View Full Version : Magpul MS3 Sling Question

03-23-12, 11:26
Do you have to have a Magpul stock in order to use the Magpul MS3 sling?

03-23-12, 11:36
No, not at all.

I use a MS3 on a SR15 with a Vltor IMOD.

04-04-12, 13:11
That was easy!!

maybe this video might help has alot of close up shots of the sling and attachment points!


Desert Fanatic
04-29-12, 03:13
I love this sling. The improvements over the ms2 are awesome: wider strap, better material, etc.

05-24-12, 16:58
The sling can be used with standard QD cups.
It works really well with Magpul's ASAP plate and RSA/MSA.

I've been an owner of the MS2 and MS3 and the MS3 is everything the MS2 wasn't and more. I still keep the MS2 around though, it was also a very good sling.