View Full Version : "SPRECCE" build, courtesy MSTN, with group pics

04-25-12, 19:29
I sent Wes a barrel I had ordered some time ago:

Krieger 5.56 1/7.7, 17in, Wylde chamber, mid length gas, medium heavy contour, M4 cuts.

I asked him to build it up with a Larue Stealth upper, Larue 12in rail; he suggested one of his YNM BCGs treated with Ion Bond. We threw in a Gunfighter charger and one of Wes's brakes.

I put it on top of a Larue lower: Geiselle match trigger, and the new STR stock.

I put on a Nightforce 2.5-10X32 NPR2 mounted on an LT105. I bought a double brick-- 1000 rds- of BH 77gr SMK blue box.

WOW! No surprise, but. . . .

I got onto paper at 25yds, then moved out to 100. The first shot was nearly dead on, high right; I corrected (slightly overcorrected. . . .) and fired three rounds. I know it's only three, but worthy of respect, considering they were the 8th, 9th and 10th rounds ever fired through the upper. Maximum spread right at 1/2 inch:


A bit later I got over to the 200 yard range. I left it sighted at 100, to check my drop-- haven't "doped" it yet.

this time Five rounds into 15/16ths of an inch. From a wobbly table, and a borrowed stool that was too short, I will take this any day-- sub 1/2MOA


Thanks Wes! This is going to be fun. Here it is:


04-25-12, 20:10
Nice looking rifle! Thanks for sharing.

Singlestack Wonder
04-26-12, 22:39
Congrats on your new rifle!

The Kreiger barrel is stainless correct?

04-26-12, 23:41
That is one fine looking weapon. Did the barrel come at 17" or was it chopped?

04-27-12, 09:50

04-28-12, 16:14
Very nice. How do you like the STR?

04-28-12, 22:25
Where'd you get the STR?

Didn't know they were available, other than in black...?


04-29-12, 05:30
One showed up in a local shop. . . they were also surprised.

05-02-12, 21:18
How much did the barrel run you? Great build. I have a 2.5x10x24 NPR2 I'm thinking of building a SPR type rifle around.

05-04-12, 12:37
very nice looks like it's going to be a shooter