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04-01-12, 15:14
A help request for the parents--getting a handgun and taking my advice on training--trick is being in TX, I have no clue where to set them up with a decent intructor--Any suggestions for Central Wi/Madison Area (Google search was not exactly outstanding).

04-01-12, 15:18
Not sure who is doing trainings around here. Look at Deerfield Pistol and Archery Range. I know Gander Mountain has some trainings they are doing. I don't know the instructors putting them on though.

04-01-12, 21:22

I used them for my Utah CCW. I think they would be fine for someone starting out to learn the fundamentals. They were using the range up at Lodi as their home range but they will travel. Hope this helps.

05-08-12, 21:14
I am an NRA law enforcement handgun instructor based in Milwaukee. I could readily help your parents. Feel free to email me with any questions at firearmstraining44@gmail.com