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04-07-12, 17:28
The New TAC-TV.com Has Officially Launched.


TAC-TV, the most dynamic small arms and gear show is now online!

Featuring Host Larry Vickers (http://vickerstactical.com/), TAC-TV has established itself as the go to tactical shooting show, and the online version takes the entertainment and information much deeper with almost every episode being extended with never before seen segments. Get more info on the guns, more training tips, and more shooting. All of Season 1 is already up, with over 8 hours of HD content waiting on Premium Subscribers. In addition TAC-TV.com has Carbine I & II from the Vickers Tactical Training Series presented by Daniel Defense.

Season 2's first episode, the HK416, will premiere this Monday, April 9, 2012 at 7pm EST online. New episodes will follow every other week for the rest of 2012! Every episode in Season 2 will have content available only to premium subscribers of the site. In addition we will have exclusive gear reviews, training segments, updates on Larry's ongoing gunsmith projects, and much more. For those that have the Sportsman Channel, you've only seen half of Season 1, with some episodes being extended from 23 minutes to over an hour long. So watch it on Sportsman Channel every Monday at 10pm EST/7pm PST or Sundays at 5pm EST/2pm PST and then go online and watch the extended episode. If you don't have the Sportsman Channel then this is what you have been waiting for, become a premium member today!

It only gets better. If you sign up for a full year;s premium membership ($100) you will be entered into the TAC-TV Giveaway*. This unprecedented giveaway is reason enough to join. The members that are lucky enough to represent different membership milestones will receive incredible prizes including: Daniel Defense V7 M4, Aimpoint Micro T-1, Blue Force Gear Vickers Combat Application Sling, Black Hills Ammo, TAC-TV swag, Wilson Combat 1911 and much more..... but the Ultimate prize will go to the 10,000th member to sign up for a full year premium membership. That lucky winner will receive a one of kind TAC-TV/Vickers Tactical 1911. Larry will be making one of his famous custom 1911's for the first time in years. It will instantly be the most iconic piece in most gun collections. A full list of prizes is available at TAC-TV.com in the News section.

Sign up today and see what you've been missing at

*The TAC-TV Giveaway prizes are subject to legal restrictions based upon the state you live in, and your legal ability to own a firearm.

Preview Video:

04-07-12, 20:17
I am looking forward to it.


04-07-12, 22:14
Signed up for it today,paid my money and still don't have access to anything. Is there something wrong there? Also no contact info there to deal with these type of problems.

04-07-12, 22:21
Be shure to check your email for the confirmation link.

I had a minor problem that they took care of!

04-08-12, 01:36
For any questions or concerns about the website please email them at:


04-09-12, 16:59
nevermind. Found it.

04-10-12, 10:15
Let me know when you get 9999 members signed up. I want that custom pistol.

04-23-12, 21:18
I thought I would mention this here. I messed up my premium account royally, and the Tac-Tv team fixed it.

Thanks again.

Mike Flynn