safariland qls
  48. WTS/WTT: WTS: Point Blank Alpha Elite IIIA soft vest > 40R/42R NIB > pic.
  49. WTS: Esstac M4 KYWI Double Mag Pouch- SHORTY (Coyote)
  50. WTB: Esstac Kywi 5.56 Shorty - Black
  51. WTS: Blue Force Gear padded sling and trauma kit now
  52. SOLD: RCS Roland Special Holster Kit - Right Hand
  53. SOLD: TAB Gear (SAC) Silent Ammo Carrier, Coyote
  54. SOLD: Tactical Tailor Gun Rug, Coyote
  55. WTS: Tactical Tailor fitted holster SIG 220/226
  57. WTS: Glock 17 w/TLR-1 OWB kydex holster
  58. SOLD: Benchmade 810bk
  59. WTS: Maxpedition JUMBO VERSIPACK S-Type.
  60. WTS: Benchmade 484-1 Nakamura axis knife. Carbon Fiber. s90V steel
  61. SOLD: Marz Tactical Gear Medium Utility Pouch, Multicam
  62. SOLD: "Texas: The Lone Star State" Custom Knife inlaid by Navajo artist David Yellowhorse
  63. WTS: Strider, Emerson, Winkler, Benchmade , Gerber
  64. WTS: WTS ATS Raid II pack
  65. WTB: Left handed AIWB M&P Compact holster and 1.5 everyday gun belt
  66. WTS: Removed
  67. SOLD: Arc'Teryx LEAF Tango Ruck
  68. SOLD: Goruck GR0 black
  69. WTS: Magpul Gloves
  70. WTS: Traded: Crye Airframe - size L w/ multicam cover + Ops Core shroud
  71. WTS: Please delete
  72. WTS: Robin Tactics Senshi Belt
  73. WTB: Safariland 6360RDS-832-131
  74. SOLD: LAS Concealment Ronin 2.0L for G19 with X300U
  75. WTS: Vedder Light Tuck Left Hand IWB Holster for M&P 2.0 4.25" 9/40
  76. SOLD: $225 - New in Bags - Crye G3 Combat Pants with Knee Pads
  77. WTS: Kydex IWB for Sig P365 $25 shipped
  78. SOLD: Safariland 6360RDS-2832-131 for Glock 19/23
  79. WTS: J. Hossom Retribution
  80. WTS: CRK Fixed Blades for Sale: Green Beret & Nkonka
  81. SOLD: *SOLD* Maxpedition Jumbo S-Type Versipack - Black & Foliage Green - Like New $45
  82. WTS: Peltor dual comm headset / TNVC Mohawk
  83. SOLD: TREX Arms CZ P10C Holster and Inforce APL-C Light
  84. WTS: Team Wendy helmet & Peltor PTTs
  85. WTS: LBT 6094A SRT prototype?
  86. WTS: Blade-Tech Speed Belt and Fury Carry Solutions Holster
  87. SOLD: Protective Products 10x12 Shooter Cut Rifle Plate
  88. SOLD: Peltor Comtac II
  89. SOLD: Safariland lightweight leg shroud
  90. WTS: WTS Coba belt black 40-42
  91. SOLD: Safariland 7ts M&P FDE light holster
  92. WTS: Haley Strategic Multicam Black hat -- brand new
  93. WTS: Tactical Research Fatt Maxx Boots
  94. WTS: G43 Holsters
  95. SOLD: Assorted Bags
  96. WTS/WTT: Eberlestock Warhammer, TAD FASTpack Litespeed
  97. WTB: Safariland Holster Plug Kit
  98. WTS: P07 JM Custom Kydex AIWB and Legacy Apollo
  99. SOLD: Kinetic Development Group KDG Apparition SBR BackPack
  100. WTS: Raven M&P9 w/ x300 Phanton
  101. WTS: FIXED BLADE Ban Tang SAF Pikal
  102. SOLD: Velocity Systems Light Weight Plate Carrier (LWPC) Multicam L/XL
  103. SOLD: Blaze Defense QR attachment kit
  104. WTS: Lefty holster sale
  105. SOLD: DSG Shield AIWB
  106. SOLD: Perroz designs LPSPC
  107. WTB: Microtech Scarab
  108. WTS: Diamond D Guides Choice Holster S&W K frame 4"
  109. WTS: Microtech crosshair Elmax 02/2015
  110. WTS: Blue Force Gear Ten Speed Magazine Pouches - Coyote Brown
  111. WTS: Tactical Tailor Urban Operator Pack, Multicam
  112. WTS: Safariland Glock ALS Duty Holster (6390), 2.25 Cobra Belt Buckle
  113. SOLD: Brand New TXC Holsters Beacon for Glock w/ X300u
  114. WTT: New tan Crye Gen 3 knee pads for new or used green ones
  115. SOLD: Special Circumstances Maleficus- lowered
  116. WTS: Garret kydex Springfield Armory EMP holster.
  117. SOLD: OPS-CORE FAST BASE jump Helmet with extras $190 shipped
  120. SOLD: HSGI, Safariland, Tru-Spec
  121. SOLD: Ops-Core FAST Maritime XL *NEW* - FL
  122. SOLD: Tan Shellback plate carrier.
  123. SOLD: Haley Strategic D3CRX (black) New! $130
  124. SOLD: Safariland ALS 6390-6832 for G34 w/light
  125. SOLD: Safariland Glock 21 with light ALS holster 6378
  126. SOLD: Casio G-Shock Mudmaster GG-1000-1A5
  127. SOLD: Winkler II Hunting knife
  129. WTS/WTT: Unity Tactical CLUTCH belt
  130. SOLD: Urban ERT Sling w/ Magpul RSA- FL
  131. WTS: Wts : garmin Fenix 3 Sapphire
  132. WTS: Microtech ultratech tri-grip T/E DLC
  133. WTS: (S&W Shield 9/40 Holsters) Raven RCS Morrigan IWB, BlueForce BFG UltraComp Pocket
  134. SOLD: Delete
  135. WTS: M. Strider SNG
  136. SOLD: Mayflower MBAV APC Plate Carrier
  137. SOLD: Grey Ghost and Camelbak backpacks
  138. WTS: Hinderer-Microtech-CRK-Busse-
  139. WTS/WTT: Kifaru XRay
  140. SOLD: MidwayUSA Competition Range Bag System
  141. WTS: Puma stag Bowie, NIB, $55 shipped
  142. WTS: WTS: Velocity Scarab / AWS belt kit
  143. WTS: WTS: HK USP AIWB-RC - Desibens Gun Leather - 5SHOT SME G17 MRDS (IA)
  144. WTB: WTS Outdoor Research Overlord Short gloves, tan
  145. WTS: Boker Plus Tech Tool, limited run
  146. SOLD: Level 3+ steel plates
  147. WTS: ITW FASTMAG rifle mag holder (older Gen) with tabs, black.
  148. WTS: Various pouches, VS, FS, LBX
  149. WTS: Multicam Mayflower APC
  150. SOLD: Esstac m4 double kywi pouch
  151. SOLD: TYR Low-Vis Pico Set Up
  152. WTS: Raven Concealment Systems Eidolon for G19/23/32 - Full Agency Kit
  153. WTS: Magpul core gloves
  154. SOLD: Magpul MS4 Gen 1 sling
  155. WTS: Blue Force Gear SPLITminus Chest Rig (Multi-cam) with Tough Hook hanger!
  156. SOLD: SOLD: Vedder Holster G43 PRICE DROP
  157. SOLD: no longer need
  158. WTS: Please delete
  159. SOLD: WTS: Spartan Horkos knife (SOLD)
  160. WTS/WTT: Zero Tolerance ZT0462
  161. WTS: Assorted Gear (Esstac, BFG, Emdom & more)- FL *PRICE DROP*
  162. SOLD: Safariland 6360RDS G17
  163. WTS: WTS: S & W Shield Holsters & Mag Pouch
  164. WTS: Delete - duplicate post
  165. WTS: Two Safariland 6300 Series for S&W M&P 45 with 4 in barrel light and no light
  166. WTS: Glock Kydex holster, S&W Shield leather holster
  167. SOLD: TXC Holsters X1 Ally for Glocks with X300
  168. WTS: Lots of gear: JM Custom, ASP Baton, bags, lights, Safariland, etc
  169. WTS/WTT: Arc'teryx, Scubapro
  170. SOLD: Condor dump pouch
  171. WTS: Safariland UBL
  172. SOLD: 2x Safariland 6378 for G34 w/X300 Ultra $35 each
  173. WTS: Used Gerber Guardian II Knife with a Black Sheath
  174. SOLD: Used Raven Concealment Phantom OWB Holster M&P9/40 Compact
  175. SOLD: USGI Eagle Industries Khaki Rhodesian Recon Vest
  176. SOLD: Safariland FDE Low-Ride UBL - FL
  177. SOLD: USGI Eagle Industries Khaki M4/M16 Magazine Pouches - USSOCOM
  178. SOLD: Like New Salomon Forces Speed Assault, Size 10
  179. WTS: WTS Mayflower UW chest rig
  180. SOLD: Mystery Ranch 3 Day Assault Pack
  181. SOLD: Shellback Banshee 2.0 Elite
  182. SOLD: Tyr Tactical Basic Plate Carrier and Plates
  183. WTT: Gamma Plus L3 plates for SAPI plates
  184. SOLD: USGI Eagle Industries Khaki H Harness SFLCS MJK
  185. WTS: Tier 1 Concealed AGIS Combo for M&P Shield
  186. SOLD: SKD PIG Plate Carrier in Multicam - FL
  187. SOLD: 2 Blue Force Gear Victory Slings
  188. SOLD: Benchmade Bugout
  189. WTS/WTT: J-frame leather pocket holster
  190. SOLD: Multicam Shellback Tactical Plate Carrier/HGSI Pouches & Khaki Maxpedition Rollypoly
  191. SOLD: AAC and Silencer Shop Pouches
  192. SOLD: New Raven Concealment Holster Glock 21
  193. SOLD: Withdrawn
  194. SOLD: Dalibor Bergam Draco Integral Knife
  195. SOLD: Duane Dwyer Custom BBN-M (F-35 Carbon Fiber)
  196. WTS/WTT: S&W M&Pc, Kahr PM9, and Sig P365 holsters
  197. WTB: PIG-Brig plate carrier for TAP Gamma plates
  198. WTS: Ares Ranger Belt
  199. SOLD: Darrel Ralph Design Dominator V4
  200. SOLD: Triple Aught Design (TAD) Force 10 AC Cargo Pants
  201. SOLD: Vickers BFG padded sling w/MASH hooks
  202. WTS: Haley D3cr in Coyote - new
  203. SOLD: Blade-Tech Tek-Lok Belt Attachment in Black
  204. WTS: Medford Praetorian Stealth (Carbon Fiber)
  205. SOLD: Pak Protect IIIA plate
  206. WTS: Tulster Kryptek IWB holster, and two black echo mag pouches for sale
  207. WTS: Blue Force Gear Helium Whisper Pouches: M4, Pistol, SKD VERTX Multicam Tac Pants
  208. SOLD: Graith Super Specialist size 36
  209. WTS: Gatorz Magnum polarized sunglasses
  210. SOLD: Glock AIWB/OWB Holsters - Tenicor, JM Custom Kydex, Henry Holsters
  211. WTS: Safariland 6004 Sig P220, P226 SLS
  212. SOLD: Crye JPC 1.0, Grey Ghost Legacy 3 Day, Camelbak Mule, HSGI M3T, RE Factor Aggresor
  213. WTS/WTT: Kifaru, Benchmade, Spyderco
  214. WTS: Delete
  215. WTS: Tactical Link single point sling & Z-360 mount (PRICE DROP)
  216. SOLD: 3M Peltor Comtac III Hearing Defenders w/Gel Ear Cushion
  217. WTS: Phlster Flex Package
  218. WTS: SneakyBags SUB (Shoulder Utility Bag) Medium Gray
  219. WTS/WTT: Volund Gearworks Atlas G-Hook Belt
  220. SOLD: Went and bought one.
  221. SOLD: Glock 19/23, Glock 26/27 & Glock 43 holsters
  222. WTS/WTT: Gear Clean Out Sale
  223. SOLD: Emissary Belt, Ronin Shuto Belt
  224. WTS: JMCK P320 AIWB, TREX Arms Glock, KT Mech G34
  225. WTS: TRI prc-148 Clone
  226. SOLD: Peltor com tac II
  227. SOLD: Strider SMF CC
  228. SOLD: Safariland
  229. WTS: Proctor Sling Marpat Brown NEW
  230. SOLD: Glock holsters: Tenicor, TapRack and Black Arch
  231. WTS: Spiritus systems and Haley strategic.
  232. SOLD: Phlster Holsters
  233. SOLD: Benchmade Sibert 275BK Adamas (Houston Area)
  234. WTS: WTS Kiku Matsuda DB Police knife
  235. WTB: WTB SAPI Side Plates
  236. SOLD: The Wilderness, Raven concealment, JM Custom
  237. SOLD: Mick Strider Custom SnG Performance Series Carbon Fiber
  238. WTS: Empire Outfitters Naga
  239. WTS: Asst multicam gear/Ronin Belt ***SOLD****
  240. WTS: JM Custom AIWB for Sig 320 compact and Beretta
  241. SOLD: Medford Praetorian Mini
  242. SOLD: Blue Force Gear Vickers Padded Sling, push-button attachment: $60 shipped
  243. SOLD: UW Gear AK Chest Rig.
  244. SOLD: Blue Force Gear Ten-Speed Triple M4 Magazine Pouch, Coyote Brown
  245. WTS/WTT: Custom Timbuk2 Messenger Bags
  246. WTS: Tons of Stuff - ****Lots of Pics**** (Gear, Watches, Helmet, Body Armor, MORE)
  247. SOLD: Eagle Industries Double (2x2) M4/M16 Magazine Pouches - MJK Khaki Tan
  248. SOLD: Safariland holster, H&K P30 w/ weaponlight
  249. WTB: Sig P226 kydex owb IDPA legal holster
  250. WTS: S&W holsters (M&P full size / Shield / J-frame) Lowered BUNDLE price