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  1. Vintage AR and Clone pic thread.....
  2. Who Made My Upper?
  3. Information links
  4. Wikipedia Reference Threads
  5. RetroBlackRifle.com
  6. DA PAM 750-30
  7. Looking for some early Carbine History
  8. what model is this ?
  9. Taking an SP1 into the stone age
  10. I nominate....
  11. Does anyone have....
  12. "Rack Numbers"
  13. Check out this 1960s SP1 upper for $319
  14. Early AR-10 Reliability?
  15. Retro Ar
  16. My SP1
  17. XM177/XM177E1
  18. A Rare AR Find
  19. Friend's Carbine
  20. 1967 M16A1 fixed stock Carbine (M2 Carbine evolution?)…
  21. AR SP1 Serial # search
  22. another SP1 serial search
  23. Slip ring
  24. Anyone know of some one making retro AR's
  25. 1/7 twist lightweight barrel
  26. Colt SP-1's For Sale
  27. lets see your SP1
  28. Help with recreating SP1 Rifle
  29. gunny's surplus any good ?
  30. What optics available for Retro carry handle A1 type AR's?
  31. Is this retro
  32. Need help with first xm177 clone build
  33. Help identify barrel w/stamp on underside?
  35. Colt sporter carbine?
  36. M16A2 clone
  37. Rhino Gas Piston System
  38. USGI sling
  39. Are these the correct bolt carriers for these old SP1s?
  40. Triangle handguards
  41. "Battlefield pickup" finish
  42. Green Mountain Barrels?
  43. What guns used a 20" barrel?
  44. Flash hiders for retro carbines
  45. Need info on Colt AR-15A2 Sporter II
  46. Upper receiver with "C" and "H" or "M"
  47. Where can i find retro parts?
  48. I have this old 80% upper and lower.
  49. The m16 A1
  50. Colt AR15A2HB Sporter II question
  51. Vintage Optics?
  52. ? on vintage AR
  53. Slabside receivers for civilian ARs in 1988?
  54. Car 15
  55. M16A1 Butt Plate
  56. MilSpec Triangular Handguards?
  57. Colt SP-1 Info Request
  58. Requesting help from XM177 owners
  59. Is it possible?
  60. A1 Upper?
  61. Anyone update their retro-guns?
  62. early A2 .. retro or not ?
  63. BCG in A1
  64. BCG's in original Colt AR15/M16?
  65. Colt M16A1 pricing
  66. Which spray-on/bake on finish for XM177E2
  67. duplicating Colt gray/green from the late '80s
  68. Value of Colt CAR-15 made in 1980?
  69. M16 wood stock
  70. 12 1/2" barrel middy cycle a CAR buffer?
  71. 1968 Department of the Army pamphlet
  72. Found old Colt carry-handle Scope
  73. Frankford Arsenal?
  74. RE: Odd M16 Bolt
  75. Why a Retro?
  76. I need a price check on some vintage ARs (SP-1)
  77. XM177 clone
  78. Please let me know what Vietnam era rifle to get my dad
  79. Vulcan Arms extended FH
  80. Upgrading my SP-1 Carbine:
  82. xmclone build - in progress *now with pics
  83. CAR Stock needed for early M4.
  84. Where it all began...
  85. Bushmaster Aluminum car stock
  86. A1 heatshield repair, missing pins
  87. M16 Still in Service
  89. Importance of chrome lining on a retro AR.
  90. What have I got? SP2 Transition?
  91. Colt A2 Government Carbine Production Date
  92. Ohio Ordnance Works FN M16 barrels?
  93. Heading down the retro path now
  94. Did I get a realdeal 733 Upper?
  95. Production dates S1 singlepoint sights
  96. colt model sp1 early 80's model
  97. SP1 Itch. School me on prices/features
  98. Help me identify this.
  99. looking for A1 upper receiver
  100. Colt 653
  101. SP1 Muzzle Thread
  102. When and why did the 30rd mag come about?
  103. When did civilian AR15s get popular?
  104. Where do I find an original?
  105. M16 vs. M4 - TDP, and Milspec
  106. M16A1 for n00bs...
  107. Where to buy midlength A1 handguards
  108. Original Aimpoint
  109. Do retro 3-prong hiders make a ping sound?
  110. RGUNS Fiberlite Stock
  111. ? on replacement issue circa late 80s...
  112. Practical Applications of the NDS-32 Upper
  113. Picked Up A Sporter
  114. What year did Colt start the T markings on M4 uppers?
  115. Which Height Front sight?
  116. Anyone seen a M-4 with A2 upper?
  117. Vintage Colt buyers guide?
  118. Vintage Colt M16A1 (653)
  119. Colt 6550GC? Factory Camo? Worth?
  120. Colt M16A1 rifle info
  121. Was told to try here for AR15 A2 I.D.
  122. Armalite ar-180 optic
  123. Colt 3x20 Japan scope
  124. Colt 6530
  125. My 603 build, almost complete
  126. Help me with pricing
  127. Introduction; John Thomas of Retro Arms Works
  128. My first colt
  129. Help ID'ing some parts
  130. Colt or no?
  131. Question for you Retro Experts.
  132. Information on the vintage 25 round magazine
  133. Prototype replica photos (56k warning)
  134. Help with this vintage Colt
  135. Need ID and info on this Colt upper
  136. XM177E2/CAR-15 FLAT TOP
  137. Who Makes LW 20" Barrels?
  138. Any old school armorers with a good
  139. Old School Tool
  140. A Question About Colt's Anodizing Through the Years
  141. SP-1 interrupter not holding
  142. Value of original Edgewater buffer and complete early stock?
  143. Old AR
  144. Color on older Colt Match Target upper
  145. Please Help Me Identify this Vintage Colt
  146. Help me find an M16A1 before the new AWB
  147. Vintage Parts Vendor
  148. M16A1 replica for service rifle matches
  149. Good starting point or dangerous liability?
  150. Installing M16 3 prong flash hider
  151. "AR15" X'd out replaced with "M16A1"?
  152. Gathering parts for first retro AR - to forgo the pencil barrel or not
  153. McKay Enterprises M16 A1 Replacement Barrel
  154. Looking for an aluminum XM177 telescopic buttstock.
  155. Colt R6521?
  156. Vintage M16A1 in use by a local LEO agency... tricked out
  157. Considering a retro dissy
  158. 3X Colt scope replica?
  159. Rifle length handguards on a middy barrel
  160. Someone outside Kalifornia
  161. type od Ar used by JFK Secret Service detail in Dallas
  162. Match Target HBAR
  163. My XM177 E2 clone
  164. Colt 603 clone and an old friend
  165. Retro barrels
  166. Advanced Armament M15
  168. M16 Colt Model 604
  169. A1 Colt kits $356.95
  170. lower parts for A1 Kits
  171. Teardrop forward assist
  172. Xm177 Alimunum Buttstock
  173. SP1 Carbine Question
  174. Colt 727 questions
  175. Square forged vs. round forged upper
  176. First ever build
  177. Pre-1986 Transferable Colt M16A2 (RO901) Eye Candy and Question
  178. Retro Slick Slide Carrier
  179. hello retro shooters
  180. dimpled colt full auto selector
  181. Like new M16A1
  182. Fulton Retro Uppers and Complete Carbines/Rifles?
  183. possible to mill off the fence on the right side of the lower for slabside clone ?
  184. Colt CAR Fiberlite Stock
  185. Colt Partially Fenced Lower
  186. M16A1 5 slot birdcage flash hider
  187. Colt SP1 Trianglular Forearm
  188. Value question on xm177 clone
  189. Does anyone sell 20" A2 Uppers 1:7 anymore?
  190. Front sight posts
  191. Retro/ not retro AR custom Build
  192. Any advice on a good bore brush?
  193. Retro Dissipator-ish parts/build questions
  194. Colt Upper
  195. New Old Parts
  196. Looking for a C7 type upper receiver (A1 with shell deflector)
  197. Trying to find a "clothespin" bipod
  198. 11.5 Commando build question
  199. M16A1 Clone selector switch question
  200. A1 handguard weight
  201. Preban Colt sp1 car-15
  202. Found 2 old AR pre-ban uppers that won’t fit any of my lowers
  203. 20 round colt mags
  204. A Real SP1 Clone
  205. Colt A1 upper
  206. Different types of A1 forearms?
  207. 607 Stock?
  208. recent kit deals..
  209. Source for A1 length stocks and A1 grips in chocolate brown?
  210. Hello and new AR
  211. The A2 configuration
  212. My 604 project, finally!
  213. Another Retro Added
  214. Picked up some cool parts!
  215. SP1... To shoot or not to shoot
  216. Vietnam Era M16 Training Rifle "Rubber Duck"
  217. Early 80s Colt HBAR
  218. More vintage stuff
  219. Brownells new a1 barrel
  220. 1957 AR10 being fired full speed and slow motion. You have never seen this video befo
  221. XM16E1 and M16A1 clone builds
  222. 602 clone upgrades
  223. Colt SP1 issues
  224. Battle tested M16A1 Elisco 653
  225. Competing With the Past: Accuracy Evaluation of a Colt A1 Barrel
  226. Starting a 605 build
  227. early AR10 mag button
  228. Not a clone - my 're-imagined retro-ish, ambi' GAU-5A carbine
  229. M16-A1 upper questions
  230. Which quadrant sight do I need for a classic carry handle upper ?
  231. Info needed on Vietnam era M14 magazine w/pics
  232. New member with new old Colt
  233. Value of Colt car15 alloy vinyl coated stock vg+ shape no tube?
  234. ECHO-2: My XM177E2 Clone build! (In Progress)
  235. New mint condition SP1 w/ pics
  236. M4/CQBR Clone, too soon to be retro?
  237. Help ID this Retro Upper
  238. Help ID carbine handguards
  239. Sort of a retro
  240. Retro AR Family pics
  241. Another Retro Build Started
  242. I have friends retiring from SWAT
  243. Model 604 build has started
  244. Source for A1 stripped uppers and 1:7 A1 profile FSB barrels?
  245. Any end in sight for prices of Vintage Colt SP1s?
  246. Adding M4 feedramps to A1/C7 upper
  247. Decided to build A2
  248. Need help identifying upper
  249. XM16E1 at work
  250. XM177E2 Project