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04-07-12, 16:51
I have a Grendel I'm building for long distance shooting. I got the chromed "Hard-Use" bolt for it, and I thought to get chromed carrier to match. Is it worth it to get the Young Manufacturing "National Match" bolt carrier group, or would any chromed carrier do as well?

In other words, does a bolt carrier have anything to do with accuracy at all? I intend to shoot to 1000 yards, so every bit helps.

04-07-12, 18:20
Not a lick.

Young's "National Match" marketing is hooey. There is NO military National Match standard for the M16 or M9 -- it is what the military teams buy off the market or build themselves to stay within the CMP Rule Book guidelines. That standard pretty much says it has to look like a GI gun on the outside.

The last National Match technical standard published was for the M14.

The majority of the parts on an Army Marksmanship Unit M16 are issue MILSPEC. The trigger, barrel, sights, and float tube (or rail) are commercial, built from a blank, or built in the shop on their own CNC machines.

04-07-12, 19:30
Thanks sinister!