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05-03-12, 11:34
Practical Handgun, 19 May 2012, @ Pappy's Gun Range
We've teamed up with Larry Brown, of Lomax Tactical, to bring you a great training opportunity.

Practical Handgun with Larry Brown. Larry is an IPSC Grand Master shooter and a former Blackwater trainer. He also trained Chris Tilley to (2) 3-Gun World Champoinships.

-Level 1 @ Pappy’s Gun Range, Edgemoore, SC. (Just South of Charlotte, NC)

Don’t let the level 1 fool you. This is a class for beginners to medium and advanced shooters who are looking to up their game. This is a shooting skills class. We won’t fluff your class time with ‘tactics’ that don’t mean a thing when you can’t hit the target. This is all about building your foundation which translates to hitting your target. We then build upon the foundation with our advanced skills.

We will cover such topics as:

Proper Grip
Proper Stance
Using your body correctly
Beating the clock
Vision Awareness

Students attending the class should bring the following:

Serviceable center-fire pistol with detachable magazine
Serviceable holster for pistol, no IWB holsters please
3-5 Magazines with magazine retaining devices
600 rounds ammo maximum
Eye/Ear Protection
Dress for the weather

As usual Carolina Tactical Group will provide a Lunch and drinks throughout the day.

Cost is $140. 50% deposit upon sign up and balance due the day of.

If you need ammo, magazines, holsters, etc please let us know ASAP. We can coordinate and get you the gear you need at the range.

Email Kyle@CarolinaTacticalGroup.com if you need more info, have questions, or need to contact us for anything.