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  1. Any M4C'ers in Maine?
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  12. EAG class trip Sept 10-11
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  21. Vermonters I need your help @ the State House 02-07-13 @ 6:30 p.m.
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  23. Thank you fellow Connecticut citizens (video)
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  26. Maine magazine capacity legislation - L.D. 997
  27. Sen chris murphy from CT
  28. CT Senate passed new AWB
  29. Repeal of Maine gun permit law sought by dozens
  30. Smith and Wesson Headquarters,
  31. ME Businesses canít have gun-free campuses
  32. Maine Ammunition / Reloading Components Thread
  33. The governor of my former state getting booed
  34. Question Regarding CT's New AWB,
  35. A Weekend in New Hampshire
  36. CT Carry Law IS open carry.
  37. Ammo Permit in CT?
  38. CT Members: Constitution Day Debate Sept17th
  39. Shipping a pistol grip to CT: legal?
  40. How many M4Cers are attending the 2 Day Vicker's class in Bangor, ME (May 2014)
  42. Rhode Island town voting on recalls over gun permit changes
  43. How many would be interested in a REDBACK ONE carbine course in Keene NH
  44. Looking for like minded shooters NH
  45. NH to add Mental Health records to NICS SB244
  46. NH HB 1589-FN Would require private sales to go through FLL.
  47. Nfa gun trust NH
  48. Anyone attending NEShooter Summit this year?
  49. Live Free or Die
  50. Private Long gun sales in MASS
  51. any member a FFL in southwestern Maine
  52. Any updates for Ct. regarding AWB?
  53. Maine, Senate backs bill to nix concealed gun permit requirement......
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  55. Machine Gun Shoot April 30 - May 1 Monroeton, PA
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  59. Stretz Tactical 2 Day Shotgun - Lebanon, CT July 22-23, 2017
  60. NH - The Iron Adventure Run 27-29 July
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  62. New Hampshire------ Concealed Carry question
  63. Vermontís Voluntary Amnesty Yields Just Two Bump Stocks
  64. NH Has Some Not Good Anti Gun Bills Coming Up Soon
  65. New Hampshire HB 1660 Elder Care Gun Confiscation Moves to the Full Senate
  66. NH Gun Owners-Help Is Needed To Disband The Broken Gun Line In NH
  67. New Hampshire People-SB154 Bill Needs To Pass When It Comes Up
  68. Condition Red 1 Day Medical - Human Cadaver Lab - Fri, Apr 30, 2021 - BOSTON, MA