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05-01-12, 07:35
F3 Tactical, Inc.
Website: http://f3tactical.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/F3-Tactical-Inc/194913677278897
Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/f3tactical
Google Map: http://g.co/maps/2kstu

I came across F3 Tactical on one of my usual trip to Lowe's. It's situated near the K-Mart, in the section of mini-mall that is perpendicular to Lowe's / Petsmart. The store is very well stocked with high-end gear (BFG, LaRue, Daniels Defense, HSGI, etc.) and is currently tailored to the carbine/rifle crowd. They have an extensive assortment of apparel and footwear, along with high-end uppers, optics, sharps, plate carriers, etc.

Jimmy, the owner/general manager/shoot-the-***-guy, is a really nice fella. He's got a real passion for firearms, and I don't think the smile faded from his face the entire time I was in the shop. I spent a good while talking to him about my new Colt, how to get it slung up to my liking, how to lube it, etc. I had unknowingly been running the Colt too dry, and Jimmy quickly walked me through how to do a detailed strip of the upper and where to lube everything.

I'll be visiting this store much more often as I configure the Colt to my taste. I'd like to see them get their FFL, and I'd visit much more often if they had reasonably priced handgun and rifle ammunition.

Overall, I can highly recommend stopping by the store. They have probably 3x the floorspace of NOVA Armament with a much greater selection of gear. But most importantly, they're another small and local business that I want to survive!

05-04-12, 13:45
They're now an authorized dealer of:

Mayflower (http://www.mayflower-rc.org/),
Velocity Systems (http://www.velsyst.com/), and

I have no affiliation with them; just giddy there's a great shop near me.

05-04-12, 22:59
Do you know what their hours are ?

05-07-12, 07:35
Do you know what their hours are ?


05-08-12, 09:46
They have probably 3x the floorspace of NOVA Armament with a much greater selection of gear.

They just don't have... Armament. :D

05-08-12, 11:37
Thanks for posting this up, I'll definitely have to check them out. I'm always trying to find stores up here. Chantilly is a doable drive for a good one, I usually head out to VA Arms in Manassas for the "armament" part.

05-08-12, 11:45
The owner/manager has indicated their FFL is pending. I didn't ask for a timeline, but it's not something they've overlooked :)

05-08-12, 13:28
Nice. I'll see if I can make it up there tonight before they close.

05-08-12, 19:42
Place was really cool, hopefully they get their FFL soon.

06-03-12, 20:32
I just went by for the first time today. Prices were competitive and staff was friendly. Highly recommended.

06-09-12, 14:55
Great Folks to Deal with. Good Prices, and good slection and treat LEOs very Good;).


10-30-12, 19:34
They sell uppers there. The staff is great. They also have a lot of 5.11

10-30-12, 21:20
Yeah I've been several times now. The first two, I just hung out and talked to them for a long time. Awesome place and selection. We need more of these stores. If you're around the area, definitely stop by.

12-07-12, 22:12
Jeez, being able to conceal carry and have stores like F3? You make a Marylander jealous.