View Full Version : LRB M25 in Sage EBR mod 1 stock with Criterion heavy barrel 1:10" twist

05-10-12, 15:07
Here are the pictures. My M25 after I added the PRS Stock, TPS TSR Medium height steel rings and SS-HD 5-25x50 FFP mil scope on the 20MOA extended rail. Total elevation approximately 120MOA. 1 in 10" twist 4 groove, 22 inch NM Criterion Chrome Moly barrel. I might go with a US Optics T-10 or T-17 with TPS TSR Low height rings.

LRB Arms forged M25 receiver, bolt, Op rod (Korean one piece forged Op rod). Sage EBR Mod 1 chassis for heavy barrels. Note that the objective bell of the scope clears the front of the extended rail with medium height TPS rings.

Instead of the Bobro designed GG&G bipod, I might go with an Atlas bipod.

This is a Ted Brown build begun in late Dec. of 2011.

05-10-12, 21:38
Ricardus - that is a nice looking setup. Have you shot it and what kind of accuracy are you getting. Also what does it weigh as shown? I'm guessing 15 lbs?

05-10-12, 22:17
Nice build, nice gun.
I had one I liked a lot as well.

05-11-12, 00:10
Never seen a PRS stock on an m14 type rifle before, looks good! How's it shoot?

05-11-12, 15:11
Never seen a PRS stock on an m14 type rifle before, looks good! How's it shoot?

Sometime this Summer when I get the chance, I will get it out to the range to sight the scope and as the information on this setup - it takes about 60 rounds for the barreled action to settle in and the groups get smaller. Plus I am going to do some load development. It is heavy but no heavier than what I carried on road marches and other situations. M249, M60, M240B etc. This is a bench or prone gun - stationary. So weight is really a plus when it comes to recoil.

Right now my PhD studies are coming to a crunch time. The exams are extensive and the summer is going to be development of syllabus for instructing and then preparation for my comprehensive exams - so not a lot of time for shooting over a few days, as much as I would like to. Plus I need to get back into better shape.