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  3. M4C Regional Training Groups - Please Read
  4. PA/OH/WV Range List
  5. Anybody From Central Or Eastern Pa Want To Setup A Date For A Training Day?
  6. Ancillary Training: Land-Nav, Medical, Field Craft
  8. Spring Group Meet/Shoot Interest Poll
  9. Defensive Pistol 101 Review
  10. Defensive Carbine 101 Review
  11. Just came back from a training session with d90king.
  12. Ideas for a Summer Workshop
  13. Tactical Carbine Nights
  14. Greenport tactical
  15. Looking for all poconos shooters
  16. Summer Workshop Poll Thread
  17. Eastern PA Events??
  18. R U ready training
  19. Any interest in a "Home Defense" class??
  20. yougstown lead slingers
  21. Ohio Tactical Traning
  22. Do you have access to a range within 50 miles of Zip Code 15001?
  23. Home Defense AAR
  24. update on spring meet donation and whatnot.
  25. SHTF Auxillary Training Meet (under construction)
  26. how's about another meet?
  27. ohio meet
  28. need land in ohio for meet and shoot
  29. Any planning still in progress?
  30. MG friendly range
  31. And now, for something COMPLETELY different!
  32. Spring Fever
  33. Greenport Tactical 2011
  34. Free Training Classes
  35. Well, I did it...
  36. Moving to Beaver Falls PA in July, Where to Shoot!!!!!
  37. Ohio Valley Tactical May 14-15 Tac Rifle/pistol Clarington Ohio
  38. Recomendations on places to shoot in the Akron area
  39. Need a little help please.
  40. Tactical Carbine Class around Philladelphia?
  41. would a tactical carbine class interest you if you can use 22 kits?
  42. Training schools in ohio
  43. Dublin OH A Conference and Expo for handgun owners and suppot
  44. Central Ohio shooting community has lost a great guy and a class act
  45. Ohio Valley Tactical
  46. rock castle 3 gun august anayone going?????`
  47. Shooting alone
  48. Eastern PA range for training/drills?
  49. CCW Training West Central Ohio
  50. Trying to set up a carbine course in Chester County.
  51. Classes near Huntington, WV
  52. 2nd Amendment rally in Harrisburg PA
  53. Anyone know of an armorers class around western pa?
  54. Cincinnati shooting group
  55. New CRS reports from inside the Beltway
  56. List of Gun Control Legislation in Congress
  57. Range Day!
  58. Does anyone shoot at Topton FGA, PA?
  59. ACTION ALERT - Tuesday, April 23, 2013 Harrisburg, PA 2nd Amendment Action Day
  60. Jefferson County (WV) Commission May Support Stricter Gun Control
  61. Latest from CRS on guns and Congress
  62. New DoJ report on Firearm Violence, 1993-2011
  63. Latest info on gun control bills in 113th Congress
  64. New Guy - Work relocated to Akron area
  65. Rockwell Tactical in C PA?
  66. may alliance ohio class sentinel concepts
  67. Precision Rifle 1 Class, Wadsworth Ohio - multi dates for the summer
  68. Precision Rifle 1 Class -- Wadsworth Ohio
  69. Weston, w
  70. Scout/sniper match at GTA.
  71. : Vehicle Gunfighting Fundamentals October 18th Fredericktown
  72. Defensive Concealed Carry
  73. Day at the Range
  74. Northeast Ohio (Cleveland) Shivworks Training Group
  75. Cincinnati shooting range
  76. Anyone in York, Lancaster, Harrisburg PA area interested in training?
  77. Saying hi from Fayette County
  78. Anyone interested in doing an ARMED church security course in Pittsburgh?
  79. Ohio Armament Indoor Range & Gun Shop -- Northeastern Ohio
  80. Carisle Light Infantry
  81. Eastern PA PRS and NV comps