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04-29-12, 23:51
Tactical Pistol

Course Duration: 10 Hours
Skill Level: Intermediate

This intense program focuses on developing the required skills necessary to safely deploy a combat pistol during tactical operations and personal defense applications. This course covers the tactical use of the common combat pistols, and prepares you mentally for that deadly force encounter. Students that successfully pass this course will be able to perform at top levels of achievement in Law Enforcement Academies and all branches of the Military. This course assumes that you already have a basic understanding of your weapon including how to field strip it, clean it, and basic functionality.

30% Classroom
70% Range

During this course we will review the fundamentals of pistol safety and marksmanship, and cover topics such as pistol presentation, malfunction clearance, legal aspects of the use of deadly force, anatomical stopping power of different rounds, mental conditioning for deadly force encounter, movement and communication drills, shooting on the move, shooting on the move, use of cover and concealment, tactical loading/reloading techniques, threat and multi-threat assessment, multiple target engagement, controlled pairs, shooting through different mediums, and shooting positions. The course will be concluded with a shooting qualifications course.

Course Requirements:
Pistol (Any caliber)
3 pistol magazines
Holster (drop leg or hip, NO cross draw holsters allowed)
Body armor (optional)
Chest rig or magazine pouches
Elbow and knee pads (optional but highly recommended)
Cleaning kit
Eye and ear protection
Baseball cap

Weapon Requirements
Weapon 1: Pistol
Ammunition: 500 Rounds
Round Size: .380 - 45 ACP

Date: May 19, 2012

Time: 0800 - 1800

Cost: $150

Gopher State Sportsmen's Club
970 Sportsmen's Valley Rd
La Crescent, Minnesota 55947

04-30-12, 01:30
This looks like a good time, I was stationed up at Fort McCoy in 2009 and 2010 and would of loved to do something like this when I was up there.

I will send this info to some guys upthere and they will pass the word.

04-30-12, 01:55
Thanks for the pass-on. Let the guys know to visit out webpage, www.greatrivertactical.com to see our instructor bios.

We aim to not only train hard, but have fun doing.

09-02-12, 23:38
Any chance of a course similar to this being provided again any time soon? I'm in the TC and wish I would have found this thread sooner.

12-21-12, 10:03

Keep an eye out at the new Mills Fleet Farm indoor shooting range Baxter. We will be offering handgun and carbine courses. Look for us at the Mills Indoor Shooting Range online or on Facebook.