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Dirk Williams
04-22-12, 21:42
Currently putting together a parts list for my first AR 308 build. Im looking at the MEGA monolithic upper/lower combo fitted as I like the Monolithic upper lower combo as I think I want that stiffness in the combo.

My question is simply has anybody hear actually built a precision 308 on this MEGA Mono set up.

Most likely will fit a Krieger 24 inch barrel as all my long range guns already have Krieger barrels." Im aware of the long/shot barrel debate" Looking for barrel length optimum, nota shorter barrel that will work

Also does LMT make a sort of enhanced 308 bolt?

Im open to all comments and idea's at this point as I want top notch stuff and I don't care what it costs.

Thank you in advance.


04-22-12, 22:14
I believe I've seen at least one build here on them of you search. I believe there are several over on Snipers Hide.

LMT is running about 3-4 months out on .308 rifles right now and I have seen NO spare parts outside of barrels available for their .308 rifles.

04-22-12, 22:20

Here is my write up that I did with mine. So far I love it but haven't had an opportunity to shoot in the last few months. The Mono is effing amazing! It can get on the hefty side depending on your bbl choice and all other gear you throw on it but well worth it.

As far as precision..... I've had hits consistently out to 600 with a few at 700 yards. And that was with Factory remanufactured 165 gr soft points. I know it's not fantastic but I know it will do the job. Once I get my load set for 168 AMAXs it will be amazing.

05-02-12, 14:52
I've been looking at going this route myself. If you decide to go with Mega/Kreiger barrels I'd love to see a thread with your build. Best of Luck!

Dirk Williams
05-08-12, 00:05
Summers here and the fish are biting, the white water is huge, the sqweaks are up and great sport to shoot.

Going to be a few months before I start the project.

Frankly Im not sure what it is I really want to do. I like the fact that the monolithich uppers are stiffer and the idea of a matched upper lower with a Krieger barrel is appealing to me.

I have Krieger #9's on all my long range stuff, they are heavy, but if done right, man are they accurate.

I don't know much about MEGA so im still trying to read everything I can about the company and their products before I start the project. I don't want to get sucked into the name game, I want the best stuff I can buy for this project.

I also looked at the SR 25's, but have several friends who shoot them proffessionally and frankly think they are a pile of shit. I don't know but intend to find out what's up and make it work for me.

I will let you know after I get started on the rifle.


05-08-12, 10:19
I also looked at the SR 25's, but have several friends who shoot them proffessionally and frankly think they are a pile of shit.

And, I personally know someone that has used one professionally that thinks the SR-25 is a really good weapon...

I don't have any opinion either way....

Dirk Williams
05-08-12, 11:06
Of course you do Delta. Im sure the SR25's are a fine rifle.

I just don't know if its the right rifle for my needs.

The other issue I have is when I choose and purchase a lower and upper I don't want it to be made by stag arms and sold to me as a Noveske or a Mega or some other such brand.

I want the upper/lower made and marketed by the same company. Don't know if I'll find such an animal but I'll keep looking.


06-10-12, 22:02
I've been considering a Ma Ten build myself.

Dirk Williams
06-10-12, 22:46
IM waffling now, do I do the Mega or build another killer bolt rifle. My heart is with the Bolt guns they are just cool.

But I feel the need to do at least one AR platform tack driver after my FNFAL sniper package took a shit a few years ago. .


03-05-13, 07:28
I know this is an old thread, but I built a similar setup, using a GA Precision chambered 20" barrel in 308 and have made consistant moa groups at 800m.