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03-26-12, 16:04
This is also posted on Calguns.

Please advise:

I am posting this to gauge interest in a Costa Ludus Carbine Employment 1/CE 01 in the Central Valley area. We need a minimum of 18 people, maximum of 20. We do not have an exact date yet, as it is dependent on how much interest this gets, however a rough estimate would likely put the class around August 2012. When I say around, this is a very rough estimate.

Our range is approximately an hour and a half from Fresno, and and hour and a half from Modesto. I'm hoping that I can draw a crowd from Fresno and Modesto, maybe even the Merced/Turlock/Atwater area.

Below is a link to the class information.


If you say "I'm in", then I will assume you are willing to pay the full price of the class. We are also asking a $40 range fee for all students. Please do not say you are willing to go, and then flake at the last minute.

Note that this is a private range (so the exact address will be kept private to all except serious students), and is located on White Rock Road, Le Grand, CA. 95333. It is located approximately 30 minutes outside of the nearest town of Le Grand.

Please feel free to post in this thread, or send me a private message with any interest.

Thank you.

03-26-12, 21:30
I am in

03-26-12, 22:04
That makes 5 as of today, need 13 more.

03-29-12, 16:24
Bump, hoping to get more interest.

04-02-12, 21:58
I was all ears till I got to the class cost and the "1800rds Minimum" I cant even afford the rounds right now. :suicide:

Guess Ill have to just have to get out to an Appleseed class. :p

04-16-12, 21:15
We now have 7 attending.


04-20-12, 12:38
As of today, we have approximately 10 people, need 8-9 more to make this official.