View Full Version : Where to zero AR? Pattern Shotgun?

03-31-12, 15:34
Where do you all go to zero your rifles? And shoot past 200-400m? I'd also like to pattern at multiple distances a Mossberg JM 930 that I have coming my way.

All advice is appreciated!

dr texan
05-02-12, 20:14
I havent been yet, but this place looks promising for the long range shooter in NoVA.


05-02-12, 20:41
GWNF had a few free ranges throughout the state but I think most of them are stuck at 100-200m. Of the two I've been to one stops at 100 and the other one ended at either 150 or 200.
Useful places for patterning the shotgun, though. The GWNF website has directions to all of them.

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