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03-14-12, 02:37
I'm just going to throw this up and hope there are others interested. If any one wants to start training in Yuma I'm active duty and willing to help guide/learn with anyone else interested. I'm more interested in honing skills then wasting ammo, (have a daughter and a wife I'm on borrowed dimes) so if you are interested in red bandannas and large knives seek others. If you really want to train I'll bring my humility and light skill set. :D thanks

Semper Fi,


03-14-12, 07:23
I hope you're good. When I get back from the Stan I will call or email you. I'm a busy lad over here.

03-14-12, 09:34
From you I'll probably be more humble and learning then teaching...lol. But I'll be practicing none the less.

09-26-12, 18:51
If there is anyone interested myself and a few of my Marines are going to be shooting Sat. moring-ish at Adair Range off of the 95. (provided my new BCM bolt arrives and as usual mission takes priority)... Nothing crazy and not a ton of rounds...all are welcome to attend..PM for cell# and SMEAC..



10-13-12, 00:08
Just noticed this thread, I'm down if it's more than just people going out and wasting rounds, I do that great by myself:D