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  1. M4C Regional Training Groups - Please Read
  2. East Dallas and/or DFW M4C members sound off!
  3. College Station members
  4. Houston M4C members
  5. need Texas range
  6. Free training Course for Texas M4C members
  7. MAST Solutions: 0-to-100 Carbine Operator
  8. Wounded Warrior Shoot
  9. DFW Area Handgun Instruction
  10. Barrel wrench, upper vise block austin tx
  11. Permian Basin Area Members
  12. Jim Smith and Spartan Tactical Opening New Texas Range
  13. 'smithing question
  14. Houston members: PSC or Impact Zone?
  15. East TX M4C members around?
  16. Carbine Shoot Central Texas July 3rd
  17. attention admin
  18. Hog Hunting this weekend?
  19. Teach me about Impact Zone
  20. Dallas Meet-up: Restrepo @ Mockingbird Station on Thurs, Aug. 12 (or maybe Sat)
  21. Hoffners Training Academy
  22. San Antonio Gun Shops
  23. Glock 34 STOLEN @ FTW GUN SHOW Jan 2nd
  24. Tac Pro?
  25. San Antonio members
  26. DFW: TDSA Range/Training Meet-ups
  27. North Texas Training for the young guy
  28. Killeen / Ft. Hood Area
  29. Moving to Tyler - Range Question
  30. Dallas Area CHL instructor?
  31. Training Classes
  32. CSAT in Feb.
  33. Vicker's Shooting Method?
  34. TTPOA?
  35. Anyone in San Antonio want to shoot next week?
  36. Wichita Falls
  37. Silencers Are Legal Shoot
  38. Arlington Sportsman's Club?
  39. DFW Travel Advice
  40. Tactical Immersion CCW Employment Training (San Antonio, TX) Sept 1st 2012
  41. Criterion Consulting Intermediate Tactical Pistol Nov 17, Bulverde, TX
  42. FAST Inc. Combat Rifle and Pistol October 27 2012 Chappell Hill TX
  43. FAST Inc training offer for TX school staff
  44. Houston area pistol training?
  45. 21st Century Gunfighter - Handgun 01 course
  46. Anyone around Beaumont?
  47. range
  48. Moving to Texas
  49. AAR - Stephen Pineau (M3 Strategies) Private Carbine Course
  50. Texas Combat Shooters matches
  51. Looking for training groups
  52. Fusion Tactical Range in Forney TX
  53. Costa Ludus CE02 Gainesville anyone attending?
  54. Reality Based Training Center - Dallas area (Plano, Texas)
  55. Todd Rassa Counter Ambush Training OR ECQB Long Gun March 2014
  56. Anyone Interested in Scheduling A Group Class?? NORTH TEXAS/DFW
  57. Long(ish) range training in North Texas
  58. Just moved to Austin..any info as to where the good ranges/shops are???
  59. June 2014 CSAT newsletter. Paul Howe looking to retire.
  60. Anyone around Lubbock?
  61. Need ideas for 350+ acres south of Dallas
  62. RFI: Ranges near Granbury
  63. From Alaska to Georgetown TX
  64. CSAT MTT is operating out of DFW Area
  65. East Texas (Longview) shooter
  66. Anyone heard of Sarkar, Tactical Ranch, Warrior1, Specopstraining in el paso?
  67. DFW area: We need 5 more enrollees for a Mike Pannone Covert Carry class 11-12 Feb.
  68. Need a move and shoot range near DFW
  69. M4C range day in North Texas
  70. Texas LTC Instructor Cert Info
  71. Training Opportunities in DFW
  72. Hardwired Tactical Shooting First Responder Pistol June 29 & 30, 2019 - Dallas, TX
  73. 2019 Pat Rogers Memorial Revolver Round-Up - Oct 12&13 - Dallas TX
  74. HiTS High Accountability Pistol Workshop; 03/14/2021; Dallas
  75. Rare Opportunity to Take MVT Course in Texas