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05-06-12, 10:22
Anyone in the Houston area should check out this new store and indoor range. It is located on Mason Road between Kingsland and Highland Knolls in the Katy area. Their storefront and indoor range are very nice. I went to their range yesterday to practice some rapid fire and speed reloading, they allow you to do it there as long as you are safe. Each lane is partitioned with ballistic glass and has the target computer controller where you can vary the distance of the target and the lighting on it. Range officers there were real helpful and nice.


pics of their grand opening event:

05-06-12, 11:08
Looks nice. I'll have to check it out. Thanks for the heads up.

05-30-12, 17:56
Not paying 30 bucks to shoot for an hour, thats completely outrageous

Grim Fandango
05-31-12, 16:55
Not paying 30 bucks to shoot for an hour, thats completely outrageous

I agree, and apparently so did a lot of other people. They sent out an email a few weeks ago announcing that they had "listened to customers" and lowered their prices. Instead of charging $30 for the first shooter and $15 for the second, they've lowered it to $20 and $10 respectively. I went shooting there after they lowered the price, and the range is very nice, not at all cramped like Memorial and Top Gun.

The only thing that bugs me is that they won't let you shoot steel core ammo (M855), or steel cased ammo.

06-20-12, 22:05
I went to go shoot there this afternoon, as my dad had been wanting to go. I can handle the cost of two shooters cause it averages out to what it costs at Top Gun/person. Charging for targets is ridiculous on top of range fee, but even I can maybe manage to look past all that...

What I can't look past is the owner's kid, or whoever he belonged to, the 12-year old, who should f**kin know better about weapons safety. I was signing the "first timer" waiver and this kid is playing with a .22 behind the counter, swinging it around, etc. I look up and he has it aimed directly at my head - being close enough that I could see the rifling. Remaining somewhat calm, I sternly tell him "hey bud, please don't aim that at me, please place it back on the shelf". It doesn't even phase the kid, much less does he even realize he did something wrong. He just swings it around again. The Range Officer just stared at me, then the kid, and the girl behind the counter acted like nothing happened. Done with that place.