View Full Version : Kitsap County Poulsbo Area Shooting

04-07-12, 16:03
Hey guys I recently lost the place out here in the Poulsbo area where I have been shooting for the last 6 years without incident. I have always shot in a safe fashion and carried out all my mess and picked up other peoples messes. The last time I shot out there was about 6 months ago and three county and state patrol cops pulled up as we were loading our gear and said they were out there on a noise complaint because we were shooting for about 6 hours. I discussed the situation with the county sheriff and he assured me that shooting there was perfectly legal as long as we were being safe and he didn't understand the noise complaint because we were out in the country on 20 acres of cleared Polp and Talbot Logging land and much less why three officers responded. Well low and behold I got a new 1911 with my taxes and tons of ammo for it and my Ar and went to go shooting and found new "No Target Shooting" Signs up. I'm hoping that some one on here can point me in the right direction for a shooting area close by. I know of a bunch of places that are 50 miles from here but looking for a localish spot. The local shooting ranges are really restrictive and are really only good for sighting in a rifle. I understand if you don't want to post you area for everyone to see so you can pm me as well. Thanks again.