View Full Version : Looking for 3-Gun in Northern IL or Southern WI

05-06-12, 10:44
Relatively new to the People's Republic of Illinois...I'm looking for some 3-Gun matches in Northern IL or Southern WI that anyone can recommend.

Looking to plan for a few this Summer.


05-06-12, 11:26
Might be a bit further but a great group to shoot with here:


Welcome to Chicagoland

05-07-12, 07:05
What part of the state are you in?? There is a three-gun match every month at Tri-County Gun Club in Polo and at the Hollow Training Center (used to be Blackwater North) in Mt Carroll. The TCGC matches have been going on for a few years and are run very smoothly and a lot of shooting for $25. The HTC matches are new this year and the first one is in June so we will see how it goes.

05-07-12, 12:13
Thanks guys! Should have said Northern Indiana too...getting used to this Tri-State thing...

I'm in the Chicago area...so trying to keep it to 2 or less hours drive time from me.

Are you a member at Tri-County Gun Club danish? Can non-members shoot the matches? I'll likely plan to attend a few of the matches at clubs/ranges that fall within the 2 or less hour drive range...and go from there.

I appreciate the help guys!

05-07-12, 18:32
I am not a member and the matches are open to the public...Hope to see you there!!

07-28-12, 00:48
Aurora Sportsmans club runs a practical rifle match on the 3rd sat of every month. I've been twice, it's pretty good.


07-28-12, 10:14