View Full Version : About to order a proper Recce

03-17-12, 22:44
I dont post here much, but it seems to be a great forum so I am going to start.

A year or so ago I foolishly sold likely the best all around AR I have ever owned. It was a Noveske Recce that shot sub minute and was easy to shoot well past 500 meters. And was nice and handy at 16"

Well, recently I decided to replace it and was looking at Noveske again. But did some reading here and elsewhere and decided to talk to Kevin at HCS. (High Caliber Sales) and he really impressed me.

He is selling what seems to be a quite authentic RECCE. I am working out the order now (mostly trying to decide on muzzle device). Going to order his RECCE upper on a new complete KAC lower.

I know I can build a real nice lower for what a KAC costs, but am wanting to stick as true to form as one really can on a RECCE, plus I have never owned a KAC and wanted to see for myself what all the fuss is about.

Anyway, still have to decide on optic(s) and a couple other details. But, will do a nice pictorial review of my new rig and my experience with KJO when I get it all in hand. Looking forward to owning another really versatile and accurate do-it-all AR.

03-19-12, 00:53
I am sending the funds to KJO tomorrow.

Was struggling with what muzzle device to get, so just decided to have him throw a bird cage on and I will decide later. Thinking I may go with a Battlecomp or the Spikes Tactical copy thereof.

Got the Recce upper in his standard config, and had him put it on a Complete KAC SR15 lower.

Since we are relatively close geographically, and he has everything ready to go, I am hoping I may be able to have it by the end of the week. Looking forward to putting some rounds through it.

03-19-12, 02:15
Birdcage will do, maybe SEI Vortex if you feel that helps (not sure if your noveske was from the vintage when those came standard). Battlecomps work well, but odds are you'll want to throw a suppressor on it, and it may not be one that wants a BC2.0.

I've been working on a concept for a Recce that would do better than a very similar setup to yours (KAC IWS lower, an ADCO CLE Recce upper), but that setup will run.