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  1. Hello from Ohio
  2. Hello From Beautiful Southern Indiana
  3. NE Indiana here
  4. SE Michigan
  5. Wisconsin here
  6. Any existing IL, WI or IN carbine drill/practice events?
  7. East Central IL
  8. Hello from Willowbrook, IL
  9. Public Range(s) in/near Erie County?
  10. ASC's 2010 Zombie Shoot, Waterman, IL
  11. Northern Illinois here
  12. Central Ohio ranges???
  13. Suppressor/Class III Dealers in Wisconsin
  14. Rifle ranges & clubs in Lorain OH
  15. Central Illinois area gunsmiths?
  16. Interest in introductory pistol course in Racine, WI?
  17. Precision Rifle Shooters
  18. Hello form NWI
  19. NRA to Push Aggressive Legislative Agenda During Wisconsin's 2011 Legislative Session
  20. Are there any Illinois shooting forums out there?
  21. Hello from Chicago
  22. NFA help around lima ohio.
  23. Hello from NE Ohio
  24. G&R Tactical (FREE) Training Classes
  25. Shipping ammo in ohio?
  26. Tactical Rifle lvl 1 on March 20th
  27. Chicagoland Ranges-Membership Only?
  28. IL CCW seems to be gaining traction in the MSM... !
  29. INGO Down
  30. OH - SB 17. CC Bill passes Senate. (Estab. w/alcohol)
  31. Met a member from Madison today
  32. CCW in Wisconsin
  33. Anyone from the central Illinois area?
  34. Looking for a range in the Indianapolis area
  35. Canton Ohio PD / CCW Issue
  36. FFL in Brookfield WI
  37. Moving away from IL and FOID
  38. Handgun transportation...through O'hare enroute to Indiana
  39. Anyone operate a security company?
  40. Slightly frightening Drive to work in OHIO(long)seeking LEO opionions
  41. Attention Ohioans!!!
  42. Question about moving to Michigan
  43. Active Trauma Management Class Elkhart, IN Dec 3
  44. Saying hello from Athens, Ohio (SE Ohio)
  45. Ohio: Does Lorain County Sheriff Sign Forms 1/4?
  46. Your CCW permit doesn't include automobile carry?
  48. Burglars take 80 weapons from Ohio firing range
  50. McMiller Sports Center
  51. Going back to Indiana
  52. Article II - Gunworld range, Lombard
  53. IL CCW
  54. Get Out and VOTE!!!
  55. Schutzenfest 2012
  56. SE Wisconsin ranges that are steel plate friendly
  57. Bizzaro world!!
  58. Carbine Classes in Northeast Ohio
  59. Looking for 3-Gun in Northern IL or Southern WI
  60. Carrying an unloaded rifle in OH state park system.
  61. Looking for aimpoint
  62. Illinois -House Bill 4901
  63. Youngstown 3gun match for WOUNDED WARRIOR PROJECT.. saturday, October 6th, 2012
  64. USPA or IDPA clubs
  65. Pat McNamara 2 Day rifle course Maryville IL (St Louis area) May 2013
  66. Dayton, OHIO area?
  67. Champaign, IL indoor ranges?
  68. Magazines charged in Ohio?
  69. Where to shoot Near Detroit
  70. Illinois Concealed Carry
  71. Illinois Amendment #1 to SB2899
  72. Freezin' Der Heinie Off 2013
  73. Pro 2A Rally in Every State Capitol - Feb. 8, 10:00 AM
  74. Guns Accross America Sat the 19th
  76. ONE Illinois Sheriff????
  77. Gun show in Effingham this weekend (1/26)
  78. Ohio SB 36 - Prohibit Seizure, Registration, and Any Potential Federal Firearms Bans
  79. "Fashion and Firearms" show in Chicago March 2nd
  80. (IL) Livescan Fingerprint Vendor, trustworthy?
  81. Call to Action - Illinois Residents
  82. MI ban teachers having sex with students until 21
  83. Robin Kelly wins Dem primary
  84. Illinois AWB
  85. Illinois HB 997 vs 1155
  86. Chicago Area Lawyer
  87. Semper Paratus (Iraqgunz) Armorer class in West Michigan
  88. Potential Ohio move - Cincinnati area ranges?
  89. Schutzenfest 2013
  90. AR mags
  91. ISRA Range in Bonfield
  92. OHIO RESIDENTS!!!!! Bloomberg is at it in OHIO!!
  93. Police traffic stop firefight in Ohio
  94. Illinois swamped by surge in Firearms Applications
  95. Any Indiana shooters?
  96. Anyone else here staying on top of the Illinois Carry Concealed debates?
  97. Capitol Fax poll regarding Illinois Preemption & Home Rule
  98. Il Carry Conceal bill on floor for vote now.
  99. IL private sale of firearms bill being debated right now on seante
  100. IL Magazine BAN HB1346 now on senate for debate and vote.
  101. Deerfield, Highland Park & Evanston planning AWB
  102. Illinois ISRA Bonfield or Aurora SC, Which one and why?
  103. Today is the day for Carry Concealed in Illinois.
  104. Illinois State Police release a FAQ on Carry Concealed in Illinois
  105. What is up with Buckeye Firearms Association
  106. Want to rent office or shop space for gunsmithing business near Chicago
  107. Road Tripping it to Lake Geneva, WI late August- Any recommendations...
  108. Illinois State Police say: You may begin training for carry concealed.
  109. Walker defies order to close federally-funded parks
  110. Michigan SBR Bill in the works
  111. Question about transporting through Illinois...
  112. Wis dozens of conservative groups and allies of GovWalker are undergoing intimidation
  113. Illinois acepts BETA Carry Concealed applications December 18th, 2013 from Instructor
  114. How to apply online for Illinois carry concealed firearm license
  115. Chicago Police requiring all officers to register all firearms, even their off duty
  116. Illinois Private Firearm Sale Authorization takes affect January 1st
  117. Michigan SBR Bill Update
  118. OHIO Residents!!
  119. New member from Ohio
  120. Illinois gun registration bill
  121. Illinois State Rep Michelle Mussman Anti Gun Event. 2/24
  122. NFA Trust
  123. Illinois Carry Conceal LIcenses have officially been issued.
  124. Illinois Concealed Carry State Database Security Breach
  125. Defensive Creations/Dave Laubert in Ohio
  126. IL HB4290 creates penalties for Concealed Carry Instructors passes house
  127. Precision Rifle 1 Class -- Wadsworth Ohio
  128. MI CCW class recommendations?
  129. Illinois State Rifle Association
  130. Wisconsin firearm laws...
  131. 2015 Second Amendment March - April 29, Lansing MI
  132. Might Be Moving To Indianapolis
  133. Interviewing for NWSC job in Crane
  134. Sycamore Sportsman's Club, Sycamore, Illinois : tell me something not in the website
  135. Outdoor rifle range to shoot steel in NWI/Chicagoland area.
  136. NE Ohio AR Gunsmith Needed
  137. Suppressors for IL: New legislation proposed
  138. MDFI Looking for two Assistant Instructors
  139. United States Rifleman's Association : Tactical Carbine Chillicothe IL
  140. Driving advice OK to IN
  141. Illinois State Police About to Make Concealed Carry more Costly
  142. Michigan Suppressor Hunting needs your help!
  143. Cincinnati outdoor range
  144. Chicago gun carry laws
  145. Illinois Foid Mentally Disabled bill oin Gov's desk for approval.
  146. Tannerite in OH?
  147. Illinois jumps on the terror watch list bandwagon HB6588
  148. seeking private land for training classes.
  149. WI Realestate lawyer needed
  150. FFL in IL
  151. Odd ccw situation
  152. Chicago murder rate for 2016, the numbers are in
  153. New year, more proposed Illinois anti gun legislation
  154. New to South Wisco, where to shoot/shop
  155. Delete
  156. switch blade knives have beocme legal for lawful gun owners in Illinois
  157. Northwest Ohio training?
  158. Illinois State Police have sent out Concealed Carry Renewal Letters
  159. Illinois Assault Weapons Ban 2019
  160. Illinois Supreme court threw out the ban on stun guns and tasrers
  161. This is what it looks like when 8,000 gun owners march on the Illinois State Capitol
  162. Moving near Madison - need a rental
  163. Thunder Valley Precision
  164. Remember when State Senator Julie Morrison proposed confiscation?
  165. Weed is becoming legal in Illinois. What gun Owners Need to know.
  167. Ohio Night Vision Group Saturday, Feb. 29th 2020
  168. Ohio's Dewine Eliminates Duty To Retreat
  169. Illinois and Indiana restrictions
  170. Ranges and Good Gun Shops in NW Indiana
  172. Ohio HB 227 - Ohio House Republicans introduce change to concealed carry bill
  173. New gun laws take effect in Illinois on Jan 1st 2022
  174. We've seen the new Illinois Concealed Carry License and there is a problem.
  175. Mass Shooting in Willowbrook