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03-03-12, 00:07
I live a couple miles north of the I80/I35 intersection, wondering if there's any other God's Country members here.

03-03-12, 01:33
I'm from webster county but I joined the Air Force and now live in idaho. I'll be moving back thou, once the wife and I find jobs

03-03-12, 03:02
Welcome to the forum fellow Iowans, if you keep your eyes peeled, you'll find a few of us around here. :D

04-24-12, 22:21
Close to panora

04-24-12, 22:34
Hey, grew up in Jefferson and have spent many a day fishing, boating and golfing in and around panora.

Do you shoot any IDPA, USPSA?

I get down to winterset from time to time, for their CIPS matches, but it's about an hour from the DSM area.

04-24-12, 22:47
No, I have never done any IDPA, USPSA or anything like that.

I am thinking about driving up to minnesota for the DPMS omega shoot coming up, but I am not sure yet.

I see you were in the military or still are?

What unit are you in if you dont mind me asking?

04-24-12, 22:49
been in the 2168tc of the 185th cssb since 2007

deployed with A co 334 of the 34th in 2010-2011.

back to the 2168, ets is coming up though and haven't decided if I'm staying around.

thought about the omega shoot myself, but I get back from AT the day before it, might just buy some raffles and save the drive time.

04-24-12, 22:57
Ok yeah, Im with the 186th MP Co out of Johnston.

I know some guys in that unit. I think you guys were just on dodge a couple weekends ago doing range qual?

I own a couple DPMS rifles (AR15 and a AR10) and mostly M&P pistols, I was thinking about going out and picking up the new shield but the places I have checked didnt have any in stock.

Have you seen any around?

04-24-12, 22:58
Also did you go to the faigrounds a couple weeks ago to the gun show?
I didnt get a chance to make it because of drill.

04-24-12, 23:11
had drill myself.

We haven't been in dodge since I've been back from the deployment, we will be there in May though for health assesment.

I haven't seen any shields, but then again I haven't been looking.

have a dpms ap4 (deployment commemorative rifle) myself and a g19, looking to add a g17 myself next week after I sell my books back to the university. Swear I'm gonna add a bcm or colt soon, but pistols have been my focus, for a long time.

Anyways, let me know if you ever want to get together for a shoot.

I'll refer to this thread and post the matches I plan on attending, I'm usually the only guy under 30 at the matches so I'm easy to spot.

stay safe

04-24-12, 23:14
Sounds good

04-29-12, 12:42
Whats some shooting clubs that you guys are members of that you guys actually get together on a regular basis and shoot or just hang out?

12-04-12, 01:13
New here. Live in dsm area.

12-04-12, 11:02
Thanks for bringing this back up I had forgot about it.

I am a member of the Ankeny Izaak Walton League. We have 4 pistol bays and a 100 yard bay for rifles. Also available are 4 trap houses and an archery range.

The range is located ~3 miles east and 2 miles north of the 1st st exit in Ankeny. Membership fees are $140 a year, range is available day or night with a gate code.

Check out ankenyikes.org if you are interested or PM me.

We hold monthly USPSA matches year round, and weekly USPSA matches from May 1 to September 30. We are also trying to start monthly or better IDPA matches and soon will be attempting multi-gun or 3 gun competitions.

12-07-12, 18:37
I'm going to be shooting IDPA in Ames on Sunday the 9th if anyone is interested.

Shooter's meeting at 930 bullets fly at 10

I think the guy who runs it said round count around 60. The range is on east 13th st about a mile from I35.

PM me if you're planning goin

02-17-13, 22:57
Anyone know anything about this match for 2013?

02-17-13, 23:30
got a link or anything. Colfax isn't too far from me, I'd be interested in possibly just spectating.

02-18-13, 13:52
I found the original link in the home town fourm on ar15.com. I imed the guy who sets it up but no answer yet. The range is only 200yds, and I shot the last match of the year last year with a clone MK12. Did good with that. Hope he keeps it going.

02-18-13, 14:05
Depending on cost and time, if the range is only 200 yards max I might have to take the AR out for "long" range comp time.